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Ran Off With My Last Nerve

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After he went to sleep, I tip-toed into his room and stole it back along with a kiss.

32 thoughts on “Ran Off With My Last Nerve

  1. Oooooh! Thank goodness! I’m not the only one who gathers her nerves back at night with kisses when all is quiet and the “angels” are sleeping…and after I pull myself back together and take a breath, I miss them soooo bad, I want to wake them up. I’m blessed to be with them 24/7 and can’t get enough of them, I am addicted. It is an exhausting stream of consciousness but I don’t want to squander a single precious second.

  2. sigh

    my last nerve was gone days ago. days…
    I haven’t posted on my blog for 10 days cause I’m so tired.

    We’re doing the sleep deprivation thing now when baby is age TWO! No, I don’t know why, right now I barely know what end is up. Yes, I know it’s late now, but I end up staying up to get things done because she is so cranky & awful during the day that I can’t leave her alone to do anything. So, yes I’m off to bed now, and praying, just praying (but not holding my breath) for a full nights sleep. (And a much less cranky child)

  3. Oh yes, I am very familiar with my kids (now teenagers) driving me crazy all day and then when they go to sleep at night, my nerves calm down and all is right with the world again.

  4. That’s the magic of little boys. They drive you crazy, and then they look up at you with those big, beautiful eyes and melt your heart. My boys are 12 and 19, and they still stop my heart and fill it up with love.

    Sean has such a sweet face!

  5. Wow. What a photo. I’m glad you were able to steal your last nerve back. But beware, he’ll just take it again another day. :):)

  6. Mama Speak: I’m so sorry for your sleep deprivation. I know this can be a touchy subject for some … but have you ever considered bringing your little one to sleep in your room — or even in the “family bed”? I say this because I consciously resisted it with our older child, who was up several times every night. Then when the younger one started the same thing, we tried it … and it worked like magic.

    It’s counterintuitive. When you’re that tired, all you want is to be LEFT ALONE! But for some kids the snuggle has a calming effect so you BOTH can get some sleep.

    You have amazing photography talent to capture kids at their cutest (and eyes their bluest)! Heidi

  7. Precious precious precious. But I’ve come to expect that from you.

    Great caption. Like that commercial I have to say you “nailed it”.

  8. Go ahead. Tell me he really has brown eyes. Just kidding. This is a great photo. And I completely understand the feeling. Boys can be a handful during the day, but when they sleep you just want to watch them. Beautiful angels sent from heaven.

  9. What a handsome young man. Love those blue eyes. Speaking of eyes – please put a picture that shows more of the two of you than just your eyes in the spot where you have just the eyes. For some reason just the eyes like that just gives me the heebie geebies. Kind of spookie like. Sorry! Effect anybody else like that?
    Otherwise, love your blog.

  10. Hi Friend…

    I’ve been having some stress in my world of teenagers. 13 year old girl Hormones… they are a delight. Especially when they are combined with 40 year old hormones.

    So, to see your cutie looking so young and without evidence of hormones is simply a refreshing delight.

    I am working on getting some kind of Texas gig… hopefully one near you. Smiles!

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