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Random Christmas Stuff About Me You Weren’t Really Itching To Know

I’ve never owned a Christmas sweater. I’ve always felt like maybe I should have one. On several occasions I’ve even carried one around the store.  But I just can’t seem to take the plunge.  Just seems like too big of a commitment.

As well, I’ve never owned a pair of Christmas earrings, little dangling bulbs or ornaments or whatever.  I guess I’m not all about festive after all.

The red turtleneck is my standard holiday party outfit.

I’ve always wanted some nice Christmas china but never wanted to spend the big bucks on it or spend a lifetime collecting it.  Since it’s unlikely that I would inherit or win a set in a raffle, about 10 years ago I bought four boxes of $20/box  Christmas “china” and I love it.  We use it all through December. It makes every meal of the season a little brighter and the best part? I worry not one bit about breaking it.


See how festive a reindeer pancake can look on cheap Christmas china – does that not just scream Joyeux Noel y’all? It does, you know it does.

The best thing I ever did was buy a 6ft pre-lit tree for $30 at Target for Sean when he was three. It’s his tree. He’s got a box of soft and unbreakable ornaments and he can decorate and undecorated it to his heart’s content all season long.  He can put all the ornaments on one branch and I will not twitch nor will I flinch.  He can even pull it over on himself and no harm done. This $30 tree has ratcheted down the freak out level around here substantially.

I hate wrapping gifts. I have not bought wrapping paper in 15 years.  I love the gift bag – the bag that keeps on giving gifts.  Economic, easy, re-useable and no tape.

However, I love ribbon and can’t seem to stop myself from buying it.

I took four years of piano lessons in my early 30s just so that I could play Christmas songs. I’m not very good, but I enjoy it immensely, even if no one else does.

I don’t like to sing, but I love to sing Christmas songs.  I enjoy it immensely, even if no one else does.

I do not like Christmas shopping.  Truthfully, I don’t like the gifts part of Christmas.  The only time gift giving is not awkward to me is when it is spontaneous and not reciprocal.

My favorite memory of Christmas from when I was a child was going to Midnight Mass with my Godparents and coming home to drink hot chocolate and eat pizelles.

Three things always on my Christmas list:  inexpensive earrings, a tree ornament, books (art/photography books, poetry, cookbooks are my favorites).

The first year we were married, I warned AD to never buy me anything for Christmas that plugs in. Over the years, my stance on appliances has changed. I wouldn’t mind having a power washer.

When I was about five, I got a red velvet dress and a white rabbit fur muff for Christmas.  I only remember one or two other Christmas gifts which confirms my theory that sweating over finding the perfect gift is a waste of energy. Chances are you don’t even remember what you got for Christmas by the next day, let alone the year before.

On December 26th, I will be itching to box it all up and get back to routine. On January 2nd AD and I will have our annual fight about when the boxing up should occur.  He will lobby for a day in March.  On January 3rd, he will concede.

Sean was due on Christmas day. He is by far the best gift of my entire life, because indeed, every good and perfect gift is from above.


* * * *

If you’ve made it this far, tell me some random holiday factoid about yourself.

96 thoughts on “Random Christmas Stuff About Me You Weren’t Really Itching To Know

  1. This is where I am forced to admit that I have four, no five pairs of Christmas earrings!!! whoops!! 😉

    * * *

    I’m not all Stacy London about Christmas sweaters or earrings! I’ve just never owned any for some reason. ~ AM

  2. I love setting the table for my mom for holiday dinners! Shhh don’t tell my mom though or she’ll make it do it EVERY night I’m home, not just the special holiday times!

  3. I don’t have a Christmas sweater either nor festive jewelery. Although I saw a woman a few years ago wearing the prettiest Christmas sweater I’ve ever seen – very tasteful, no red or green or poofy things sticking up off it, and I thought, if I ever find a sweater like that I’d buy and wear it.

    I used to collect Santas and they sit out all year across the top of four bookshelves. There are stuffed bear Santas and ceramic and handcarved wooden Santas. My husband has found all of these including one skinny Santa sitting in meditation, as I used to do yoga.

    And I’m with you on the putting stuff away. New Year’s Day is the day everything gets taken down.

