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More Four. Please.

Yesterday afternoon, I heard a muffled scuffling banging sound coming from Sean’s room.   I somehow knew it was him hanging by one hand like an orangutan from the upper hang rod in his closet with the other hand blindly reaching, swiping and digging for something in the deep dark recesses of the closet.  I also knew that he was standing tip toe on one foot on a precariously positioned stool that was about to tip over while he balanced his other foot on the lower hang rod, all but knocking off the fall and winter clothes I had just organized and hung there the week before.

I can’t really describe the sound to you because it’s like a dog whistle – only moms can hear it.  And when moms here this sound, their ears perk up and they think, “Rut-roh. Dats not good.”

So I quickly dried my hands and dashed into his room where I found him in his closet hanging by one hand like an orangutan from the upper hang rod and desperately reaching for something buried in the back with the other hand.  Just like it sounded.

“Dude, dude, dude,” I said as I pulled him off the home style uneven bars, “What are you doing?”

“I’m looking for my pirate suit,” he said.

I had in fact hung the pirate suit in the very back of the closet thinking he would forget all about it. It barely fit him when I bought it a month or two ago and it has since been washed and accidentally dried in the dryer.  Nonetheless, I pulled out the pirate suit and handed it to him.

He quickly stripped down to his skivvies and wiggled into it.

“Velcro me up matey! Will ‘ya?” he ordered, turning his back to me with his hands on his hips.

“Aye aye Captain,” I said and then like a sales clerk in a bridal shop, I did my best to squeeze my too big customer into a too small costume, tucking and tugging, pulling and praying, coaxing the Velcro together with all my might.

When he turned around, he was so blindingly cute that I lost my peripheral vision and the part of the brain that does math and reasoning.  I reached out to him and pulled him into my lap so we were nose to nose and was surprised when he willingly obliged. He smelled sweet and of cinnamon, like graham crackers.

“Give your mommy a hug Captain,” I ordered him.

He playfully pushed me to the ground and I pulled him into my chest and quickly hugged him before he tried to squiggle away.

But he didn’t squiggle away.  Instead, he wrapped his arms around my neck, nestled into me and stayed there.

So I laid there on the floor on my back with my arms wrapped around my 4-year-old pirate boy and watched the ceiling fan go round and round.  He twirled my hair and I ran my finger up and down the miraculous thing that is his spine and listened to him breathe. No words were spoken.  I did not want the moment to pass because I never know when it will be the last time before he will be too busy or too big to spontaneously snuggle with his mom on the floor.  Four has been sweet and funny and joyful beyond what should be legal.

Five is on the horizon and I know it will bring its own brand of joy, but I would give just about anything for more four. Please.

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  1. Whoa, I was just about to say the same thing as Dana- I love four and six.

    Not that I’ve ever had a four or a six year old. Just been around enough of them to adore them. Your four-year-old sounds delightful!

  2. OOOOOOHHHH. I even remember four with my babes. And yes, it is very sweet. But then I loved five, six, seven, eight, you get it? Now, I love 26, 32, & 35.

  3. I remember rocking my youngest babe and looking at her legs wrapped around my waist. They didn’t even make it 1/2 way. I thought to myself, “I have to freeze this minute because it will pass so quickly!”. She’s 10 now, and it did. But Dana’s right. Wonders never cease.

  4. Oh, you almost made me cry! I also want to comment on how you acquired your *Antique Mommy* title you wrote about on the other page. What a beautiful story as it unfolds. Reminds me of Sarah, Abraham’s wife in the Bible. The timing you speak of is amazing! Antique Mommy is a title that you can display with honors! What a beautiful account. Wow

  5. I am just so glad you are there, enjoying all these special moments with Sean. He is so blessed to have you, loving him so!

  6. Ohh…I have 5 kiddos and sometimes fear that I don’t give them enough attention. Once I was squeezing a 4 year old… he let me hug him solid for 20 minutes… you can bet your bottom dollar I didn’t move!! I sat and squeezed! Cherish the memories! Ü

  7. That’s sweet. Don’t worry, some kids don’t grow out of it all that quickly. My 10 year old will still cuddle sometimes if no one is looking and it’s not unusual for me to get a hug out of my 19 year old.

