Makes Me Sigh, Reruns and Leftovers

The Lonely Skeleton

When I was growing up I loved and looked forward to Halloween. My brothers and I and the forty or so kids who lived in the neighborhood would start talking about what we would be for Halloween shortly after school started in September. The years that Halloween fell on a Saturday or Sunday, we would spend the entire day scavenging for and cobbling together a costume. The ghosts in our neighborhood wore sheets with paint splotches the color of their living room. No one had a “store boughten” costume. Unthinkable. Long before the sun would set, four…

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Hallmark Holidays, Silliness

Happy Halloween

I found this image on iStock and I publish it here for your amusement. There’s just something universally funny about a dog wearing clothes.

Photography & Photoshop

Which Came First?

What I like about this photo is the contrast between Sean’s grimy little boy hands and the fragile delicate white egg.    When he pulled it from the carton, he said, “Hey look mom! This egg is named after EB!”  EB is a dear friend who has kept Sean well stocked in hand-me-down clothes and toys since he was born. And we adore her. The original photo was pretty unremarkable.  I cropped it for dramatic effect and then in Picasa I used the Focal Black and White feature to turn the photo into a black and white and selecting the focal point…

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Always Real

What Every New Mom Should Know

Meg, who writes Spicy Magnolia, commented on one of my recent posts saying she was having her first baby in January and that she was scared out of her mind.  And so of course I thought, “I’ll bet Meg would love some unsolicited advice from the internets!” So then Meg, here is everything you ever wanted to know about becoming a mom but was smart enough not to ask:  In the words of Dr. Spock, trust yourself.  Use your own good sense. If that fails, Google for reassurance.  You don’t need 99% of the stuff at Babies R Us.  Return…

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Mildly Amusing

How Parenting Is Like Golf

In my previous life, I played golf three or four times a week. I love golf. I even love to watch it on television.  In fact, before I met Antique Daddy, I wouldn’t even consider dating someone who didn’t play golf.  It was on my non-negotiable list.  We played quite a bit until Sean came along and I hope that one day Sean will take it up and we will play as a family because the family that golfs together, well, they spend a lot of time together. On Twitter the other day I saw that…

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Always Real

Helmets. Because No Dead Horse Is Beyond A Good Beating

A while back, a number of readers left comments admonishing me to put a helmet on Sean when he is riding his bike.  While I understand where they are coming from and I appreciate their concern, and even agree with them for the most part, I don’t completely agree. (Hey I could run for office!)  On one hand, I think helmets are a prudent safety precaution.  Of course I want to protect my child. Of course I’m aware of stories of children with head injuries. We have many friends in the medical community who have seen the trauma of head…

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Always Real, Silliness

What Every Bride Should Know – Take This Test Before Saying I Do

Dear Bride,  Right now, as you are planning your wedding, you are crazy in love, right?  At least I hope so.  Everything about your man is wonderful and just the thought of him sends your heart soaring.  And even the stuff that is not so wonderful? Well, right now you probably find it quirky and amusing.  But a couple of years from now, there’s a good chance that quirky might not be so amusing.  There’s a real good chance that quirky will morph into its evil twin — A N N O Y I N G. …

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Antique Daddy

Recycling As It Relates To Marriage

This month, AD and I will be celebrating our ten year wedding anniversary.  And dear brides, there are just some things about a guy that you can’t know going into a marriage. I plan to do a whole series on those things as a public service to brides everywhere, but today, I’ll give you just one. For example, AD has a grad degree and some work towards a post grad degree and he also holds multiple US patents for technology.  I tell you all that so that you’ll know that not only is he super hot, but he’s super…

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Looking For God? He’s In The Back.

On Sundays, I help out with the three-year-old class at my church.  I really enjoy it because there are not many things more funny or poignant than a three-year-old. One of the things we do is hand out tiny New Testaments to each child and let them hold them and flip through the pages as we talk about how the Bible is divided into the New Testament and the Old Testament and about respecting the Bible as the word of God and how you shouldn’t literally chew on the word of God and that kind of thing. As the teacher…

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