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Snack Mishap

Here’s one more thing I don’t get about parenting:  snacks.

Apparently, if children are gathered, there must be snacks.  I had no idea about the snacks. The nurse didn’t mention this at the hospital when they handed Sean over.

We are in our second season of baseball and last year I learned the hard way about the snacks when one of the moms asked who was bringing the snacks.

“Snacks?” I blurted. “What do we need snacks for?”

And everyone looked at me like I was Joan Crawford weilding a coat hanger.

I just didn’t get it. It was an 8am game. I had just fed Sean breakfast. We would be home at 9:30.  I thought I was a pretty good mom because I had remembered to bring him a bottle of water. Why the snacks? Why? I really do not need another thing at which to fail.

So that I would not have to endure the wrath and contempt of the baseball moms who intuitively understand about snacks, I signed up for snacks. And then I went home and wrote SNACKS! on sticky notes and put them all over the house so that I wouldn’t forget and get stoned by an angry mob of snack demanding moms and 4-year-olds.

We are in our second season of baseball and I am now in the know.   I know about the snacks, oh yes I do. I found the snack coordinator and signed up right off the bat.  (Oh how I crack myself up.)

Sean’s games are on Saturday morning, but due to Hurricane Ike a few Saturday’s ago, we had a makeup game on a Monday evening. And no one brought snacks (cue audience gasp).

The next Saturday, I was sitting in the stands behind some baseball moms and I overheard one of the moms telling the others in a hushed tone about the Monday night “snack mishap”.

The phrase “snack mishap” cracked me up. I laughed out loud — which if you were sitting two rows in front of me would appear to be for no apparent reason.

So then, now I’m the weird anti-snack mom who also laughs inappropriately.

I’m hoping Sean will take up golf. I hear there are no snacks in golf.

83 thoughts on “Snack Mishap

  1. I’ve never really understood the whole snack thing either. Snack mishap…I love it!!! How about calling it the Great Snack Snafu?

  2. Oh, I know! The ones at church get me too. I understand for toddlers, but 5th graders? High schoolers? ADULTS? We can’t get through Sunday School without snackies? I fully expect that by the time my kids are grown we will be taking a snack break in the middle of worship, or offering goldfish along with the Lord’s Supper.

  3. I bet you there are snacks in golf. You can’t get away from snacks.

    Do people really think they’re doing their kids a favor, teaching them to eat all day? We were brought up NOT to eat between meals, and being hungry was good because it meant you’d eat up your lunch/dinner properly.

    “Snack mishap” reminds me of “wardrobe malfunction”.

  4. Great post. Perhaps you’ve seen the “soccer snack” episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. It’s one of our favorites.

  5. At our church it’s candy. The DCE has big bowl of candy and passes it out for every little thing. Drives me nuts. I’m only grateful that my little one only likes one or two kinds of candy and they aren’t usually in the bowl. She’s fine with that and just lets it pass by.

  6. Yes! Why are we constantly stuffing kids? Aern’t we all trying to get out of the snack habit ourselves? I know I am (or I will be once my twins are born).

    I get snack nags a lot since my daughter is tall and thin and not into food. I bring water or milk in my diaper bag and that’s usually it. I will admit to keeping a secret stash of fuss-ending Cheerios in the car, but I really do keep that for emergencies (i.e. I decide to do 8 extra errands that add 2 hours to our outing).

    I get the wrath and contempt because we don’t allow juice or candy and we stricly limit processed sugar. Our daughter was a micropreemie and has major mouth issues, so tooth brushing is a big problem for us. We don’t want her teeth to rot out of her mouth, hence our rules. Also, we feel that fruit is a perfectly good treat. Whenever I politely turn down offers of candy, people look at me like I’m a monster (I’m scared to admit that we don’t allow fast food, either).

    This is one of those parenting issues where I strongly feel that other parents should mind their own business. Aside from the fact that we should respect other parents’ rules, you never know what kind of food issues a child has. There are tons of kids in my daughters’ school and our synagogue with serious food allergies, for example.