    I agree with the perfect gift part – I regularly look at my son and husband and think, “I have everything I need”.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🙂

  4. I just bought my first Christmas sweater!!

    Now, I am not a Christmas sweater person, but I did have a Tacky Christmas Sweater potluck to attend, so I found a great one at the Goodwill. I’m saving it and all its 80’s boxy glory for next year though, since my mother-in-law lent me one of hers.

    This year, I had my tree up and some ornaments on it before I had Thanksgiving dinner.

  5. I will shop for you, wrap the gifts for you, and sing for you, but you take the prize for telling/writing a story. I cannot do that the way you can….
    I’ve had a few Christmas sweaters over the years…..and I never seem to be able to decorate the same way year after year….I just gotta tweak it. this year it is rather simple. Merry Christmas!

  6. I’m like you: I’ve never owned a Christmas sweater or earrings– however, when I was a teenager the rage was to have a Christmas brooch to wear on your coat. I had a new one every year, till somewhere along the line I lost interest.

    And in case you’re interested, we still don’t have any decorations up. Doing it tomorrow.

  7. That extra tree idea is FANTASTIC! Oh my. I may have to save a little money and buy a tree on sale for next year. My children would be in heaven.

  8. My favorite Christmas memory is of my grandfather, with a terrific bass voice, calling some young friends from church to be Santa Claus and make sure they went to bed on time. Two Christmases ago, his last before he started spending Christmas with the birthday honoree, I could think of NOTHING to get a wealthy, bedridden gentleman for Christmas — so I wrote about my favorite Christmas memory being my grandfather calling as Santa Claus. It was a hit.

    Also — I’m totally becoming a scrooge about decorations. They are a PAIN in the neck to get down from the attic, etc.

  9. My Christmas tree now (that my daughter is an adult) is a foot-tall pre-lit, pre-decorated tree which I’ve added to over the years. It’s table-size, the lights can be seen from outside, it gets put back in it’s bag as is and hung in the attic on December 26 or soon after. It’s a stress-free tree, and we like it!

  10. Great random facts.

    I love Christmas (can you tell from my daily Christmas blogathon?)

    I don’t have any festive clothes or jewelery but I love to buy some christmas-type kids for the clothes. The girls are past the velvet dress stage ( 🙁 ) but still love a red top of some description – preferably from Gap. So my son is the only one who really gets a proper Christmas outfit – usually a cute snow man or Santa jumper! Wonder how many more years he will tolerate that for?

  11. I have those same dishes! I love them too, and don’t think they look cheap at all.

    I’m not really the kind of person who can pull of “kitsch” so needless to say, I have no holiday attire or jewelry either.

  12. I agree about gifts. It’s always kind of awkward to have a mass exchange, but I love giving to people when they’re not expecting it! And I agree that hardly anyone remembers Christmas gifts from years past.

    As for your ribbon-buying fetish, I dare you to sew a bunch of ribbons to your Christmas turtleneck, thereby making IT your quintessential Christmas sweater.

  13. My holiday factoid is that when I was growing up, we always got a pizza and went to see a movie on Christmas Day. I have no clue how this tradition started, but I still want to do this each year.

  14. My Christmas factoid: When I was riding to Midnight Mass with my parents at the age of four or five, I “saw” Rudolph’s nose blinking in the distance. It was awesome.

    Now, I’m wondering how/when we will start taking our son (now 2 years old) to Midnight Mass. It is one of my very, very favorite parts of the Christmas celebration.

  15. 1. I used to have tons of Christmas sweaters and Christmas jewelry because I am a teacher and it is the law. Gradually, I have done away with all of it and watch, amused, as the young teachers don their finery each year.

    2. I LOVE to give presents and I LOVE to get presents so I am basically in heaven on Christmas morning. I make my family open one gift at a time and take turns so I can see them open each gift. However, I am extremely easy going about people returning a gift if they don’t like it and often tape the receipt inside the box so they can do so. I want them to be happy. And if I had to make a choice to give or receive – definitely give. I could totally do without gifts as long as I could give them plenty.

