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I Am A Mother…

Phillip Done begins the first chapter of his book 32 Third Graders and One Class Bunny with a list that begins, “I am a teacher…”  As I read through that list wherein he describes all the things he does in the name of teaching, I thought to myself that Phillip would make a very good mother.  And so, I’m totally ripping off honoring his marvelous idea and presenting you with a list of my own:

I am a mother.  I eat the broken cookies.  I have someone else’s boogers on my sleeve.  I laugh convincingly at knock knock jokes.  I have eyes in the back of my head.  I carry Purell and band-aids in my purse.  I jump up approximately 22 times during every meal to get something.  I kick the annoying toys under the sofa.   Dr. Seuss gives me a headache.  I would rip the head off of a bear or a bully to protect my child.  I am a mother.

If you leave a comment adding your own description of motherhood, I will randomly choose one lucky commenter at the end of the day to win one of Mr. Done’s books, autographed by the author himself — which let me tell you, will be a perfect holiday gift for any teacher in your life.  Now I haven’t exactly asked Mr. Done if he will go along with this, but he’s super nice so I think he will. And if not? Then I will send you my copy of his book autographed by me.

* * * *

Philip says he’s in! An autographed book for one lucky commenter!

* * * *

Winner! AggieMa Michelle – Congratulations girl! Your autographed and inscribed book is on the way!

126 thoughts on “I Am A Mother…

  1. I’m a Mom. I collect baby teeth for absolutely no apparent reason. I eat at McDonald’s. I watch Spongebob. I carry barf bags in my car. I tolerate my 14 year old’s wish to appear that he dropped out of the sky instead of my womb. I am a Mom.

  2. I am a mother,
    There is no greater or deeper joy, I am a mother to a beautiful 23 year old daughter and to a son who is a senior this year, life prepares you for every stage and my grown kids still need and want their mom.
    I was always motherless due to extreme abuse, I mothered the total opposite, I miss my kids being young at times but I wouldn’t change the beautiful adults they are either,
    I do NOT miss snot, and I can’t wait to be a grandma, until then I am a mother, a blessed mother indeed.

  3. I am a mother. They are too old for it, but I still keep a monitor in their rooms so I can hear them breathe throughout the night. I secretly inhale their scent…the woodsy, fragrant, beautiful scent of precious little girls. I completely recognize that I knew nothing that mattered before I became a mom. Nothing.

  4. I am a mother – of boys. I have thrown 36 full-blown birthday parties, some of them involving entire classes of kids. I have been tripping over Legos and Hot Wheels for 25 years now and I have watched more video games and violent cartoons than I can count. And you know what? I LIKE IT! Boys are da bomb!

  5. I am a mother.
    I had my only child later than most, and I look in the mirror and despair that people will see the gray in my hair and the lines on my face and think I am his grandmother. But when my almost three year old touches my cheek and says “Mommy, you’re beautiful” I believe it because to him, its the absolute truth. I am a mother.

  6. I am a mother. I call my out of state, 27 year old, son once a week just to hear his voice, or ask for advice or give him family news. I plug in my ADHD/bipolar still at home, 24 year old sons cell phone every morning just to keep it charged for him, so we can keep in touch, if needed. I am there for my daughter, away at college for the 1st time, at the other end of the phone, whenever she wants to talk, ask for help or advice or complain about an inconsiderate house mate or two. I’ve even offered to fly down and give those house mates a piece of my mind. I am a mother.

  7. I am a mother. I cried more tears when my daughter’s boyfriend was forced to break up with her. I take pictures of them sleeping because it captures the last vestiges of innocence. I glow with joy when people tell how sweet it is to see my 11 year old son hug and kiss me and tell me he loves me in front of his friends.

  8. I am a mother. I’m learning that sometimes it’s harder not to help my children do something so they can learn it on their own. I let them make the same mistakes I made even though I want to interfere.
    I am a mother. Nothing makes me happier than having the arms of a certain eleven year old girl and six year old boy around my neck and hearing I love you, even when the school bus is waiting for them to get on.
    I am a mother. I cry for the children who are being abused or ignored or bullied. And I cry for the children of a local man who drowned to save his two boys because they no longer have one of their parents. I cry for all the children who don’t have two loving parents in their lives as I look at my own who are adored by theirs; simply because I am a mother.

  9. I am a Mother. I have magic healing powers. I can kiss a scraped knee and I can hug away a bad day. I can turn an awful day around with your favorite dinner or warm cookies. I can make my home a safe refuge in the middle of a harsh world. I am a pillar to hold tight in the middle of any of life’s storms. I am a safe haven of love comfort and trusted advice.

  10. I am a mother. I face down monsters in the closet. I face down monsters in real life, too. I can spend hours imagining, building trains, drawing pictures, pushing swings, and spinning circles. I can dance endlessly in kitchens. I can watch “Homeward Bound” a million times and not grow tired of seeing their faces light up at the end. I can draw superheroes. I can be a superhero. My lap is never too small. My arms are never too short. I am in love with my children’s daddy. I dread them growing up, but I don’t want to stop them either. I am a mother. I am doing exactly what I want to be doing. Loving. Laughing. Leading. Learning.