    I’ll never be the snack mom. I’d show up with organic apple slices, dried peas, and water and I’d be run out of the bleachers.

  7. We live in a rural area, poor enough that the state funds free breakfast for the entire elementary school. So between the hours of 8 am and 2:45 p.m., my kindergartener has breakfast, lunch and a snack with milk. She has 3 cartons of milk. I have no idea how they manage to get anything done at school, besides all the eating.

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing this issue to light!! I TOTALLY agree with you! It drives me NUTS that there must be snacks at every little function, even those lasting only one hour! I am not opposed to snacks, mind you, and I even consider snacks to be cookies and brownies, not that healthy stuff, HOWEVER, they are not needed on Sunday mornings after one has just had breakfast and will be going back home in one hour!! They are not needed Wednesday evening when one has just had dinner and will be home in less than two hours!!

    I am also a germ freak so it really bothers me that dirty little hands are constantly touching food because they never seem to build WASHING HANDS into the sacred snack time. I’ve seen bare food plunked right down on the dirty Sunday School tables by TEACHERS no less!

    Dental studies have now shown that it’s not the sugar, nor the amount of sugar, that causes decay problems. There is simply no avoiding sugar as it naturally occurs in lots of foods and it’s truly not bad anyway. What destroys the teeth is the snacking in between meals! If you eat a meal, and then wait a few hours before eating your next meal, the enamel has a chance to repair itself. But if you snack, you interrupt the repair time and the teeth do not have a chance to repair themselves at all. The teeth need about two to three hours to fix the damage that was done with the original meal. So the less between meal snacking, the better. It’s MUCH better to let your child have dessert right after dinner, than to wait an hour or so.

  9. I’ve gotten the hairy eyeball about the snack issue, too. I keep protesting snack sign-ups, especially if the game ends right before mealtime. Nothing like a Sunny D and bag of chips right before Mom tries to make you eat some chicken and carrots! Fight the good fight, Antique Mommy!

  10. I’ve never understood the snack concept either. I understand having them a cold drink for after the game, but do they really need chips at 8:45 in the morning? My daughter had a soccer coach that was very “earthy” (which we loved) and he asked that the parents only bring bananas and water or gatorade. It was a great idea and the kids were just as happy!

  11. Sometimes I wonder if I’m really ready for all this mom stuff…

    (I am 38 weeks pregnant!)

    I used to teach GAs on Wednesday night at church. It always baffled me how they could eat a full dinner at 5:30 and then act like they were ravenous at 6:45. If I brought snacks they all but attacked me.

  12. I’m right there with ya’ on the snack thing. The sad part is, that Hunter has been involved in either soccer, t-ball or baseball since he was 3 (he’s now eight), both spring and fall. So, now if I don’t see the cooler and bags of snacks, I find myself asking “Who was supposed to bring snacks today?”. It’s just sad!!

  13. I am amazed at what qualifies as a snack. I think it has become synonymous (sp?) with “treat”, or what I believe at one time was called “junk”. Hooray for that soccer coach who says bananas, water or Gatorade only. AM, you crack me up with the Joan Crawford/coat hanger thing.

  14. You crack me up! It’s SO true, and people do act like you CANNOT possibly love your child if you don’t provide them with some amazingly exciting snack. We’ve had nite practices and morning games in three sports so far – we made the bold stand to only do snacks after the games, and there were actually some sighs of relief. Maybe there’s hope – stand up ladies! I was just thinkin how nice it is that we can go for days with no snacks…my bag weighs at least a few pounds less this year 😉

  15. Golf DOES have snacks! I send my husband to the links with my 11yo and my 5yo to play 9 holes. I send the 5 yo so that I can have some peace at home for a couple of hours. The only way he’ll last the entire 9 holes w/o whining to go home is b/c of the snacks. My husband and older son will reach for the snack bag on the 2nd hole and it’ll be empty! HA! Of course, I pack apples, raisins, etc. but just being on the golf cart makes him ravenous! My husband started limiting him to one snack per hole!