  8. see and here i could just about think of doing away with 4 completely and take two years of five….
    i get much more of the loves and snuggles since older one is five than i did when he was 4 and current 4…well i am ready to trade him to the navy…i think the military completely misses the boat…we dont need to have adults fight, we need to send whiney needy cranky toddlers who can singlehandedly dismantle the great wall of china in 37 seconds while the adults go to the bathroom and once they are done with that they will take their lil tonka trucks and build sand castles together…cause thats the way toddler boys work….

  9. So sweet! I don’t get many moments like that even at 2. My L is so independent, which I’m very thankful for, but sometimes I wish she was more lovey dovey!

  10. You made me teary today! Four is wonderful. I would have happily kept both of my boys that age forever. They are now 19 and almost 13, but I still get hugs from both of them and a snuggle from the younger one now and then. Interestingly, my younger one seems to be as acutely aware of the passing of time as I am…but he’s a tender heart and an old soul. Oh, see, now I really am crying.

  11. Four is wonderful. I remember when my daughter turned 5 I even told her how much I had loved 4. We were riding in the car one day not too long after her birthday and she said, “Mommy, I know you really liked 4, but I am really liking 5.” You know, I am even liking 8. Each year has its own joys.

  12. Love those moments. Don’t worry I have an almost 11 year old and he still wants to snuggle and isn’t afraid to give hugs.

  13. I feel just the same way about my 3 year old. He is just on the cusp of getting too big for snuggles with Mommy – I want time to stop …..

  14. Great story. Thanks for sharing it.

    Actually, four was fairly tough in our house. Endless negotiating, constant challenging of boundaries. Five has gotten easier that way, AND he still likes to give and have hugs.

  15. Oh, I’m right with you! I was thinking the other day that five just sounds so old – oh, how I love my 4-year-old!

  16. You have brought back some very dear memories for me. I do miss those days. (But not the days before four–I felt like I got my life back once my kids turned four.)

  17. I’ve taught 4 year old preschool for 11 years now, wouldn’t do anything else!!!!!

    They delight me, humor me, love me, think I’m funny, sing with me, read with me, hug me, ask me to play, make art for me, use their imaginations, make me laugh and cry. They are a blessing among blessings and I love love love what I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I’m so glad that four is coming for my Toby. Three has been a trial (nevermind that for most of three we’ve been preparing to move…hummm, maybe that explains why aliens have abducted my Toby).

    Has Sean read “How I Became A Pirate”? My little pirates in training loved that book. I look forward to finding it again after we move TOMORROW!

  19. My baby (son) is 18 in 20 days…18…and I’d give my left arm for a “little more four”. Enjoy.

  20. That is such a sweet post! I got all lumpy throated and teary. I loved your description of knowing exactly what he was doing by the sounds coming from his room!! I can so relate, even though mine are now 10 and 12. I miss my little four year old boys, but they all grow up. I do have a five year old princess and I savor every minute of that! I know it goes way too fast. Thanks for the smile and the happy tears 🙂

  21. Four is a beautiful thing. So is five, really. And six will just break your heart with its wonderfulness.
    And on and on and on. Each year I think “Why did no one tell me that nine was so great?”.

  22. Nothing like loving on your boy, is there?

    My baby is now 15 and doesn’t put up with much of that. His brother, 18, will allow hugs when he comes home from college, so that’s lovely.

    Mommies and their boys. Just something about it.

  23. I miss those snuggly times when my girls were little, but even though they are both now teens, sometimes they will come and sit on my lap for old time’s sake.
    It kind of hurts, but I love it!!!

  24. At first I misread your title and I thought it says “four more!”

    Each age has it’s ups and downs. It’s sad to leave it behind but exciting to take new steps! My oldest baby voted for the first time this year! YIKES!

  25. Four rocks here, too, and I also try to cherish those sweet moments (in part to make up for the tortures of 4yo attitude moments). I’m also amazed by their spines – who knows?

    If you haven’t seen Crusoe, it may be worth a look – I’m debating whether it’s too much for the boys….probably but a lot of cool inventions and piratey scenery, talk, etc.

  26. Isn’t it funny how we always take the time to dry our hands before running to their rescue?

    Mine is 2, and I’m so glad to see glimpses of more snuggles and hugs in our future.

