The Descent Into Madness

This morning, I will remove the giant electric pumpkin from the front porch marking the descent into Holiday Madness.

Today I will start thinking about Thanksgiving plans, where to go, what to eat. And before Thanksgiving is over, I’ll begin planning Christmas, what to bake and what to buy, and how to manage all the expectations.

And the leaves on my tree haven’t even begun to change color.

I think I’ll leave that big electric pumpkin on my porch for a few more days.

23 thoughts on “The Descent Into Madness

  1. I really regret how the fall and winter holidays are all just rushed together without a day of pause between them. I especially regret how Thanksgiving seems to be less and less important. A day of thanksgibing….should be one of our most cherished days.

  2. You want to talk about madness? Let’s talk about the 22 residential properties I have to decorate for the holidays. This is the only time of year I really work outside the home. Of course, those wreaths don’t decorate themselves, so I will spend the next 3 weeks getting them ready to hang. If you aren’t too busy, you want to come make some bows for me? 🙂

  3. Well, we were late getting our Halloween decorations up (didn’t make our Jack-o-lantern until the day before) so I think I will keep them up a couple more days. On the other hand my son’s birthday was in August and the banner is still hanging in the playroom so those “couple of days” will probably last until I set up the Christmas tree!

  4. I’m rather pleased with how good the decorations look even in broad daylight, so most of them will probably stay up through today, then begin to make their way back into bins and bags for storage or boxes to be re-donated to Goodwill.

  5. Just read your other post about trick or treating with the “gang” back in the “good old days.” Last night I had a huge bowl of good candy at the ready. My doorbell only rang 3 times. I live one block from an elementary school in one direction and a junior high in the other direction…Where have all the trick or treaters gone? (My reflection is a stall so I don’t have to go scrape the jack-o-lantern off the sidewalk. Texas autumn temperatures and cut pumpkins tend to cause decomposition rather quickly. it’s like a science experiment on the porch each year….)

  6. OMG, I was just having this SAME discussion with my husband not an hour ago. “The descent into holiday madness.” Very apt description!

  7. The leaves have been beautiful in downstate southern Illinois! I know the stress though. No little ones to worry about anymore or yet on the grandparent side sooo we just get use to the being alone. Not sad. Just different. Holiday stress all the same.

  8. Funny. I harbored similar thoughts this morning. The beginning of November doesn’t bother me as much, because I love low-key, easy-going Thanksgiving. But December? That’s when I get the heebie-jeebies.

    I’m thinking about planning a full-scale revolt this year. Wanna be captain?

  9. Everyone talking about the Christmas season i have to tell you about 20 years ago i cut back alot on the crazyness. The season made my husband so depressed .Because of all the crazyness that I thought we had to do . Every room decorated , lots of home cooked goodies, visiting with lots of family and friends . Being with people we didn’t really like being around . They were people we didn’t want our children around other times of the year why did we do it because it was CHRISTMAS. We have chosen to spend time with our family and not go to the work parties and the like . It has proven to be the best for us. We Spend more time working at Meals on Wheels during the holidays and doing more that way. Yes we still have afew decorations but it isn’t the main focus of my life .The whole holiday time people are so tired from just doing stuff. Most of it they don’t really enjooy doing. Ok thats it. jj

  10. I can relate. The only thing keeping me from dragging out “stuff” for Thanksgiving and Christmas is the election. I plan to busy myself with mind numbing chores (cleaning, laundry, etc.) until this madness is over (and please, let it be over next week). Then I can start my planning and such.

    Let the games begin…

  11. Yup, they were playing Christmas carols at my nail salon today. Yup, full on Bing Crosby-type Christmas carols. I just about cried. I am SO not ready to start thinking about Christmas.

  12. It is madness. And while the trees have peaked here in northern Arkansas, I am not at all ready to think about jingle bells or managing expectations…

  13. There were THREE sets of Christmas lights on in my neighborhood tonight.
    Maybe it’s because we don’t have any leaves left. Or someone is getting in one last hurrah before the recession hits us up North.
    Whatever, I had to explain to my kids that no, Christmas was still pretty far away.
    Now if someone could just tell Wal-Mart.

  14. Our local Wal-Mart was playing Christmas songs on the in-store radio. I’m not ready. I’ll be sick of them by December 1st.
    Can’t we just celebrate Thanksgiving first?

  15. One of the homes by us had their Christmas tree decorated, lit and in full view when they opened the door for my little goblins. Beautiful – but a little early unless there are circumstances, maybe?

    Anyway, I feel your Holiday craziness – for us it’s the typically craziness, but throw in my 2 little ones’ birthdays. My daughter will be 2 December 14th and my son will be 5 December 24th.

    In all the madness we get to sqqueeze in birthday parties! Ahh, tis the season…

  16. The Halloween stuff was retired for yet another year at our house, too. I can’t believe how fast the year has gone! (We old people say that a lot, don’t we?)

  17. I think I’ll sit with my daughter to plan out what we would like to make for gifts. She, the giver, has grand plans for everyone she know… and she loves to bake.

    Then I think I’ll sit with a glass of wine and enjoy the fact that she still wants to be with me.

    Oh, and I think I will get on the ball and start planning The Boy’s 9th birthday party. Maybe I can get it done before March this time…

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