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Which Came First?

What I like about this photo is the contrast between Sean’s grimy little boy hands and the fragile delicate white egg.    When he pulled it from the carton, he said, “Hey look mom! This egg is named after EB!”  EB is a dear friend who has kept Sean well stocked in hand-me-down clothes and toys since he was born. And we adore her.

The original photo was pretty unremarkable.  I cropped it for dramatic effect and then in Picasa I used the Focal Black and White feature to turn the photo into a black and white and selecting the focal point of the stamp on the egg for a pop of color.  After that I sharpened it up a little bit and that was it.

17 thoughts on “Which Came First?

  1. I love it that Sean is so cognizant of EB’s gifts to him that an egg appears to be just one more of many. Sweet boy.

    * * * *

    We call her EB Claus because she shows up at the house every few months with a giant garbage bag full of clothes and toys her grandson has outgrown, a lot of stuff that still has the tags on. We are the lucky recipients of her over-indulgent grand-parenting. And then when Sean has outgrown them, we pass them along to someone else. ~ Antique Mommy

  2. Beautiful photo! My initials were EB until I got married.

    Those Eggland’s Best commercials always infuriate me, though. It’s always some woman raving about how healthy and special the eggs are and how much her poor, helpless, incapable, sexist, misogynistic husband and son love when she cooks the eggs for them. Then it cuts to the men eating. She can’t even EAT with them! She has to stay in her place in the kitchen and meet their manly needs. Grrr. What kind of ad is that?

  3. What kind of egg is that? It’s round, and it has EB stamped on it. I’m not familiar with it.

    * * * * *
    I think it looks round because of the angle of the camera maybe? Pity the poor hen that had to pass a round egg! It’s an Egglands Best. I’m not an egg loyalist, I pick up whatever carton is closest without broken eggs. ~ AM

  4. After watching your photography go from good to really groovy, I bought that digital photography book that you recommended, and read it from cover to cover while I waited for my hubby to have a medical procedure last week. So far, my camera has requested a cable release and a new tripod, and also asks for some newer, faster lens options and filters. So demanding! It’s almost like another child, except that I’m the only one who can hear it talk….

    Love the photo. Love what you’re doing with your camera. And of course, love the cleverness of your boy!

  5. Make sure that the yolks of the eggs are a darker yellow, this means that the hen has had better nutrition, and is eating lots of greens. EB has organic and cage free eggs, but the box has to say so. They do say that the egglands best eggs are healthier and have more Vit E because of the food they feed their hens!

    Do you have any camera purchase advice, BTW? I am looking to buy a new camera, and thinking about a Nikon D40?

  6. Thea –

    I guess I should be more particular about my eggs given that we eat so many, but I just pick up whichever ones are closest.

    On cameras, I bought a Nikon D80 last year and I love love love it, although for my skill level, the D40 would have been just fine too. Can’t go wrong with a Nikon or a Canon. I’ve owned both.

    Antique Mommy

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