  16. I can’t stand Christmas sweaters. It has something to do with also not liking foo-foo coffee with hazelnut flavoring, etc. (If anyone besides you is actually reading this, and they are avid fans of Christmas sweaters, please do know that this is just a weird quirk of mine, and in no way do I presume to pronounce judgment on other fans of Christmas sweaters. To each her own sweater.)

    Holiday factoid: One of my students gave me a Christmas card today announcing that a donation had been made in my name to a local charity that helps out the less fortunate at Christmas time. I think this is one of the best Christmas presents I have ever gotten. 🙂

  17. My factoid/memory: Every year, for as long as I remember, my mother would put on the “12 Days of Christmas”, sung by the Muppets of course, to wake us up on Christmas morning. She would cue it up to the exact point where we could hear Miss Piggy sing “five golden rings” in the way only Miss Piggy can. If my mother is in the house on Christmas, that song will wake you up. I think I need to see if iTunes has it…. We may need to wake the house up that way this year.

    I think I’m going to get out my Christmas dishes and use them like you do. I’ve had them for probably 5 years and have not used them once. I don’t know what I’ve been waiting for…. Thanks for the idea! If they break, they break. At least they’re being used.

  18. The sweater! The sweater! We’re back to the itchy fitchy sweater! Hate them!

    I hate the gifts part too. I’d much rather get a gift on May 12th that’s a real surprise, from someone who is authentically giving me something that I actually might like. That list is small, I might add.

    Holiday! Holiday, Lisa! Keep to the point!

    Hubs and I always watch a movie on Christmas Eve. It used to be While You Were Sleeping, but our VCR broke and we’re not replacing it. Then it became You’ve Got Mail. One year, when the LOTR was all the rage, we watched that.

    Look at me, all “Christmas spirit.”

    Oh, and I don’t own any themed earrings either.

    S H O C K E R.

  19. If I had room to store them, I’d have Christmas dishes–and use them all season long. But I have two sets of dishes stored in the garage now because I have no room for them.

    Factoid: My daughter hung the moniker “Christmas Nazi” on me years ago, because I used to get so stressed out if no one else would help me decorate and because I’d always over-commit myself, but allows as how she might be removing it this year.

    I wish I’d thought of a separate tree for my daughter when she was little–it’s such a great idea!

  20. I am a first grade teacher. Therefore, I have a closet full of Christmas Clothes and a drawer full of Christmas earrings. Makes getting dressed very easy in December.

    Favorite gift: fushia stingray bicycle with butterfly handlebars and a banana seat (and a basket with flowers.) Ahhh. Magical gift.

    Dishes I make every year (that my mother-in-law made every year): iced brownies, Russian tea cakes and blintzes. (Common theme: butter.)

    My now grown son would always take Baby Jesus out of the Nativity sets and sleep with Him.

  21. A couple of factoids: For the first 17 years of our marriage (before our daughter was born) my husband and I hardly celebrated Christmas, eventually we bought a cheap, fake, Charlie Brown-type tree that we’d put up every once in a while. Then we accepted Christ into our lives and Christmas took on new meaning. We have a real tree now that our daughter loves and our cat enjoys attacking. When I was 6, I was sure I heard the bell’s on Santa’s sleigh. Then I realized it was the clock radio. 🙁 Last year, my daughter said she saw a reindeer shadow. We’re trying to do home-made gifts this year (and none of us are crafty — big old uh-oh)….

  22. My favorite memories from growing up:
    My sister and I used to sing a song about Barbie going down the stairs on the banister. My family always put greens and lights on that stair railing and somehow it turned into a song we made up.

    My favorite childhood gift was a 64 pack of Crayola crayons. Not the Roseart – those are terrible.

    My favorite adult gift was a trip to Yellowstone to go snowmobiling right after I got married. It was from my husband who said we needed a real honeymoon. We married in Vegas after his mom told him she “didn’t know if she and Dad would come” to our wedding.

    Although I grew up with the real thing, I bought a 3.5″ fake tree from Hobby Lobby with a gift certificate I earned while working there back in 1995. I am paranoid about fire in my house and living in the desert it seems so dumb to put a piece of tinder in my house, just ripe for lighting up.