  16. Yaaaay! I am so happy to know there are actually OTHER people out there who are baffled by the amount of “snacking” that goes on now!
    We’ve been on vacation with other families before and it seemed like it was snack time approximately every five minutes. It made me wonder how the kids could ever possibly be hungry for an actual MEAL. I remember being RAVENOUS by dinner time when I was a kid. Then again, I wasn’t served goldfish and kool-aid a half an hour prior, either.

  17. I always signed up for the first snack of the season, get it out of the way and forget it. I love high school sports…no snacks, but we do have to man the conscession stand…boooo.

  18. Jeanna’s comment cracked me up! And YES YES YES! Snacks mystify me too. Only round here, we call them “gouter.” I’m usually the only mom sending home made or healthy, instead of the expensive kind in the cute little packages. My kids will need therapy, no doubt.

  19. I am SO lazy in the snack department. We went the park to meet some friends the other day and I was the only mom without a bag full of goodies. And water. Total slacker I am…

  20. I don’t understand the whole snack thing either. My kids will just finish dinner and ask . . . can I have a snack??? Of course, the answer is always . . . you just had dinner . . . No.

  21. YES! I completely agree with the earlier posters about candy at church! I can’t tell you how many “looks” I got from Sunday School teachers when I asked that CANDY not be given to my kids.

  22. I am totally with you!! My daughter is in the 1st grade and snacks are the bomb. UGH! It drives me insane. Any child that comes over to play, they immediately ask for a snack. And, that is what Emily does at her friends house too. I don’t think that I would mind half as much if she would eat meals. Her idea of eating supper is taking two to three bites, throwing the rest away and getting a snack 20 minutes later. I feel as if the only thing that I can do is buy snacks that are the lesser of the evil type of snacks.

  23. Hilarious! I think it’s because for some reason the thought in motherhood now is always to have a snack close at hand to occupy a fussy toddler/preschooler. So this philosophy has continuned on into school-aged kids, pre-teens, teens, adults, etc. My son is diabetic, but he doesn’t require round-the-clock snacks. Puleese. No wonder we are a nation of severely overweight people.

  24. Ha-ha!!
    I know exactly what you mean.
    The boy is in soccer and we have to sign up for oranges or “snack” for half time.
    And like as if that wasnt enough…
    we also have to sign up for “snack” and drinks for AFTER the game!!
    But its the boys favorite part of it all!

  25. Susan, I guess I’m kind of a mean mom because I’ve firmly impressed upon Sean that he is never ever under any circumstances to ask for anything when he is at someone’s house. He can politely accept if offered, but he can never ask. And when a playmate comes to our house and asks for a snack, I say no (nicely of course) unless it has been cleared by the mommy. As someone earlier said, I think we moms sometimes use food to keep our kids busy – eating for entertainment – and it has just become an expectation.

  26. My kids had a wonderful preschool teacher. When our first went to school and our week to provide the refreshments was approaching, we were told, “You have SNACK next week”, like it was some type of affliction! Like you, AM, it was a new phenomenon to me and somewhat baffling. Now that my 4th is in the sports circuit, it’s pretty amazing to observe the social impact of SNACK. Esp. if you forget…

  27. I’m quite sure I am known as a snack rebel in our circles. I do not participate and I do not allow my girls to do so.

    You might remember that I have significant and serious food allergies on my side – but don’t you believe for a minute that’s the reason. I heard one mom explaining to another about my girls’ allergies and I interrupted to tell them, its not the nuts, dairy and egg I object to; I object to nutritionally void foods generally!

    Yeah – I’m a peach!

    Although around these parts, it is only occasionally chips – so much more often cupcakes!!! for pete’s sake, cupcakes??

  28. And childhood obesity (diabetes 2) is on the rise like never before.

    I think they could go without a snack for a couple of hours.

