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Make A Joyful Noise. But Not Too Loud

Whispering is not what five-year-olds do best.  This is almost always a problem. 

This morning at church, Sean leaned over to me and stage whispered, “MOM, I LIKE EVERYBODY AT CHURCH!” 

I beamed with pride. In a congregation of any size, it’s unlikely that even one person can honestly say they like everyone, and yet my little boy does. 


I hunched my shoulders to my ears and closed my eyes as though I had been swatted upon the head with a rolled up newspaper, like a bad dog. 

I prayed that I might disintegrate into dust and that someone would sweep me up and put me in the offering plate when it passed by. 

When that didn’t happen, I turned around to catch the eye of the woman, not sure what I would do after that. 

When I did, she looked me in the eye and gave me the warmest most genuine smile. 

So then, either she is a) incredibly kind and forgiving, b) has children of her own, c) is deaf — three characteristics I like in a Christian.

6 thoughts on “Make A Joyful Noise. But Not Too Loud

  1. My 4 year old usually declares in a loud stage whisper – I am going to take
    a nap. He lies down, closes his eyes and does a pretend snore AS LOUD AS HE

    Fortunately we also have lots of forgiving/deaf members in our church.

  2. Have he and Susannah been getting together on this subject?? She did the same thing a few weeks ago and I wanted to die!!! They can whisper during a movie, but not during church….ehh!

  3. as someone who sings “weally loud” Seans comment would have made my week. I like a kid who know his own mind.

    Mrs N

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