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Child Labor

So yes, since the economy has totally tanked, I thought it would be a good time to re-do my guest room.  We may be taking in boarders or relatives. You never know.

Actually, I’ve been wanting to re-do my guest room for – let’s see, we’ve lived in this house for eight years – so that would be eight years that I’ve been wanting to re-do my guest room.  The good thing about procrastination is that by default you bypass a lot of really bad home decor trends, trends like the Northwoods plaid and cabbage roses, that somehow made sense at the time. 

So for whatever reason, this was the week that God laid it on my heart I decided to re-do the guest room and so I set off this morning to find bedding, which is where I always start with design, the fabric. I should say here that I’ve been looking for bedding for — let’s see — eight years, and nothing has really grabbed me. So I decided that if nothing is really going to grab me, I might as well not be grabbed by something that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. 

As luck would have it, I found myself in Dillards today and their bedding had just been marked down to 75% off.  It was 40% off yesterday, but today 75%.  Now I’m not one to ascribe the will of God to bedding because who am I? I don’t know anything.  But clearly God wanted me to have some new guest bedding or He wouldn’t have marked it down.  So, I got the quilt, skirt, two shams, sheets and a decorative pillow for about $70.  Yay me.

After I picked Sean up from school, I told him we were going to do something really fun and then I introduced him to the joy of stripping wallpaper.  At one point when we were up to our knees in postage stamp sized bits of gooey red wallpaper, he turned and pointed the scraper at me and said, “This is the funnest day EVER!” And he really meant it.

Is it considered child labor if they like it?

I promise to show y’all before and after pictures just as soon as I have some after to show you, something more than little red pieces of wallpaper.

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  1. When my (cheap) bathroom mats melted and stuck themselves to the floor, my stepdaughter had a BLAST removing all the sticky, woolly, annoying stuff that I was dreading. ”This is sooo fun!” she said.

    Now, how to give the dishes, laundry, general cleaning the same appeal?

  2. ooh boy do I have a project for Sean! It’s at a beach house, so when we’re done we could head out to the ocean! It’s so close we could even take “beach breaks”. And this is a big surf beach which is also frequented by dolphins….now you see why the project still exists.

  3. As long as it’s messy and de-structing, they like it! Now cleaning up afterward may be another matter.

  4. Oh how fun! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

    If I’m ever in Texas (unlikely), I’m stopping in to see it in person. I love guest rooms.

  5. You just have to make sure he understands that he can only strip wallpaper in a room that is being redone. Not just any room. Oh no.

  6. Love it! I wonder if we would get arrested for making our kids haul buckets of sewer water out of our laundry tub in an effort to save our basement from flooding a couple of weeks ago. Hmmm. Something to ponder.

  7. Love it! I wonder if we would get arrested for making our kids haul buckets of sewer water out of our laundry tub in an effort to save our basement from flooding a couple of weeks ago. Hmmmm. Something to ponder.

  8. Why do you think I had children? Jim likes to tell people that it’s for the free labor. You should have seen the way my 5 yo washed the breakfast dishes. At least the kitchen got cleaned! 🙂

  9. OOhhh, I’m doing the same thing. Redid the bathroom in the summer. Redid one guest bedroom. I’m heading towards another bedroom right after my upcoming garage sale (to make room for the re-do!)

    I also have window guys coming to give me estimates on replacing all out 30+ year old windows.

    I figure I’ll stimulate the economy this way. 🙂 Home Depot. Sherwin Williams. Bed Bath and Beyond. Window companies. (Local ones) Hobby Lobby…..should all be prepared to get my money.

  10. I’ve been looking for bedding for nearly 5 years now and haven’t found anything worth making the investment in. Maybe this will be my year!

  11. My kids loooooooove stripping wallpaper. Second daughter did it during her nap once. Only problem was, I had NO plans to get rid of that wallpaper border anytime soon.


  12. Hilarious! My kids still think vaccuuming is fun, and believe, me I milk that for ALL it is worth. Will you post finished pictures of your guest room? Love seeing the stuff you come up with. One of these days I’m going to send you a picture of my mantel so you can tell me WHAT TO DO WITH IT.

  13. It’s not child labor; it’s building character!

    And God definitely told you to go forth and buy if he gave you 70% off! Never look a gift discount in the mouth.

    (And I for one know that the guest room is lovely, not because of what it looked like, but rather because of who was downstairs. That’s what made your place rock, AM!)

  14. I also meant to say that I’m always sure that its God’s will to shop when I find a parking spot near the entrance to the mall. Kinda like God’s voice in 70% off stuff!

  15. I would NOT let my kids strip wallpaper. Stripping wallpaper is very, very therapeutic, and I need a lot of therapy. I once forced the re-do of our bedroom because I was over-the-top stressed, and it was right there, curling up at the edges, just begging to be pulled. We were going to re-do it eventually.

  16. What else does he have to do except strip a little wallpaper? I swear, my chores wouldn’t all seem so chore-ish if I “felt” like I had the time to do them.

    So sweet, BTW.

  17. I’m putting my name in for renting Sean over here. We have a bathroom with a half-done wallpaper removal job going on. If I could get Michael to hold a scraper in his hand and remove 1 square centimeter of wallpaper without losing interest after twelve nanoseconds, I’d consider myself successful at it. Looks like you’ve got yourself a hard worker, and that is admirable.

  18. I got Caroline to help me scrub down our back porch one day this summer and she still asks when we can do it again.

    Let’s enjoy it before they’re teenagers.

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