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Owls Don’t Wear Nightcaps And Other Facts Of Life

The other night Antique Daddy was reading to Sean before bedtime. The book showed an illustration of a mother owl tucking a baby owl into bed for the night.

“That’s not right!” Sean said with an edge of scornful indignation.

“What?” his father asked, puzzled.

“Owls don’t go to bed at night! (insert contemptuous sigh of disgust here) “Owls are nocturnal!”

He also pointed out a door in the middle of the tree that had no steps leading up to it and a variety of other implausible details in the scene.

I sighed.

“That is your boy,” I later told Antique Daddy. “Always thinking critically — logical and comprehending, analyzing and questioning.”

And missing out on the silliness and the fun of the story.

Being a critical thinker will serve him well in a world that increasingly blurs the line between fact and fiction, but I not-so-secretly hope that Sean has just enough of me in him to be able to suspend reality once in a while and enjoy the sheer joy of the nonsensical and implausible too.

What a dull world this would be without owls in nightcaps or a Bofa on the sofa.

15 thoughts on “Owls Don’t Wear Nightcaps And Other Facts Of Life

  1. Silly Sean! Owls don’t need steps…they can fly!

    I would have told him that the baby owl was being tucked in for the day. Just like Sean no doubt sometimes goes to bed when it is still light, so baby owls sometime go to bed when it is still dark. And boy do they complain.

    But being a critical thinker is a great skill to have in life! He’ll learn to suspend it to enjoy stories, but it will serve him well I’m sure.

  2. Watch out–you will never be able to fool this kid.

    One of mine is all about fantasy and imagination and the other is all about analyzing and exactness. Isn’t there something in the middle? We used to say that my younger one saw exactly what was “there” and my older saw everything that “wasn’t there.”

    I wouldn’t trade either of them for the world.

  3. I love to hear about his observations, and their origins. So far, I’ve been thrilled by the logical component they get from Dean, but it’s so far from me that it requires a LOT of patience and alertness. Hopefully they will all be a nice mix – can’t wait to read about his next flight of fancy 🙂

  4. Oh – and speaking of the Bofa on the Sofa, my 2yo has recently started saying, “Mom, you have a crook in your look” which is really deep when you think about it. He’s called a foul on my scowl.

  5. My ‘literalist’ has learned how to play along with me — but I can’t push it! But Sean knows all about imagination and wearing spoons as glasses and such. He’ll play along just fine…

  6. We bought a dinosaur costume for Halloween, and when I referred to it as such, my small one told me that I was mistaken — it is a crocodile. “Honey, it’s a T-Rex,” I reminded him. “No,” he told me seriously while screwing up his face in a way that clearly indicated that I’m a dumba**, “because a T-Rex has little tiny front legs.”

    Well shut my mouth. Okay, it’s a crocodile.

    I love it when they outsmart us! 🙂

  7. His Kindergarten teacher will need therapy:)
    He’ll challenge her like she’s never been challenged before and she’ll love him for it.

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