    I don’t own a Christmas Sweater now, but have been given them in the past. I have a brown sweater-coat that I bought at the 2nd hand store a few years ago for $2.99 that I LOVE.

  23. My birthday is five days before Christmas and I have always hated having my birthday presents wrapped in Christmas paper. Petty, right?\

    Having hated having a birthday so close to Christmas, I vowed I would never have a child that close to Christmas. Joke’s on me. Jonathan was born on New Year’s Day.

  24. I’ve never gotten into the clothing\holiday thing seems odd to me. I despise shopping and refuse to fight all the crowds catalogs and online are the way to go.
    And this is off topic – but I’m so glad you’re back – thought for a week or so you were gone. Seem I’m kinda an AM too, first child at almost 27, second at 39, two losses followed, and today got news maybe another chance 8wks 5 days and so far all seems okay.
    Best wished to you and your family for a safe happy holiday season 🙂

  25. Overboard does not begin to explain Christmas at my house. It doesn’t help that we are the hub of Christmas for the whole family. Everyone drops off their gifts at my house in the few days before Christmas. The pile beneath my tree is obscene.

    However, I have no Christmas dishes. It always seemed frivolous to have dishes for one day a year. I never thought about using them all month. What a dork I am. Guess I’ll be checking out the after Christmas sales!

  26. I also, do not own a Christmas sweater! The temperature here in Alabama today was 75, so I think I’m in the market for a Christmas tank-top….or maybe just a red tank-top!

    I LOVE sending out Christmas cards! I spend hours looking for the “perfect” card to put that years “perfect” picture on!

  27. I love wrapping presents. My grandmother taught me how when I was a girl, and it reminds me of her. And I just like the process – hiding something away to be a surprise.

  28. Holiday factoid: I collect Nativity sets that traveling family and friends have brought me. They are: an Eskimo nativity from Alaska, a Mexican one from San Antonio, one from Brazil, one from Roatan, Honduras, one from Ecuador, one my grandma made, and one from my childhood that my mom made. The thought of someone in another country who made a beautiful symbol of Christ’s birth just touches me to the core. I would rather decorate my house with Nativity sets than Santa Claus.

  29. I’ve never had any Xmas earings or sweaters either. But I do have a pair of Xmas socks.

    My second son was due on 12/25, too. Today is his 6th birthday. How can that be?

  30. My holiday factoid: MIL and FIL had a vintage nativity set that the grandkids were allowed to play with if they were careful. One year the baby came up missing. The next seven years, the nativity was set up in its usual spot, minus the most important part. Various stand-ins were tried and rejected, and poor jokes were made that we must not have three wise men in the family as we couldn’t find Jesus. Finally one of the grands remembered she hid the baby because she didn’t want anyone else to play with it, and after dismantling a cold air register and reaching far down inside it, Jesus was returned to his rightful place! Seven years in lonely exile.

    I don’t mind a tasteful Christmas sweater, but I’m sorry-I cannot stand Santa hats.

  31. I finally discarded my Christmas sweater a year & a half ago when we moved. This year, my place of work (a high school) had a Christmas sweater day. I did not participate. Finally had a need for the sweater.

  32. My factoid:

    I like Christmas Eve better than Christmas. Growing up, we always made a plate of apples & oranges, and a plate with cheese, crackers, and summer sausage. Then, my dad would read the Christmas story from Luke, and we’d sing Christmas carols.

    The best part was making up meanings for everything. i.e. Ornaments make the tree beautiful, like the fruit of the spirit makes US beautiful. Etcetera.

    I enjoyed reading your factoids!

  33. It’s Christmas 24/7 at our house, I have relic clothes from my school employee days, we have Santa hats on all our car seat headrests, my posts are all carols this month, I have several sets of earrings, a bunch of socks, sheets, comforter…..ow, I have a problem, but I don’t have plates 😉 Factoids: I love Advent calendars and Nativity sets, believe in the magic of Santa and also wish that gifts were optional! Merry Christmas!

