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Regaining Perspective

Earlier in the week, Sean and I set out on a nature walk to see what we could see.  It was late afternoon and it was chilly. 

Along the way, we stopped and visited our favorite Labrador Retriever, Whitey. We don’t know if that’s really his name, but that’s what we call him.  Whitey is old and fat and when we get to his house, I whistle loudly for him and Sean calls his name.  It takes him a good while to waddle over to the fence. He plops down, exhausted, and leans against the fence. He sticks his muzzle through searching for a friendly hand and sniffs and licks.  His eyes are  tired but bright and he thumps his tail on the ground telling us he’s glad to see us.  We pet him through the fence and tell him what a good boy he is. He closes his eyes in doggy contentment.

We continue on our walk, collecting beautiful leaves and acorns and other autumn treasures, all of which gets stuffed into the pockets of my jacket.  It’s somewhere in the Bible that moms have to carry all the stuff.

When we got to the pond, Sean wanted to stand on the steep slope and put his hands in the water. I recommended against this action citing that the water is cold and he could easily fall in. He argued that he could do it without falling in. So I said, okay by me, but if you fall in, it won’t be very comfortable walking home cold and wet. This is the hard part of parenting, letting him make his own mistakes, letting him fall in cold, dirty pond water.

“Well,” he said in a very authoritative manner, “I’ll be the judge of your persistence!” which roughly translates to “I’m the boss of me.”  Mr. Malaprops strikes again.  He didn’t fall in.

It had been kind of a cruddy week.  When I heard myself laugh at Sean and his awkward mastery of the English language, I realized that somewhere along the way, the crud had fallen away and my head had cleared.

An afternoon walk with my little boyfriend, petting an old fat dog and an amusing malaprop – good medicine for a bad attitude.

19 thoughts on “Regaining Perspective

  1. A child’s treasure is a treausre indeed. I love to see the joy on their faces as they bend down in the road/path to pick up something that I would have just passed by without noticing. I see the world with new eyes and their joy can brighten up any cruddy week.

    Enjoy AM, ‘these are the good old days’. You are building memories for Sean and yourself.

  2. What a sweet picture you just painted with your words.

    “It’s somewhere in the Bible that mothers have to carry that stuff…” So true. My purse used to be full of treasures like that. In fact, I kind of miss having a matchbox car at the bottom of my purse.

  3. Ahhh … my bad additude was also medicated last night by my 3 year-old’s bedtime “secrets” that she had to tell me. Every time she would go to whisper in my ear, she would crack up laughing instead. We must have done that for 15 minutes straight, and by the end we were both crying from laughing so hard. I never did hear the “secret” she had to tell me, but her laughter spoke louder than words!

  4. We use dog. Ginger has to poke at everything but she is a conforting wiggle worm at her old age. Rubbing cats helps some too. Little boys grow so fast.

  5. AM,it seems whatever mood you’re in you are always a good Mom! You see life lessons in any situation, and you are so good at describing things and setting the scene. I really hope you’ll consider writing books someday. You and your stories with Sean have brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes so often! Thanksgiving is a week away, but you help so many of us appreciate the simple things and count our blessings everyday.

  6. That sounds like a beautiful time together. There’s something about sweet old dogs that touches the soul. You just wish they could speak so they could share their stories.

    I’m impressed that Sean has the word ‘persistence’ in his vocabulary, even if he hasn’t quite learned proper usage yet. He’s going to be one smart man.

  7. I love it when I let God teach me that being young has nothing to do with age and everything to do with loving what you have. He’s good about using my kids to get through my heart time and time again.

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