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A frequent topic of conversation around our house lately has been the difference between want and need.Β  It came up over dinner again last night when Antique Daddy asked Sean to name some things that fall into the category of need.

“Food!” he answered enthusiastically.

“And then after that, friends,” he added quickly.

I think I would have to agree.

90 thoughts on “He Gets It

  1. YOU’RE BACK!!!


    I don’t think I every commented before, and I was devastated when I heard you’d shut up shop.
    I, too am lucky enought to be an antique mommy: my first born came to us when I was 42. Even luckier, her sister followed 17 months later.
    I have so appreciated your perceptions of this different journey and sharing your tangible delight in your son. It is a delight to read you, and I missed you terribly!
    Keep on, um, keeping on!

  2. Oh, HURRAY! There you are again, hello, hello! Yes, I would definitely put friends on that list, too. πŸ™‚

  3. So glad you’re back! We missed you!!! Sean is absolutely right! I’ve been blessed with incredible friends in my life and I hope Sean will be too!

  4. I have missed you. Ask some of your friends i have worried about you.What happened ? Your boy is so great you all are doing what God had planned for you . To be the best parents you could be, It sounds like your right on.
    Yeah yeah yeah you are back.

  5. So good to see you back! Not that I’ve been checking your site every few hours, just in case you changed your mind, or anything like that…

  6. So glad you’re back. You were missed — my morning “blog routine” just wasn’t the same without you!

  7. so glad you’re back.

    you’re on the short list of daily reads in my favorites. (daily meaning whatever days I get to be on the computer each week)
    Sean is right of course, friends are a need.

    Mrs N

  8. Your comments are warning me of something, and I find at the bottom of this post that there are no less than FIVE VERBS that I can DO to your post–including kirtsy and stumble. πŸ™‚ I’m guessing those are wants and not needs?

    Love the way you are developing Sean’s reasoning and logic along with his common sense.

  9. Welcome back! I hereby proclaim myself to be an addict. I checked in to see if you had resurfaced every day since you’ve been gone. Sometimes twice.
    I’ve really missed your stories and the way you tell them.

    So glad you’re back!!

  10. Oh, Antique Mommy! I had heard that you’d packed it up and called it a day. Imagine my delight to open my Google Reader and see something from you! Happy, happy, joy, joy!

    That Sean….what a sweetie!

  11. What a relief! I was afraid you were gone forever! So glad that you’re back home where you belong!

  12. I’ve never been here before but judging from the comments lots of folks like ya. So maybe I’m here to stay.

    My ninth grade history class was taught by one of the coaches and the first thing we talked about were the seven basic needs of humans. Food, water, shelter, etc.

    One of the things was clothing, and I thought that was weird. Because do we really NEED clothing? I mean it IS possible that we could all turn nudist and run around without any clothes at all and still survive just fine. Especially if we all lived in a warm climate. (In North Dakota they probably DO need clothes.)

    But still, honestly, I think we need friends more.

  13. I have checked daily for you, and at last: here you are, safely back on my screen! I hope whatever it took to get the blog back up was not too painful for you. Thanks for the effort. We missed you!

  14. I was getting real worried about you and started asking around about you on other blogs. So glad that you are back. You are also on my short list.

    It’s awesome what you are teaching Sean and what he is teaching us.

  15. Welcome back. I’ve missed you very much. The comments looked odd to me, each one has a warning at the beginning. I hope that it is the only thing that has changed.

  16. I loved reading comments especially about the homemade carnival links. I too have been in a panic. Great to have you back.

  17. woo-hoo, you’re back!

    This is something we’re working on with our son, too. More from an angle of watching our own usage (since ours is only 2)–“I would like (or really like)” as opposed to “I need” for example–but I’m glad to hear that your sweet boy is right on track! Am I surprised? Not at all….

  18. Thank goodness you’re back! (Insert cowbells, horns and fireworks here) The days have not been the same at all without your pearls of wisdom, your gift of humor and your very real take on almost everything!! Thank you again for returning to us!!!!!

    And “way to think, Sean!” (But would we really expect anything less from a child raised by someone like you ;)What a lucky young man!

  19. I missed you. Pleased to see that Sean understands the real meaning of need. Have often smiled to myself as small child begging parent for something in shop, crys but I need it.

  20. Since we’re on the subject of friends and love and what’s important… I’m glad it is clearly and overwhelmingly expressed that we all consider you an amazing friend.

  21. Another one who missed you (and Sean’s special wisdom). And it looks like everything wasn’t lost, what a relief. Yay!

  22. I am so glad to see you back! I really missed you as I am hopelessly addicted to your blog. I was afraid I would need an intervention. Whew… =-)

  23. Isn’t it great that kids have such insight whereas we adults sometimes need a jolt to make us wake up and say “Yeah, that is the way it is.”

    He is really wise which probably reflects much of his upbringing.

  24. Food and friends. Yup, those are the biggies. Sean’s got it right. What gems will he produce when he starts writing? We can only wait with impatience. πŸ™‚

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