  34. My freshman year of high school my dad became ill with a brain anyrism (an your ism). I was 2nd oldest and the baby was 6 months (there were 7 of us). We didn’t expect Santa period. On Christmas Eve, the door bell rang and a huge box was on the door step containing lots of nice Christmas gifts for all of us! I’ll never forget it and my Aunt wrote a poem about ole Santa and his delivering woes.

    Yes, there is a Santa. Sometimes he has to be in the heart.

    Every Christmas Eve we attended Midnight Mass. In those days, Midnight was beautiful. Nowdays you have be there at 9pm or 7 for a seat and the Catholic Church no longer uses the beautiful latin or the beautiful High Mass. You either sign or you don’t.

    Lots change

  35. My dad always read the Christmas story from the Bible. I know that at least one year my sister and I acted it out; since she was taller, she let me be Mary. I appreciate so much that my dad is a Christian father and that my mother is also a wonderful Christian example. They and my sister are wonderful prayer warriors.

    I think the biggest waste of gift-giving is the “grab” exchange for adults. Honestly, I can see it for children, but where is the thought that counts in everybody bringing something so that one can “grab” a gift for herself? And bringing a $5 ornament to exchange? I think I’m going to discreetly not take one and not “grab” one tomorrow nite. I think a white elephant exchange (maybe with the trade-your-gift game) is a good way to go, esp for a church party.

  36. I call this my Christmas Compulsion. My husband can’t understand it, but has learned to just allow me my eccentricies.

    My trademark is the quirky stocking stuffer. I never put anything important in stockings. I love to put novelty items that have no real use and cost next to nothing in everyone’s stocking. For instance, this year my FIL got a Mr Potato Head Indiana Jones. He loves Indiana Jones and corny old jokes. Hence “Taters of the Lost Ark” It was on clearance at Target and as a bonus, it plays the Indiana Jones theme song. From the hat. He’ll love it, and I got a kick out of giving it to him.

  37. I love the “Joyeux Noel y’all!” By the way, that appears to be a boy reindeer? I’m not sure if it’s a random Christmas factoid, but my husband and I were discussing Christmas eve the other day, and how after the neighbor’s early party, we’ll come home, turn up the heat, and crank the Yankee Candle “wreath” scent plug in. Then we started laughing and laughing at ourselves – how trailer-trash of us! 😉

    Oh, another – about the only gift I recall from childhood, and my very favorite, was a BIG box full of finely shredded paper. Hidden in the paper were little treasures like glue, tape, child scissors, paper, packs of gum, etc. Inexpensive for my parents, and they made me SO happy!

  38. Our thing is this (and it has only morphed a bit from when I was a kid): We only open one present on christmas eve. It is always jammies. That was norrmal growing up. Now, they are always matching homemade jammies (ootoms anyway- I have gotten to where I just buy a matching t-shirt at hobby lobby;-)And don’t get too immpressed….I usually do not manage to finish them until 10 min before they are to be unwrapped….which is probably what my kids will remember. Me sequestered in my “sewing room” aka aunt christie’s bedroom, most of christmas eve;-).
    Merry Christmas!!

  39. A few years ago I bought some really fancy snowman dishes – at Walgreens – to use as my holiay dishes. I use them until mid March because that’s how long a snowman lasts here in Illinois.

    Since I became a mother (17 years ago) I have not cooked a big meal on Christmas because I want to spend that time with my kids and husband. Everything at our house is very simple on Christmas day so that we concentrate on being together and not on preparations. We’ve been known to order a pizza for Christmas lunch. This year we may try out the new Chinese buffet up the street.

  40. I have one Christmas sweater, given to me for Christmas by a friend 20 years ago. I also have a “Bluejean” Christmas shirt that I got at a church give away. I have a couple pair of earrings and pins, all given to me. And two pairs of socks, one given to me, one a garage sale find. (They were new, with tags still on them.) Last year was the first year for a “real” Christmas tree because of the granddaughter. I had been using a tree about a foot and a half tall that would sing when you clapped or made loud noises. Anyway, I do love the “reason” for the season.

  41. I like actual holidays. I do not like all the hype and prep required.

    We are Jewish, being Jewish in a mostly Christian country can sometimes be difficult. I love all of the music and decorations and how my street is all lit up by my wonderful neighbors. I wish they would all leave their lights up until March.

