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And Then There Was Lots Of Laundry

So then, yes, most of you were right – we were in California.

We started out in the San Diego area for the tall ships festival, then we went to the Zoo and then the Wildlife Park.  And this little four-year-old boy went ninety to nothing all day long, from early in the morning until well past bedtime the entire time and remained remarkably cheerful.  Everything thrilled and delighted him and that makes for a good travel companion.

After that we headed up to Los Angeles to see Cousins Tim and Judy who co-taught kindergarten for 28 years before retiring a few years ago, so that was like Disney World + grandparents + gummy bears with whip cream and a ferris wheel all rolled into one.  The boy has all but OD’d on good times in the past week.

Yesterday we took in the Getty Museum which is just an amazing way to spend the day – fabulous art, incredible gardens and lots of kid friendly activities.  I highly recommend it if you get the chance.

Here’s a picture of my fellow traveler having lunch at the Getty.

We’ve covered not putting your elbows on the table, but not the part about keeping cutlery off your face.  Nonetheless, I was amused because I’m juvenile.

24 thoughts on “And Then There Was Lots Of Laundry

  1. Cutlery?
    I thought it was a new pair of nifty glasses….really cheap ones that you have to hold on your face like handle bars.
    Sounds like you had a great time.

  2. I’ve been to San Diego, and if I hadn’t been a few days behind in reading blogs, I might have recognized that ship from the previous post and realized where you were….but as usual, lots of other people beat me to it….

  3. At first glance, I also thought Sean was sporting a funky pair of California-inspired sunglasses. I think he’s just trying to fit in with the natives.

    Glad you had fun in San Diego. If you ever go again and want some dining suggestions, I’d be happy to lend a few groan-inspiring thoughts.

  4. LOVIN’ that picture! Sean cracks me up…but I’m a mother of all boys, so juvenile, testosterone driven humor amuses me. Isn’t San Diego great? We were stationed there for 2 years, and we loved it. Glad you had a fun vacation!

  5. Oh, how fun! And I love the spoons – I have a similar one of Jack (hint to Sean: silver spoons look amazingly like pirate eye patches!) Enjoy the memories as you sift through the laundry 🙂

  6. Looks like you had lots of fun with a good little travel buddy.

    Are you ready for next week? Can you believe we’ll be in Vegas in 9 days? Woo hoo! There’s no telling what my bunch will be doing – hubby says he’s going to prove that he’s the fun parent while I’m gone!

    p.s. – Your comment form is behaving!

  7. How cooool I knew it after I re-evaluated the picture because I was just there the week before and I have those same shadowed mountains in my ocean pics!! How neat, Glad you are home safe and sound!!

  8. I can’t believe that you went to Calif this summer but didn’t go when we were there. LAME!! It was your last chance to see me for a long time, unless your travel plans include Morocco.

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