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Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

A line from one of my favorite poems – anyone know which one? – besides Veronica Mitchell who is super awesome and the best read person I know and would know the answer and could probably even recite the entire poem in her sleep.

Seanshine and I are on a little get away.Β  Wanna guess where we are?Β  Another clue tomorrow.

25 thoughts on “Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

  1. It’s “The Tiger” I knew that part,though I admit that I had to google the author–it’s by William Blake.

    In college we had to take a famous poem and do a parody of sorts on it. I chose “The Tiger” and wrote about a fence plank.

    I am sure William Blake was doign the conga line in his grave over that one.

  2. And that’s an AWESOME picture. Everytime I’ve been near the tigers at the zoo (my guess as to where you are. . .but I’ll go out on a limb and say in San Antonio rather than Dallas) they just sleep. Sometimes they yawn. They never swim.

  3. Isn’t it Tyger Tyger? I always thought Blake was weird for misspelling it, but then again I don’t really “get” Blake, so maybe I’m just missing something. πŸ™‚

  4. I say San Diego. Just because I would really love to be there. However, San Antonio seems like a good guess too. I do have a little extra tidbit from your tweet earlier, which at least tells me you are near water.

  5. Curiously enough, I know the line from a Daniel Amos song, titled “William Blake.” They’re an alternative Christian band who’s been around for 25+ years, but still no one has ever heard of them. Their songwriter, Terry Taylor, is a huge Blake fan. Yes, I am a complete weirdo.

    Awesome tiger picture. And I’m sure you’re at a zoo, although I have no idea which one. If you’re in Chicago, you’d have to say hi to my college roommate, who is the head vet at the Chicago zoo. I should go up there someday.

  6. I didn’t have a guess for either, but I think Ft. Worth zoo is a great guess. We live in the metroplex and need to make it to the zoo before we move (hubs is in grad school). I’ve heard great things about it!

  7. While I do know the poem, I don’t know it well enough to recite it. I will accept the flattery anyway.

    BTW, I had a scandalous dream about you last night. You and I and a bunch of bloggers were starting a fancy retail shop, and you were married to a scoundrel named Tom who was secretly embezzling from the shop and then hitting on the other bloggers. I have no idea where my subconscious dredged this up from, but it was full of drama.

  8. OK that whole dream thing was crazy…but at least I now know that other people besides me have strange and random dreams.
    Are you an African Safari? πŸ™‚
    Are you in India? πŸ™‚

  9. A second guess on the little get away, visiting a museum.I’ve been in a few great history museums and everything looked as real as this tiger, but if I look closley do I see coins in the water pool? Hmmm

  10. Tiger, Tiger, burning bright
    In the forests of the night
    What immortal hand or eye
    Hath framed thy fearful symmetry?

    That was lurking in my subconscious. 16 years after I graduated from college. I think I need to get a life!

  11. Oo, oo – I know this one! Of course by now I have read all the other comments, but I really did know this. Perfect line to go with that very cool picture.

  12. I had never heard that poem before,but just last night the same line was quoted in a novel I’m reading. William Blake.
    The Tiger photo reminds me of Busch Gardens in Tampa. I always love to see the tigers there.

  13. Or, as poet Richard Armour has written:

    Tiger, tiger
    Burning bright
    What has caused thee
    To ignite?

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