Looking For God? He’s In The Back.

On Sundays, I help out with the three-year-old class at my church.  I really enjoy it because there are not many things more funny or poignant than a three-year-old.

One of the things we do is hand out tiny New Testaments to each child and let them hold them and flip through the pages as we talk about how the Bible is divided into the New Testament and the Old Testament and about respecting the Bible as the word of God and how you shouldn’t literally chew on the word of God and that kind of thing.

As the teacher was going over this lesson, one little girl in the back held up her New Testament showing a picture of Jesus and squealed with excitement, “Hey! I found God! He’s right here in the back!”

If only it were that easy. Or maybe it is. I don’t know.

14 thoughts on “Looking For God? He’s In The Back.

  1. What would really be cool is to get the picture autographed. I’m sure the Lord will have other things to do when the opportunity arises, though.

  2. I love kids. They always say what we want to say, but we are socially unable to do that with all that we’ve been taught for ‘lo these many years’.

  3. I’m pretty convinced that God is in the back. Behind the scenes with the men and women like you who are missing out on adult worship and Sunday School because you are working with the three year olds or rocking the kids in the nursery. God is where heart and action shake hands.


  4. Three year olds are wonderful! I taught 3 year olds for a decade in a mid-week club program.

    When I taught “Baby Church” in the nursery, we also handed out little New Testaments for them to handle as I said the most basic of things about it. There was often much tasting and seeing that the Lord is good. We cleaned’em every week. =)

  5. I’ve often said that three-year-olds are some of my favorite people in the whole world – still kind of baby like, but able to say the sweetest things.

    Now, I’m teaching junior high Sunday school and…um…well, the enthusiasm isn’t always there; although, yesterday during prayer requests one boy raised his hand and said he was thankful that the girl he’s liked for a while has started to talk to him on the bus. Now, that was sweet.

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