  11. I have wanted this book since you first talked about it!! I hope I am the winner!!

    I am a mother and a grandmother. I mother grown children and small grandchildren. In a single day I wipe noses and bottoms, teach one their colors and abc’s and another how to drive and do algebra. I drive to school and from school and I help at school. I read books to the kindergarten class, tutor a fifth grader, and work in the lunch room. I break up fights between small children, and teach diplomacy to big ones. I cook, clean, and do laundry. I snuggle, comfort, and love. I am nothing to some, but I am everything to others. I am a mother.

  12. I am a mother of a now empty nest.
    I still worry about. I pray harder than ever for them. I sigh with relief at times that I’m not in charge 24 hours a day and they are doing JUST FINE without me. I burst with joy at their accomplishments as adults, just like at did at their fingerpaintings at age 3. I envy Antique Mommy that she jumps up 22 times during meals: I think I ate standing up for two decades!

    * * *

    You’re smarter than me – it would be a lot easier to just eat standing up. ~ AM

  13. I am a mother. I am on stand-by waiting for my daughter to call saying she is in labor with her first child, my first grandchild. I am thrilled and honored that she wants me with her and her husband all through the delivery. I am a mother, soon-to-be- Grammie!!

  14. I am a mother. My children are all grown up and now they stand alongside me by choice, and not because I hold on to them tightly. I look at them and I see the small children who danced all through my heart, and I see too the big children who still need their Mum to be there for them sometimes. Always. I am a mother.

  15. I am a mother.

    I laugh, cry, bake, run, wipe, cuddle and clean more than I did before.

    I love more than I ever knew was possible.

    I am a mother.

  16. I am a mother. I cuddle and caress my son so many times each day, I loose count. I laugh and giggle. I saw my son very ill last week and was ready to do whatever it took to get him well again. I melt at my son’s smile and laughter. I can’t wait until my son talks, knowing that once he begins he won’t stop, if he’s like me. I love and cherish each milestone. I am a mother, and am so happy that it was possible.

  17. I am a mother. I read books until I’m cross-eyed, I interpret his words for others who have difficulty understanding his speech, I experiment with different hairstyles for her, even though I’m terrible with hair, I clean and wipe and throw away and organize and plan and sign forms and schedule appointments and buckle car seats and buy raisins and goldfish (by the gallon) and correct and sing and cheer and hold and pray.

    In the moment of these events, sometimes I am tired and don’t want to that very thing. Sometimes, I just want to hide in the bathroom and read a magazine.

    But mostly, I just don’t want to miss a single second of life with my two miracles. As I have joked, I’d cut off my legs for them, except I need my legs to run into their arms.

    Who deserves this blessing?
    Not I.
    Thank you, oh merciful God.


  18. I am a mother. I have learned what it is like to wake in a panic in the night with the absolute need to check on a tiny baby and watch her breathe. I am learning the fine art of balancing the need to let nothing bad happen to my child and the understanding that I must let her discover her world. I am an emotional wimp thanks to the heartstrings attaching my child to my chest.

  19. I am a mother. I can tell from 50 yards away that something went wrong at school today. I call myself a stay-at-home mom, but I rarely get to stay at home. I have learned that I can stand up in front of a crowd and be the PTO President for my child’s school and not faint. I can find “lost” items that no one else can find.

  20. I am a Mother. Thank you God for the biggest blessing in my life 31 years ago and thank You now for my continuation of being a Mother to little ones through my 3 precious grandsons. Still have the boogers and love it! I am a Mother.

  21. I am a mother. I need to hear my sons voice daily, even at 19. I am a friend to him when needed. I am the encouragement for him to persue firefighting. I am still his protector. I am the only one to have his back his entire life. He is my right arm. I hug and kiss him daily and tell him I love you – each and every day.

    I am a mother. I need to know that my 15 year old is happy. I am his confidant. I meet his needs when his father does not. He lives with his father by his own choice. I let him live there and let it be okay. I text and/or call him weekly and tell him I am proud of him and that I love him.

    I am a mother. I wait for our daughter in China. I pray that she is healthy. I pray that she will make the transition smoothly. I am grateful that her birth mother will choose life for her. I will start all over again with boogers, diapers, and complete joy in my heart. I am patiently waiting for our daughter.

    I am a mother forever. Nothing will ever compare to that.

  22. I am a mother. I cook for 2 hours for a 15 minute meal. I melt in my chair when my boys run back to hug me and thank me for it (even though their dad told them to). I bring forgotten items to school. I wash soccer cleats and shin guards. I sit on cold bleachers and cheer on our teams. I pray for my son’s future wives. Oh, how I pray! I am a mother.

  23. Can I just say — these responses are all brilliant, wonderful and moving!!

    I am a mother. I keep the monsters and “bad guys” away. I sing little made up songs to calm my (4-year-old) baby down. I tell her she will always be my baby, even when she’s a grown-up. I find lost teddy bears. I play hide and seek. I give big hugs after time-outs. I would kill to do this one more time, but probably won’t get to, because I am getting too old…so I try to be always thankful to God for blessing me with my one beautiful, healthy Peanut.

    I am a mother.

  24. I did not say this. Joshilyn Jackson did. She is a authoress and good at saying things like this. . .and it BEARS repeating.

    “Signing up for motherhood is like AGREEING to cheerfully become a complete loon for the rest of your span on earth.”

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