  29. Oh my gosh – this is a HOT topic in soccer circles. I won’t even bore you all w/the details, but will say that in our soccer league there are no snacks provided, thank goodness! We feed VG something before practice and something after if she needs it.

    Isn’t it fun being the weird one?

  30. There is such a one-up-man-ship here with the snacks, it’s just crazy. We had an evening game last year and a woman brought pizza. Another woman made little goody bags with snacks and gift cards for ice cream. Makes the normal moms look bad I tell ‘ya. My husband is very much into healthy eating and we bring chocolate milk (great for after exercise believe it or not!) and bananas.


  31. I hear ya. I was known as the “Healthy Snack” Mom. There was quite a contest between kids (MOMS) as to who could bring the coolest (i.e., MOST SUGAR-LADEN) snack to the t-ball game. I didn’t win. But the pop tart, blue juice, marshmallow-filled cookie mom did.

    B U Z Z Z Z Z Z

    Hello?!?!? If you are going to give them that kind of snack, do it BEFORE THE GAME.

    But I’m not bitter about that.

  32. The snacks were definitely the highlight of softball many days. And the softball snacks… they continued straight through high school. Yes, mothers of high school seniors would bring and coordinate snacks for the games.

    I think the worst was a coach I had in 8th grade. He brought the snacks to most of the games… and they were donuts! Not just store-bought, shrink wrapped donuts… bakery, fresh donuts. Because nothing says good health like feeding fat and sugar laden dough to already-pudgy 12 year olds right after they played a sport which mostly consists of standing around (at least when you’re 12)

  33. I just @@ (roll my eyes) and refuse to go there. I am the coach for my daughters volleyball team and occasionally we meet up for ice cream after a game day, but I’ve told the parents I don’t feed my kid every hour on the hour and I think it is INSANE and just part of the reason why our society is in the shape it is in. Which is FAT. If parents want to bring their own fruit or their own junk, more power to them. But we have no coordinated snacks in exchange for the kids 45 minutes worth of exertion.

  34. Try a cracker with a bit of creme cheese a dab of jelly or a cucumber and a dab of creme cheese. They would never ask you to have snaks again. No wonder our kids are FAT.

    Emphasize is on the wrong things.

    Yes, even 20 years ago we had to have snaks but it had to be $$$ enough for a soda for each kid or a candy bar from the ball park concession stand and it had to be for the WHOLE team!!!!

  35. It amazes me that so many people (myself included) HATE the idea of snacks needing to be served everywhere kids go, but yet the trend continues….
    My girls are now teens, but this snack thing has been going on since they were in preschool. When my oldest started preschool, I had no idea about this snack business but I really wondered why kids needed to be served a snack right before dismissal of a 2 1/2 hour class, because then she would never eat lunch when we got home.
    In church I was assigned to do snacks for Vacation Bible School when my girls were little. The people in charge wanted me to create these outlandish fancy snacks that looked like Bible characters. It took hours and the kids wouldn’t eat them. When I suggested
    that we just serve them simple snacks instead, they looked at me like I was crazy for saying such a thing!!
    Then when my youngest was in kindergarten, the parents were asked to supply snacks that they served in one large bowl, so consequently my daughter ended up sick half the year from all the germ-sharing.
    It only got worse when my oldest reached high school. The sports teams and also the jazz band actually wanted parents to serve team DINNERS to the kids every week IN ADDITION to snacks at every game/performance!!
    My oldest is now in college, but it doesn’t end there. I just got a letter in the mail today from her university wanting me to order a “care-package” for my student for final exam week. They have 4 different price ranges available but they make it very clear that you are not a caring parent unless you order the most expensive one ($55) for your student!!! I thought I was done with all this once she got to college!!!! So be prepared- it NEVER ends!!!

  36. Sorry that last comment was so long but I have been dealing with this snack (and dinner) craziness since 1994 and getting that letter from the college today just pushed me over the edge!!! Your post today was perfectly timed!!!