  27. You made me cry AGAIN, AM. Thank you. I’m going to go force a hug on my youngest who is seven now. He doesn’t mind really. Actually none of them do, but those young hugs are very very sweet.

  28. What a beautiful post, and what a great example of how freaking out about the hanging could have make a beautiful moment impossible. And thank you for singing the praises of 4yo boys. I have 3.7 yo twin boys. I read two posts (at Amazing Trips and A Little Pregnant) this week where either the poster or the commenters were saying that 4-year-olds were worse than three-year-olds. Which made me want to head for the border, because 3.7 is HARD. SO your post, in addition to being just beautiful in it’s own right, made my week.

  29. When my current Four turns five, I am going to SIT IN THE CORNER and SUCK MY THUMB. He is nothing short of “perfection” these days, all snuggly and squishy and his voice is squeaky and he says things like “taste-tez” (tastes) and There Is Nothing Like A Four Year Old.

    And then they lose their baby fat and lose their teeth and lose their bad grammar and IT’S ALL OVER.

    Six months and counting…

  30. Don’t blink.
    My Hubby is always amused when I hear the slightest strange sound and can identify it in detail. He does not get this ‘power’. I tell him that it’s my ‘Mommy sense’.

  31. I agree; four is magical. But, I was relieved to find out that so are five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, and thirteen!

    My husband laughed once when I exclaimed, “Oh, I just LOVE this age!” He chuckled and said, “You say that every year.”

    I hadn’t realized it, but I do!

    It’s wonderful to be able to enjoy motherhood so much, isn’t it?

  32. ok…i take it back…i dont want to trade off my 4 any more…
    i picked him up from school today and when i went to get him out of the car he was daydreaming….when i said his name he grabbed my neck hard and said, ” mommy you about scared my britches all off”

    * * * *

    Oh I knew you didn’t really mean it Steff. We all have days when we’d trade our kid for a plate of nachos and a beverage of choice. ~ AM

  33. What a lovely story. My girl is seven; she’s been uncommonly clingy forever, but suddenly is starting to break away, and man, it’s really hard. I never thought I’d yearn for her to hang on!

  34. Antique Mommy, I have to say that I am sometimes mystified by the intensity of your love for Sean. It comes through so clearly in all your posts about him, and I feel as though I must be some kind of alien or something because I just don’t feel that way about my 4-yr-old son. To be honest, most of my emotions towards him are of the negative kind – frustration, resentment, longing for peace and quiet, and worse…I have been praying that the Lord would increase my love for him and for my other children but I feel like such a failure as a mom that it doesn’t seem to come naturally to me. I hope that I will be able to experience with my kids the same kind of bond you have with Sean before they grow up.

  35. JEnnifer…my heart is aching for you and i hope that you see this post…I have two of them one four and one five. Believe me I have just as many days with those negative emotions as i do positive and you ARE NOT a FAILURE as a mom…girl i have had days where i somehow slept thru the two of them waking and they washed my sliding glass doors with deoderant and i wanted to slit my wrists after dealing with the aftermath of it…
    please know you are not alone.

  36. We wanted to freeze our son at three, and now I want to freeze him at four…How to make this freezing happen – we haven’t figured that out yet:)

  37. Ahhhhhhhhhh……four. My all time most favorite-ist age of all time —– yeah for four!
    I have 3 boys…ages 19, 8, and 7 – but how I miss four. I’d take more four anyday!

  38. Four is amazing. My little guy is about to turn five in December and it makes me wish our two boys could get together. It’s so hard to find good playmates these days (say it in a whiny, upper-crust voice, while holding a martini in one hand).

  39. I am so glad that you are enjoying 4 so much! It is indeed a precious age and times does go by so very quickly. Savor every moment like it’s your last! You won’t regret it. Not ever.

  40. I so love those sweet moments. It’s at times like that when I wish I could just stop the hands of time, just for a little bit. Beautiful, AM, thanks for sharing!

  41. Oh, I feel ‘ya! I had a “moment” with my 5 year old (5 year, 8 month old, as she tells it). I was lying on the couch feeling “flu-ish”, and she climbed on top of me, snuggled into me, and stayed there in perfect stillness for more than 1/2 hour. And you know what? Mommy felt 90% better after that dose of medicine : )

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