    I love the music on the radio and in the stores. I like Christmas Carols. I don’t like how there are still so many people who do not understand, and look at me like I am crazy and missing something when I say I don’t celebrate Christmas.
    I’m not–not crazy and not missing anything–really.

    I don’t like it when people think that
    Chanukah is the Jewish Christmas or that Chanukah is a major holiday. It’s not.

    I like it when Christians celebrate Christmas, and when Jews do not.

    Really, I do not feel like I or my children, are missing anything by not having Christmas. We have more holidays than we know what to do with. I could use a break from holidays.

    I got in trouble in third grade for telling kids that there was no Santa Claus. I really did not understand what I had done wrong.

    I tell my children that there may, in fact, be a Santa Claus. That while they can prove that Santa exists (and that for sure he will not be coming down the chimney in our Jewish home), they also cannot prove that he does not exist. They are 16 and 19 and I stand by my statement.

    My children never asked for Christmas or a tree or Christmas presents. My mother says neither I or my siblings did either.

    Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates!

  42. I love Christmas Ornaments but I hate the tree.

    I remember getting my bike when I was 5 – it was also the same year I dicscovered that there was no Santa. I also remember getting my Julia doll at 10. I cried the night before because I was afraid that I would nto get it. I also remember getting a water pick when I was 12 or 13. I loved that thing.

    My favorite gift is a Quick Trip gift card because my bother wants to be the guy that buys gifts from a convienence store. I love him for that!

  43. I had that same bible verse on my youngest sons birth announcements. I love it. Two things about me. 1) I love to look at Christmas ornaments. I could shop and never buy, I just like to look. 2)I love going to the candle light service at church on Christmas Eve. It warms my soul.

  44. I also would like to add, that I marvel at the faith that Mary must have had. She was 14 and pregant before she was married. Wow. Thisngs could have turned out much different. May we all have a nth of the faith that she had to of had.

  45. I refuse to listen to Christmas music until Thanksgiving is over. We have a bunch of Christmas traditions, and I’m always on sentimental overload. But you’re so right, it’s the good and perfect gifts from Him that matter most!

  46. That reindeer pancake is VERY IMPRESSIVE! I do person pancakes, but really they just come out like big blobs. (They still thrill The Offspring.)

    I turn off the radio at Thanksgiving and turn it back on after New Year’s Day: That song “grandma got run over by a reindeer” makes my cry.

    I celebrate Hanukah, not Christmas, and my supply of decorative Hanukah stuff is pretty limited. I got The Offspring some of those removable window stickers a couple of years ago, and this year he’s been asking where all the Hanukah decorations are out there in the city among all the Christmas stuff, so maybe I need to stock up a little more.

    Or, we’ll talk about how the Lorax doesn’t like material excess, and really the holiday is about peace and spirit and light, and not about stuff. Do you think that will go over?

  47. As a child my mom used to celebrate the holiday by making 20 dozen or so chocolate chip cookies and 15 lbs of fudge. I was of course was forbidded to touch any of it because it was set aside for Gifts. yes, Mom was a bit optimistic on a child’s typical human nature.

    As an adult, I wait till two weeks before xmas to put the tree up and then I wait until I’m good and fed up with picking up ornaments daily that the cats have knocked off or branches that have come loose.

  48. I MUST have a real tree. I do not decorate it – the kids and hubby do.

    I have red shaded oranment glasses.

    I love to wrap presents.

    I love to give presents.

    I’m not so keen on getting presents.

    I can’t wait to take down the decorations – it’s like a whole new house 🙂

    We brought Princess home from the hospital at 3:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve Day – it doesn’t get much better than that!

  49. Hmm… I’ve never owned a Christmas sweater or earrings either. But I remember having an Avon snowman broach (you opened the back and it had lip balm in it) when I was about 10. I dropped it in my glass of orange juice on Christmas morning, but I wiped it off and still used it.
    I have one Christmas plate that I use proudly, and 4 Christmas mugs that I use for all of December. At least I used to…they are still in storage in Mauritania, where they have been for a year and a half now. Sigh. Maybe next year I will get to use them again. In the meantime, this year I have a creche that my son made out of legos (Anakin is Mary. I have pictures on my blog). I love it, but I doubt he’ll let me keep it for next year.