  37. My children do so much better without snacks. They never seem grouchy or ill-behaved (I mean, not more than usual) if we skip the snacks, and the difference is that they actually come and sit down at the table and eat at lunch and supper, as opposed to the now daily tradition of “I’m not going to eat, never!” tantrums at mealtime.

  38. I never got the whole snack thing, either. Thankfully, there are no snack sign ups for my daughter’s soccer team. “Snack mishap.” You have GOT to be kidding me.

  39. Wow AM, you really hit a nerve with this post!

    When my kids were soccer age (long past now), I was annoyed by the snack thing, but since we live in hippieville (Austin area), most snacks were pretty healthy — fruit, granola bars, that sort of thing. At worst it was fruit roll-up type snacks.

    I would be royally annoyed if my kids were being fed candy and other processed sugar at every turn.

  40. I’m not even a mom yet (not even in the near future right now) but I work with kids. Right now, I’m a sud teacher’s assistant/ed tech in the 1st grade. School is 9-3. Lunch at 12, snack at 2. Why in the world as we having the have a snack at 2pm when they leave at 3 and go home to a snack or daycare to a snack? And the kids have to provide their own or they can have saltines.

    I don’t understand the whole provide a snack for the whole team. Should be up to the parents not a whole group of scary moms.

    Planning on homeschooling, btw. Then I can decide on snack time.

    FYI, it is healthier to snack during the day or have 6 mini-meals instead of 3 large ones. But only if that snacking is healthy food not junk.

  41. Whew, from all of these applauds, you obviously nailed an unspoken cultural sensitivity. ‘Like the Emperor’s New Clothes. It’s one of those things that probably everyone agrees about, but is too intimidated and indoctrinated to say aloud!

    Your post is funny; I fear that if I tackled the issue, I’d end up getting pretty feisty about the whole ordeal because I’ve been noticing that – despite our “cultural progressiveness” concerning females – somehow this snack thing always falls on the matriarchal figure…

    Men don’t seem nearly as concerned about snacks…

    We need a Movement here…

    Feminists have addressed enfranchisement, image-consciousness, and pay-equality, why don’t they do something about SNACKS, ya know? It might be one of the final frontiers of female freedom…

  42. No snacks, but there’s a “beverage cart.” Dun dun dun…

    We never had snacks after every game of tee-ball and softball when I was growing up. I think this is one of those conspiracies to put more and more pressure on parents.

  43. I like tom’s idea!

    I wonder if some moms (like me) have trouble transitioning from breastfeeding on demand to more regularly scheduled meals. The mantra in all my AP baby & toddler literature is that if you teach kids to eat when they’re hungry, as opposed to when it’s “time to eat,” they’ll learn to respond to their body’s hunger signals appropriately, stop eating when they’re full, and generally be less likely to be obese. Which is a great idea, and I buy it, and currently I offer my 3yo and (still nursing) 2yo healthy snacks (fruit, veggies, plain pasta) to nibble on all day long– so if they don’t stuff their faces at dinner, I don’t freak out, because I know they’ve been eating well all day, just in little doses.

    But I’m unsure where the transition point is, as kids mature to the point of not needing to eat so often. And I bet some of the snack freak moms haven’t gotten out of the Must Have Food Available At All Times mode. That’s my conjecture, anyway.

  44. Snorting Gatorade through my nose!

    My kids are very serious about their snacks at home even, especially since having already eaten us out of house and home, they’ll go mooching off the neighbors. Very sad.

  45. I have not encountered this trend. My kids have been in gymnastics, dance, karate and swimming — and we’ve never had snacks at any of them. But maybe it’s a team sport thing?

  46. Recently I took all five of my kids to have their pictures professionally made. My kids range in age from 3 to 17. The photographer was having a lot of trouble getting the 3 year old to cooperate and was trying to come up with all sorts of things to mak her smile. “Say I love Dora!” Say “I love Barney!” Nothing was working.

