Makes Me Sigh

Pine Cones and Pennies

If I am to be honest, I would have to say that this was not the merriest Christmas on record.  Having said that, we are well and we are fed, so it’s also not the worst Christmas on record either. I will not bother to whine about the particulars because I doubt that I am the only person in America who has been slapped upside the head by life lately or that my woes are worthy of mention compared to those that I know many of you are suffering. In addition to all that, shortly after…

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Antique Crazy, Makes Me Sigh, Sometimes Sweet, Sometimes Tart

A Children Ache

Every night before bedtime, and sometimes before school, Sean and AD will read at least one chapter from a book of children’s classics. Having gone through most of the other more exciting and well known titles, we are down to Pollyanna. But he is just as enthralled with Pollyanna as he was with The Swiss Family Robinson. Stepping up to chapter books like Tom Sawyer and Oliver Twist has presented many opportunities to talk about some of the more unsavory and unpleasant aspects of life.  Many of the characters are orphaned or suffer cruelty at the…

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“Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near.”  Philippians 4:5


Better Than Coupons: How To Save Money In Target

Everyone is tightening up their budgets these days and I am no exception. However I have a unique system for avoiding spending which I’m willing to share with you as a service to humanity. When I go into Target, but I really don’t want to spend any money, I get a cart. There are no guarantees in life, except for this:  If I push a wonky germy cart all over the store I will find nothing. Nothing. And then I will abandon the cart somewhere in housewares and then leave the store having not spent one…

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Fashion Gifts I Don’t Want For Christmas

Skinny Jeans. In my ill-informed fashion opinion, skinny jeans are for skinny people — tall, long-legged, skinny people. I’ve never been tall or long-legged and I’m no longer skinny. I’m guessing there are probably only two other people besides Heidi Klum who should be wearing skinny jeans. Oprah and I are not those two people. Leggings. See above. I bought leggings the first time around and I’m not falling for that again. A shrug.  For one thing, it’s a sweater, and it’s not even a whole sweater.  It’s like 1/3 of a sweater.  It’s like the…

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Photography & Photoshop

Gray Day

This is a Christmas ornament that for some reason is hanging in my dining room window.  Other than cropping, this photo is right out of the box – it’s been just that still and colorless around here the past few days. And now, thanks to Picasa, it’s an icy day! And now? It’s a sunny day! Much better. Improve your attitude with Picasa.

Antique Childhood, Christmas, Narcissism

Random Christmas Stuff About Me You Weren’t Really Itching To Know

I’ve never owned a Christmas sweater. I’ve always felt like maybe I should have one. On several occasions I’ve even carried one around the store.  But I just can’t seem to take the plunge.  Just seems like too big of a commitment. As well, I’ve never owned a pair of Christmas earrings, little dangling bulbs or ornaments or whatever.  I guess I’m not all about festive after all. The red turtleneck is my standard holiday party outfit. I’ve always wanted some nice Christmas china but never wanted to spend the big bucks on it or spend…

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Parenting Gone Awry

It Doesn’t Get Much Better

Awhile back our church had a food drive of some sort and there were rows of filled grocery sacks lined up in the lobby.  As we walked past,  Sean noticed  that one of the sacks had a big bag of marshmallows on top.  “Oh Mom!” he exclaimed, “Do you think we could get some marshmallows some day?”  I told him I thought we might be able to swing that. * * * For his recent birthday,  he said he wanted a headset that had a mouthpiece so he could be an air traffic controller.  No problem. …

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Always Real, Christmas

Fake And Sparkly Not Necessarily A Bad Thing

One day last week, Sean and I spent the afternoon putting up Christmas decorations.  I used to really enjoy decking the halls, but I have come to a point in life where it seems to be more work than fun. As I root through box after box of stuff, I wonder if hanging fake glittery stuff on a fake tree only to be removed and boxed up again in 30 days is a good use of my time and energy, both of which seem to be in short supply these days.  Sparkle and glitter and garland…

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Reruns and Leftovers

The Sweater

The following post was originally published November 2007. * * * * * I have a love-hate relationship. With sweaters. They catch my eye in the store. They are so pretty. They call to me, “Pssst! Hey you! Over here! Touch me! You know you want to – I’m soft, you’ll like it. Trust me.” Never trust a sweater, trust ME on this. And like a sailor who can’t resist the call of the Sirens, I am unable to resist the call of the sweaters. So I sidle over to the rack and pull out just…

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