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Look Mom! No Training Wheels! A (Very) Short Story

43 thoughts on “Look Mom! No Training Wheels! A (Very) Short Story

  1. Sorry Sarah – the protective layer is AD’s work. I never had a helmet and pads (or training wheels) and lived to tell about it, but I guess it’s a new day in child-rearing. And I go along.

  2. Those little glassy-teary eyes are exactly why I never taught mine to ride without training wheels — babysitters or grandparents did! (evil, I know — and definitely no pictures). I do love his precious little determined face. Tell him to keep at it!

  3. Oh gosh, what a great lead in – you had me hook line and sinker! And you helped me start my morning with a giggle. What a cutie he is – and though there are tears now, he’ll master it soon enough.

    Have a great week!

  4. Bless his heart! Falling is no fun! But there’s enough of a grin in the second picture that makes me think he’ll be back at it in no time!

    The pictures are wonderful!

  5. Bless his little heart! New things can be very intimidating for little ones. Or anyone for that matter. Maybe some chocolate motivation can get him back in the saddle.

  6. Can I just say how thrilled I am to see a well-protected child? I tried to get my 4 yr old to wear more padding than just a helmet while biking on her birthday, and was laughed out of my house by my family and husband. I’m guessing it was the presence of training wheels. Still, it’s not like you can’t fall off. And if you can prevent the heinous scrape, why not?

  7. AM, I am with you on the gear (even had a horrible accident of my own) and wonder if kids will seek danger thrills in different ways if we protect them from every little thing, but my boys are thrilled with helmets, so CPS will not be knocking any time soon 😉

    He looks like a pro – is he ready to jump back on? GL!

  8. The first time I rode a bike without training wheels I ran into a tree, no helmet and no pads. And I was old enough to really be embarrassed, especially since the younger next door neighbor boy was teaching me how to ride. I tell this story to my kids so that they’ll understand why I make all sorts of excuses to not ride and to explain why they need to ride so that they won’t be retarded like me.

    I love that last picture. That’s a vision of how it is with our Daddy when we fall down too.

  9. My mom and I just taught my older two girls (6 and 4) how to ride their bikes a couple of weeks ago. Here is what works for us, if you are interested.
    –Start out on a flat, grassy field. That way when he falls, it won’t hurt nearly as much.
    –Long pants, if possible
    –Once he is good at riding in the grass, graduate to a flat, paved bike path with grass on each side. Then he can easily ride off into the grass to fall down.

    Good luck! Riding a bike is such a big milestone to a kid!

  10. Too funny.

    I think it’s that way with most kids when they first attempt a non-training-wheel ride. But with some encouragement (chocolate helps), they usually try again. And the look of joy and confidence on their face when they finally do it by themselves is more than worth the tears.

  11. Dear Antique Mommy-

    A suggestion on how to learn to ride a bike. Take off training wheels and the peddles of the bike. Lower seat all the way. Put child on bike make sure feet touch the ground. Let child move bike with feet on ground to catch himself. Get balanced, let child feel balanced, ride bike with feet off of ground and get balanced. do this for as long as it take to get the balance. Put peddles back on bike. Child should be riding within minutes. (my sister found this in a newspaper it has been tried on about 10 kids that we know and it works every time) From what I can tell they are too busy trying to pedal that they cant feel the balance.

  12. Love Love LOVE the last picture! Isn’t it amazing how Daddies can make anything better? Boo-boos never stand a chance with Daddy on the scene. Good luck with the bike!

  13. Kudos to you for making THE MAN run alongside. Because frankly? THAT IS TOO CLOSE TO EXERCISE for me. Oh, and it’s terribly nervewracking. My first boy took several (SHORT) sessions before he got the hang of it. We usually stopped the lesson when steam was coming out OUR ears.

  14. Way to go Sean!!! My little guy is still working on getting the hang of the “big bike” with training wheels. I’m hoping now that the weather is cooperating he will get the hang of it fast!

  15. Perfect! My favorite one was of Dad’s hands lightly on Sean’s back…just in case. What a natural picture of a spiritual reality…Thanks for sharing. Keep takig those pictures!

  16. I second Keary’s suggestion about taking off the pedals.
    This technique worked very well for both my boys (and they have both inherited my inner clutz).
    Practicing balance on a scooter also helped my younger boy before we took off the pedals.

  17. I love, love, love the picture of Daddy’s hands on his back. Wow! That could be a “Hallmark” card! Maybe a card of encouragement that says something like, “Go for it! You can do it! I’ll be right behind you!”

  18. Hey! We just went through this… there’s this new thing you do… taking off the pedals of his bike and letting him scoot around and lift his feet up. If you google it you can learn more about it. It’s a great way for kids to learn! And as if you didn’t already know, he is adorable.

  19. Oh, this is so close to home; my youngest moved from her own bicycle up to her brother’s hand-me-down this summer. There were no training wheels on the bik, but she insisted that we put them on. I’ll have to give the ‘pedals off’ option a try the next time we give it a go.
    Also, LOVE the photos. They are adorable, and so touching.
    Finally, considering Sean’s analytical nature (sounds like me at that age), it might be important to teach him all the basics, such as turning and stopping, before letting go.

  20. Hey, at least he landed on the grass right? We started this process w/our oldest a while back ago and guess who got hurt? ME! She unexpectedly turned into the neighbor’s car in their driveway. In my attempt not to land on her I slid down the back of their car cutting the heck out of my hand on their license plate & skinning my knees & toes (I was wearing flip flops, but I’m sure that had nothing to do with it. 😉

    Good Luck, once he decides he really wants it it’ll happen.

  21. Beautifully conceived – Sean is one photogenic boy and he looks so much like you! I’m dying to see the elusive Antique Daddy – I picture him looking like the taller guy in Simon and Simon (married to Delta Burke). Haven’t commented in an age but still love your writing!
    All the Best.

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