  50. my youngest was due on Christmas day also, he was born Jan 5th though, which means we take the tree down before the new year usually.

    one year I got everything on my list.
    some ugly doll, a book (I think) and a PONY!!!!!

    any year you have to go outside to get your gift is a good one!

    Mrs N

  51. I am not a Christmas sweater person either. My husband’s family is riddled with folks that love not only the sweaters, but antlers, Santa hats, etc.

    One member had an elf costume she wore to Christmas dinner. It finally bit the dust when she decorated her front yard. The elf shoes split in two when she climbed a tree while hanging lights.

  52. When I was a young girl, my mom bought us those Chrissy dolls whose hair could be long or short via the twist of a knob in her back. For whatever reason, I was absolutely dying to know what was in that box and I carefully tore tiny little pieces on the back of my package until I could see what it was. Then I think I taped over it so it couldn’t be noticed. I promptly pretended to be surprised on Christmas morning.

  53. Christmas morning circa 1965: without lowering the side of my brothers crib, I was 8 and lifted him out of his crib – scraping his legs all the way – I couldn’t WAIT to get him out of bed. I HAD to see HIS face when HE saw what Santa brought him. Santa left him (unwrapped) a BUNCH of Tonka trucks. The kid went bonkers.
    I love my bro………

  54. All of the ornaments on my tree are angels. All kinds from all all over. Every where I travel, that is the one thing I look for as a souvenir. Just posted about all my ornaments yesterday. Come on over for a visit and see some photos of them.

    Merry Christmas!

  55. Congrats on keeping your decorations up into January. Mine always come down on the 26th even though they’ll still be up on Boo Mama’s.

  56. I don’t own a single Christmas sweater either, but I do own (and wear) Christmas sweatshirts. I currently have on my “Joe Claus” sweatshirt (Snoopy dressed up as Santa with sunglasses on).

    I usually love this time of year and love decorating but this year is tough (because of the no job thing). Haven’t gotten a tree yet. Really feeling bummed out.

    But my best Christmas present just turned 6 (he was due 12/26) and for him I will act happy.

  57. I still can’t sleep on Christmas Eve, but now it’s because I am so excited for my kids to wake up and find out that Santa came! By noon I am a cranky mess, but Christmas morning is my favorite thing in the world. I need to keep having babies so I’ll always have a “believer” in the house!

  58. While I think of something random about me, let me say this, I LOVE YOUR CHINA! Girl, I would love to get my hands on some o’ dat!!

    Okay, now the random factoid…
    I love wrapping gifts! I mean, in an obsessive kind of way! I may even take pictures of some of my packages and post them so I can share my joy with my online stalkers… or you know, just look at them any time I want throughout the year! If you can’t think of anything to do with all that ribbon you keep buying, I can just forward you my address. 🙂 And you know, just so it’s not awkward for you, I don’t even have to send a reciprocal gift. 😉

    Oh, and one other thing, I really hate sending Christmas cards. I like getting them, but hate sending them.

  59. One year I cut all of the tape on all of the presents for everyone while Momma was out of the house and didn’t get caught until Christmas Eve when it was really too late for her to be totally furious.

    I never believed in Santa Claus. . .I pretended, but never believed. When people would ask me what Santa was bringing me, I would say, “Candy,” because that is what the Santa outside of TG&Y gave me.

    And even though it’s been years, I can still remember the cold, damp chill of the air and the steam from the nearby papermill and the crackle of the cellophane wrapping and the polka dotted appearance of that piece of jelly nougat candy.

    I do not crave peppermints, but I LOVE Bob’s miniature candy canes at Christmas.

    My Granny made a refrigerated, no-bake fruit cake with candied fruit that I crave to this day even though no one in my family makes it anymore. It was a tradition that I loved.

  60. I love Christmas decor. I grew up in San Antonio where every year we would go to Joske’s to have our picture made with Santa. The photo wasn’t ever so great nor the sitting on his lap..but the journey through the store windows and the roped off path through animated characters and little scenes set the scene for Christmas.