    Finally my ten year old said, “Make her say, ‘I love SNACKS!'” Baby Jane’s face immediately broke into a wide grin and we got some great pictures.

    Snacks– they key to everything. Who knew?

  47. Just catching up and I’m posting this off topic since I’m behind…regarding your scraping wallpaper: I have just returned from country blue and mauve wallpaper hell which cost me approximately $30 in assorted wallpaper removing sprays and what must surely be a kazillion dollars in my own elbow grease only to learn the hard way: RENT A STEAMER!! I don’t know if you rented one but it’s the best $25 for 24 hours I’ve ever spent. You should see my bathroom NOW! 😉


  48. oh and sorry i forgot to add this — my boys (6, 6 and 8) had a blast tearing off the paper AND USING THE STEAMER! It doesn’t get THAT hot and with my supervision, they loved to hold the steamer to the wall, count to 15 and then reap the benefits of their “hard work.”

  49. yes this was the VERY first thing addressed at our first soccer practice…not the team name, not the practice and game schedules…who would be the “snack mom” and coordinate the rest of us slobs into bringing snacks twice weekly for the next forever

  50. I’m totally with you on the snack thing. My 10 year old son’s soccer team still does snack too. Not only do we bring a snack for after the game, but we bring a snack for half time also, because apparently they can’t make it through the second half without those orange slices.

  51. When I was a kid playing soccer, at the half one of the mom’s was supposed to bring orange quarters. That’s it, buy a 5lb bag of oranges and split them during the first half. At the end of the game we usually got a juice and granola bar. After running for 30 mins I think OJ slices were appropriate, but I do see it having evolved into something much different now. I know here in CA everyone is so PC they have to supply not just based on allergies to nuts, soy, gluten, eggs, and dairy, but also take into account vegans, vegetarians and people who don’t eat certain foods for religious reasons.

    I’ll be sticking w/water and fruit. (Probably organic apple slices, I know boring, but good.)

  52. It’s so funny, I was just going to write a post on this very subject. I also got the Joan-Crawford-with-coathanger look when I questioned why my children’s Mother’s Day Out teachers wanted me to sign up to bring snacks. “Umm, don’t they have lunch at noon?” I asked, exposing the world to the fact that I have snack-deprived children who only eat (gasp!) three full meals a day.

    If you want to read a really funny rant on this subject, check out what a commenter named Red Salamander had to say in this post:

    I crack up every time I think about it.

    Great post!

  53. I think it’s an American thing. Until we lived in the USA for a couple of years, we hadn’t come across the snack phenomenon, although I gather it’s now catching on in the UK.

    I can’t help wondering if there is a connection between the USA having the highest obesity problem in the world, although in recent years the UK is starting to catch up…

  54. Yes…it is not a coincidence. Why in this country does everything have to have food connected with it. It’s really kind of ridiculous.

  55. Any gathering of two or more longer than a half hour and FOOD must be introduced, somehow. Ridiculous.

    It’s a luxury and further proof that our society simply has no clue what it is like to go TRULY hungry, rather than the, “I haven’t eaten in two hours” kind of faux hunger. I am just as guilty of liking my snacks.

    I wonder if there is any way to stop the insanity, or is it too late? Maybe the economy will stop it for us?

  56. This is my first year to be part of a homeschool co-op. We meet on Fridays and have “special classes” for the kids – afterwards, we eat lunch. All the other kids have fancy little lunchboxes…Miss Kitty, Thomas, etc, etc…and their moms put little “snack-size” servings of fruit and chips and cookies in theirs. I felt like the worst mom ever when my kids saw all they had was a wal mart sack with some pb&j sandwiches and one big bag of doritos to share. No one informed me that the “cool” moms always packed special items in a special lunchbox for their kids.

  57. We have mercifully moved away from the sports requiring snacks. I send you sympathetic thoughts, as well as permission to laugh whenever the hell you please at people who take things far too seriously.

    be well*

  58. we have snacks for any scout meeting – and they’re only 1hr long! 7 – 8 p.m. Yeah, really want to sugar him up before I try to settle him for bed. yikes.

