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Ho Hum to Hey!

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I created the top picture using PIcasa, a free photo editing program from Google.  Photoshop of course can do this too, but being the democratic kind of person that I am, I like free stuff that is available to everyone.

After I fussed with it in Picasa, I did have to run it through my Photoshop program to resize the photo and take down the pixelsfrom 300 to 72 to make the file small enough to upload to my blog. As far as I know, Picasa doesn’t do that.

The original picture wasn’t very good, but there was something compelling about it to me, his far off expression and they way he is looking heavenward.  Here’s what I did to take the kind of photo I used to delete to a photo I put in my favorites file.

1. Crop.

2. Saturate.  I saturated it to the maximum level to get the blue of his eyes really bright. (As I look at it on the web, the blue is not as brilliant as it is on my monitor, so use your imagination.)

3. Focal Black and White. This option turns the entire photo into a black and white except for the selected area. I selected the eye and then made the focal spot really small, the size of his eye.

4. Soft Focus. This feature blurs out the edges giving it kind of a dreamy quality. You can determine which area you want in focus, how big of an area you want in focus and how fuzzy you wanted the edges.

25 thoughts on “Ho Hum to Hey!

  1. You can resize with Picasa, though not so precisely as in Photoshop. What I do with photos I want for my blog is to ‘hold’ them in the Picasa tray, then use Export to send them to another folder. The Export process asks if you want to keep the same size, or re-size, and it also gives variable qualities to use.

    Lovely photo, btw!

  2. thanks for sharing! I’ve been considering downloading picasa and now I know I will for sure!

    What a sweet picture – even before, but after is truly something special.

  3. Sue said it best! Just click all the pics you want to downsize, then click the Hold botton, then export to a different folder. It’s really easy. Welcome to Picasa!!

  4. I second that emotion on resizing in Picasa. You just have to “export” and it will give you a choice. I love Picasa b/c it is easy for the photoshop dork, AND I can upload directly to my blog from that program. Easy peasy.

  5. Great job with this. I love Photoshop Elements so much, but great results from Picasa.

    Just done an online portrait photography course – challenging but great fun. Have learnt lots.

  6. I have used Picasa for years. I love it (the free part really helps). I recently purchased Photoshop Elements and took a community ed class in it. But for some reason, I always end up going back to my old familiar Picasa program. What a creature of habit I am!

    Thanks for explaining what you did!

  7. What a wonderful spotlight on your precious cutey-face boy! Mmmm…I could just smooch those cheeks. Good job on the pic!

  8. Thanx for the tip! We’ve just switched to Vista (which I think is easier on things like red-eye) and I was looking for something to replace my old photoshop 🙂 Great picture, full of all sorts of things I want to learn to do.

  9. I big pink puffy heart picasa. Mostly cause I can load my stuff and then other people can download the pix of their kids w/out hassling me. 😉

    I set up a group on picassa for my daughter class so I can pilfer from all their photos for my scrapbooking. I mean share all the love pix I get of their kids…

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