8 thoughts on “Fly

  1. I love swirl girl’s comment — ’cause I’m all thinkin’: “He is so goin’ to land on the end of that cape and knock out some of his teeth.” I’m a way nervous nellie, I know.

    Um, are his feet a little bit green? Is he also turning into the Hulk? He’s an all-around Super Hero!

  2. Ahhhh – to be Superman once more 🙂 My brother and I were unsupervised during the summer – at quite a young age (8 and 5) . . . I will never forget the day we played Batman and Robin – and thought we could fly – down a flight of stairs – 15 of them to be exact. No broken bones . . . just a broken wall at the bottom of the stairs when my brother ran into it with his head 🙂

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