Always Real

A Quiet House

Saturday afternoon, Antique Daddy and Sean left to go to Tuna to visit Memaw and Papa George. Normally I go with them, but I was sorely in need of a long stretch of quiet time to work on a couple of writing projects. I am not wired to be with people all the time. I like to be alone. I like quiet. I like order. Being a wife and a mother has been an adjustment for me. A joy to be sure, but an adjustment. I waved goodbye as the car pulled out of the driveway.…

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Photography & Photoshop


“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man’s determination.” ~ Tommy Lasorda * * * * * “You are only as good as your attitude.” ~ Antique Mommy

Always Real, Faith

A Flaw

When Papa George mentions his oldest son George Bryant, he always tells how at age three, he could sing How Great Thou Art word for word. As he proudly tells this story, his eyes twinkle and his face fills with light. In his far away look, I can tell it is George Bryant’s face that he sees. But in the next second, his eyes grow moist and his voice cracks with an ancient sorrow that is never put to rest. Papa George lost his little boy to leukemia before he was four-years-old. Fifty three years later,…

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I find car horns to be totally useless. I have never once honked a horn and achieved the desired result. On the rare occasion when I want to use my horn, say when someone is about to back into me in a parking lot, I can’t find it. I’m slamming my fists into the steering wheel hard enough to activate the airbag, but the horn makes not a peep. But the upside is that people tend to not mess with a crazy lady banging her fists on the steering wheel. The other problem with car horns,…

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Antique Childhood, Wivian

The Paisley Dress

I love paisley and I always have. I think paisley adds a touch of class to nearly anything. Once, when I was a young girl, I was looking through our family photographs when my eye was drawn to one of the few color photographs in the box. I pulled the picture from the box and studied it closely for a long time. It is a picture of my mother. She is a young woman. She is wearing a paisley dress, cyan blue, the color of a shallow tropical sea. She is seated deep in a chair…

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Cooking and Recipes

Bread Pudding

Earlier in the week I mentioned on Twitter that I was making bread pudding and a number of y’all asked for the recipe, so here it is. If you are on a diet or diabetic, never mind, move along, nothing to see here… Antique Mommy’s Bread Pudding My bread pudding is a lot like my meatloaf – I never make it the same way twice, I use pretty much whatever I have on hand and I consider measurements only a suggestion. Here’s the basic recipe I use, but a lot of times I add in other…

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Parenting Gone Awry

Standing On The Oven

One day, when Sean was somewhere beyond a year old but not yet two, I was walking by the oven and unexpectedly, he reached out and grabbed the handle to the oven door. He grabbed so tightly that it yanked me backwards and backed me up a few steps. And he wouldn’t let go. So being an irresponsible but fun-loving parent who often uses her child solely for her own amusement, I set his teeny tiny feet on the door of the lower oven and removed my hands from him (about an inch). He let out…

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Parenting Gone Awry, Silliness

Are The Cookies Done Yet?

I thought I’d show y’all this picture of Sean when he was about a year old so that you might realize that letting him ride his bike on the front lawn without a helmet is not even close to the most questionable of my parenting practices. And now you can say, “Well at least I never let my baby hang off the front of the oven!” and go away feeling better about your own parenting. I am here to serve. My gift to you. * * * * * Note: Creative cropping people, creative cropping. And,…

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Always Real

In Motherhood, Forgiveness Trumps Failure

The other day I was trying to make dinner while Sean was in the kitchen working on an art project that involved paper, scissors, stickers, tape, feathers, glitter, glue and a hole punch. Normally I let him go crazy with that kind of thing. I love to stimulate his creative energies. But at that particular point in the day, I didn’t have the patience for it. It was one of those occasions where he was making messes faster than I could clean them up or step over them. At every turn, he needed me to stop…

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Snips And Snails

What A Difference A Day Makes

Photo Temporarily Unavailable Dear Antique Mommy- A suggestion on how to learn to ride a bike. Take training wheels and the peddles off the bike. Lower seat all the way. Put child on bike making sure feet touch the ground. Let child move bike with feet on ground to catch himself. Get balanced, let child feel balanced, ride bike with feet off of ground and get balanced. Do this for as long as it take to get the balance. Put peddles back on bike. Child should be riding within minutes. (My sister found this in a…

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