  59. And we wonder why our country is so overly obese. Did we misread the Bible verse, “where two or more of you are gathered in My name, there must be a snack”?

  60. Laughed out loud at this post. I have to say, I really had no idea! Maybe because the closest we’ve yet come to team sports for The Offspring was karate at the Y during the summer. But living in New York, where the kids all congregate in the park, I’ve seen certain… Snack Inequities? I throw a whole apple into the bag, maybe some pretzels or nuts or a hard-boiled egg, occasionally corn chips or potato chips. (Never candy! The horror!) The Offspring is learning to ignore the ubiquitous ice cream trucks.

  61. I don’t get this either. And I brought granola bars to my daughter’s soccer game while all the other parents have brought some sort of Little Debbie pile of sugar. And let me just say that don’t be caught bringing a snack without the juice box. Juice boxes are essential to the snack mom duties.

    Who are the crazies who make up these things?

  62. I’m totally with you! If only all the non-snack moms could band together and say, “No more!” Sometimes I look at the other moms (with perhaps a little too much contempt in my thoughts) and think, “they have waaay too much time on their hands!” No offense, but it’s usually the mom with only 1 child, or with their oldest child who thinks that snacks must be had by all. It’s so good that you can blow my stereotype – I’ll try not to judge too quickly in the future!

  63. My kids would think they’d found nirvana the way you folks talk! Chips??? In a crinkly bag, no less??? My little pocket of West Coast Canada has gone all earthy, which is not such a bad thing. However, a “litterless lunch & snack” can cost a small fortune in the packaging! The official school policy, which appears to have been adopted by all non-profit, sporting, and otherwise “group” activities, is that while plastic or Tupperware is permitted, they would really rather we invest in stainless steel containers so that we don’t poison the kids. (Although I might have to threaten to lace the containers with arsenic if a certain someone leaves YET ANOTHER container at school; these things average $25 a pop!) Ah yes, and water only – no juice or milk. Only healthy snacks, and absolutely, positively NO NUTS. (Tricky when my go-to snack at home is a handful of nuts laced with dried cranberries, blueberries, or other such thing). While I would normally provide healthy snacks 99% of the time anyway, it kind of bugs me when I’m prohibited from indulging the occasional last-minute-grab-a-granola-bar-and-GO!

    Pardon the tangental take on group snacking. I have yet to invest in the stainless steel caterers truck that will be required for soccer, football, and perhaps ballet. So far the swim team seems keen on avoiding snacks altogether…

  64. Saw it mentioned earlier, but I must add my vote. Be sure and find a way to see a rerun of the Everybody Loves Raymond episode about snacks at the ballgame.

  65. I HATE the snack thing and we are involved in zero extra curricular activities around here! We have an indoor playground. I usually spend at least an hour there to make the entrance fee worth it. I am a bad mother who not only doesn’t bring snacks, but I rarely bring a sippy cup for my kids. And when I do, it’s full of boring old water, not juice! What a bad mommy. Can’t expect my kids to play for an hour without feeding them. And then I look like a total troll when my kids are begging you for snacks? Please.

    And at my house nobody EVER asks for snacks. They ask if it is 3:00 yet. They all know I will not feed them a stinking snack unless it is 3:00! I have a friend who snacks her kids everytime they ask. They hate it at my house!

  66. I had to laugh so hard at this one! I was afraid I might wake my family. We just had our last soccer game, which due to the first few games not having snack and email came out that had sign up for snack and drink. I signed up for drink. I can see possibly giving out a drink after a game. I don’t get the sugar snacks. We took Gatorade. But water would have been fine with me also.

    You know here snack has been a thing for T-ball, preschool, and soccer. I think our only sport that we have played or activity that we have done that did not require snacks was the homeschool basketball team. 🙂 We had an award dinner at the end of the season. One dinner, two dishes to pass. 🙂 I liked that better than any snack!

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