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Recycling As It Relates To Marriage

This month, AD and I will be celebrating our ten year wedding anniversary. 

And dear brides, there are just some things about a guy that you can’t know going into a marriage. I plan to do a whole series on those things as a public service to brides everywhere, but today, I’ll give you just one.

For example, AD has a grad degree and some work towards a post grad degree and he also holds multiple US patents for technology.  I tell you all that so that you’ll know that not only is he super hot, but he’s super smart. Yet?  Cannot figure out recycling.  This, I did not know going into this marriage.

Trash and recycyling are not the same thing and therefore do not go in the same bin.  Trash goes in the trash can and recycleables do not go in the trash can.  Likewise, recycleables go in the recycle bin and trash does not go in the recycle bin.  Trash = trash can.  Recycleable = recycle bin. And never the twain shall meet.

Perhaps because I am not burdened with a Y chromosome, I get this.   I would NEVER put a non-recycleable item in the recycle bin.  I would not be able to sleep.  Furthermore, I know that the recycle trucks come on Thursday morning, just has they have every Thursday morning for the past ten years.  For me, recyclling is not complicated.  Tax law is complicated.

What AD did not know about me going into this marriage is that I would be so uptight about the recycling.


29 thoughts on “Recycling As It Relates To Marriage

  1. Oh, how I relate to your blog, being an AM myself of a beautiful 7 year-old daughter. Just so you won’t feel alone, my AD can’t figure out where to put the clean dishes. It’s not like the locations for the pots and pans ever move. But even with his brilliance in other areas, he can’t quite figure out that the pots go in one cabinet and the plastic stuff goes in another. And, like your AD, mine had no idea I’d be such a stickler for things like this. Thanks for your great words over and over again!

  2. Hmm… interesting–in my family it’s my wife who often doesn’t realize that recyclables go in the blue bin not the trash can.


    * * * *

    And did you know this before you married her? This kind of thing should really be covered in pre-marital counseling. ~ Antique Mommy

  3. It’s all very simple to my husband: it’s all trash. One time I saw a plaque that read: “The art of memory is closely linked to the art of attention.” Yeah. I think that’s the problem.

  4. Sometimes it’s better not to know…

    Sort of like how no one tells you that breast feeding hurts like a son of a gun.

    Part of the initiation ritual of something or other, I guess.

  5. OK, you are killing me here. I hate recycling. There I said it. My husband is the pro at it while I’m the one sticking things willy nilly into the trash. This has caused a few arguments in this house and you’re right, it should be something discussed before marriage.

  6. But if they did tell you all of those things before you got married….

    Gretchen is right about the breastfeeding – they just tell you all the health benefits and how good it is for bonding with your baby. They don’t tell you that it’s good for bonding because you find out how far you will go for this little bundle in your arms.

  7. I have always loved the phrase “and never the twain shall meet”. I work it into conversation every chance I get – which sadly is not often.

    Maybe I’m not trying hard enough. 🙂

    And you are so right about marriage. Some things you could never know before – and sometimes, it’s better not to know in advance. 😉

  8. My husband is great about recycling–he used to drive to the recycling center before curbside pick-up. Smart man.

    However, he has not figured out, after 22 years of marriage and 52 years of life, that glass mixing bowls nest inside each other. He does not understand that the smaller bowls go inside the larger ones. He thinks it is just the opposite–that large bowls get put on top of small bowls.

    And, he is a scientist.

  9. Congratulations on your anniversary! Our 10 year is coming up in December. Don’t you wish we got another bridal shower at 10 years? New dishes, pot holders, can openers, kitchen and bath towels, lingere that fits our new size??? 🙂

  10. HAHAHA! My dear husband, Vintage Daddy, is a trained architect, YET . . .nothing goes back into the fridge at a right angle. Wouldn’t buildings collapse if they were drawn and/or constructed this way??

  11. Oh. . .we are going to LOVE this series. And I LOVE the shot of your wedding. What a beautiful back drop.

    I tell people that MY husband makes a GREAT Daddy and a TERRIBLE Mommy. Likewise for me–terrible Daddy, good Mommy. Again with the chromosomes.

  12. Maybe it’s a “sorting” issue. My husband has the same problem with sorting garbage from recycling . . . and he also has an issue with sorting laundry into piles (whites. darks. colors. What’s HARD about that?!

  13. Guys are funny. They are so linear. They just don’t get how to think smart. If you give a man a list with 10 errands on it, he will automatically start with #1, then #2, etc.

    If you give a woman the same list, she will automatically put #5 & #7 together because they are on the same street, plan #4 for lunch time tomorrow, and catch 3 more of them on the way home from the carpool. They’re just lucky we put up with them!

  14. I keep telling myself they’ve got so much important knowledge up there that daily stuff, like recycling and remembering to put away your wife’s tools, well that kind of stuff keeps getting shoved out of the brain. Doesn’t seem to matter how much we nag it back it.

  15. I’ve known Muh Man for 16 years now…sakes alive we fought for those first few years. But now? We just chant to each other, “Low expectations…low expectations.” Also, we try to laugh at our (HIS) imperfections as much as possible.

    PMS is fair game though. (“WHO put the cardboard in the trash? HUH?!?!!? W-H-O???!”)

  16. I think an “expectations guide” would be a great thing for both bride and grooms. They should be soberly aware that there are going to be some bumps on the road that is life together, and that that’s a good thing: love doesn’t get traction on a smooth road.

  17. After 22 years, I think I finally have my husband and kids trained about the recycling, but occasionally I still find something in the trash that should be recycled- and yes, they hear about it!!!!
    It bothers me when I see how few people in our neighborhood recycle. It is not difficult to do and the truck comes by and picks it up for you.

  18. I think there should be some kind of guide that tells new couples that perfection is non existent and there will always be things that crop up…Its how you handle and deal with those things that makes the difference

  19. Happy Anniversary, AM and AD. Ten is such a beautiful year to celebrate. It’s the year that you realize that if you made it thus far together without killing each other, you can make all the years together too. May God continue to bless your socks off!

  20. Right.

    Until you move to where we now live. Everything goes in the trash – there are no recycling bins – and the employees of the trash pickup service sort through it all and pick out the recycling. Apparently, it’s all very efficient, and they have a higher recycling rate than most places where things are supposed to be separated.

    It took me a LONG time to get used to this – for about a year, we’d drive our recyclables to the little recycling center, and get paid just enough to cover gas, really.

    After we went on a tour of the trash/recycling center, I finally gave in, but it still seems wrong that I put it all in the trash. OTOH, it means dh is never wrong about where something (trash or recycling) goes. 🙂

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