  61. Can’t say I’ve ever owned a Christmas sweater and I don’t have pierced ears so no earrings. But I do have a couple of pairs of reindeer antlers.

  62. It would not feel like Christmas if I didn’t make several different kinds of cookies, it’s a family tradition. I’m really not into the gift thing either, it seems like the older I get and my kids get, the more true that becomes. It dosen’t feel like Christmas to me until we go to Christmas Eve Mass.

  63. One year we took down our tree a bit late. Easter. I’m not kidding. I am seriously wondering how we stayed married after that. Every weekend it would be on the list, and every weekend “he” would need to do something else. Finally, I took it down … and threw it AWAY! (Not the ornaments, just the tree.) The next year, we bought a pre-lit one … exactly the one I wanted. 🙂

    Cheers, Kiy

    * * * *

    Sounds exactly like something I would do. I have a list and things need to be checked off and on January 1, I want to cross Christmas tree off my list! AD has a list but it goes back to 1992. ~ AM

  64. I love that you took piano lessons as an adult for your own pleasure. I also do not own a Christmas sweater and never have. I was on the verge of buying a holiday shirt at Old Navy, but they did not have my size in the shirt I really liked. And now I am glad I did not buy one. I have snowflake earrings, that is as holiday as I get.

    I really don’t like secular Christmas songs like “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” and “Winter Wonderland” and things like that. My iPod is all hymns/carols about Jesus. I might have ten versions of “O Holy Night” on it.

    I love the Christmas tree for Sean too. You are one smart and awesome Mommy.

  65. Sorry, I love decorating for Christmas(but it must be packed away by New Year’s), all of the songs, and as other teachers have said I have had several Christmas sweaters and Christmas earrings. See what we do for your kids! :)They love them.

    It was 80 degrees here in Georgia today so Christmas tees are better for us. But I do have one Christmas sweater I love. It is blue with pink flamingos wearing Santa hats and strings of Christmas lights.

  66. I have never met a tacky pair of Christmas earrings that I wouldn’t love to wear. It’s a sickness. And I absolutely love the idea of Sean having his own tree. Why didn’t I think of this?

  67. We must be kindred spirits. We share the same feelings about sweaters, earrings and the standard red turtleneck/sweater.

    I cringe when someone says, “what do you want for Christmas?”. Or worse, when they put in a specific “order” for their child. Excepting my Mom and Dad, I would rather give someone something they never expected. All of that being said, I do understand fulfilling “needs” at times.

    I’ve given up control over where the ornaments hang. I opened the box and let the kids take over. The only person who will notice is my MIL.

    I love the sound of jingle bells. At the middle school band concert last night, they were shaking a big jingle bell block and one of my 6-year-olds said “how do they make it sound like snow?” She was talking about the bells, and she’s right. They do sound like falling snow.

    I love, love, love winter snow storms. I love the excitement of the “rush” in the grocery store where everyone is buying stuck-in-the-house-for-a-week supplies. I love the anticipation and the hub-bub about how many inches we’ll get and watching for school closings.

    I’ve always wanted to open a big wrapped box and find a golden retriever puppy inside…..just like a commercial.

    I don’t very much enjoy the aftermath of Christmas. So much hype and then it’s over.

    Some year I want to go away for Christmas to a cabin in the mountains. Maybe when the kids are old enough to ski.

    Have a very Merry Christmas AM.

  68. I’m not entirely sure if I’ve ever had a Christmas sweater, but I have to admit I’m a reformed owner of an obscene number of Christmas socks. My collection was recently whittled down to my two favorite pair when we bought the first new dresser set since we got married 13 years ago. Had I not divested myself of most of the collection I would have needed a drawer for just those stupid socks.

    I have a really cheap and very loved pair of shiny green Christmas bell dangle earrings. When I was working I used to wear them every year…to work…on Christmas Eve…with a pair of Christmas socks with their own jingles on them…everyone HATED me for it…and I LOVED it. I told my staff “at least once a year you know when I’m coming”

  69. My favorite random Christmas factoid is that I also have a Christmas baby boy (Dec 16)..indeed the greatest gift ever. And I don’t own a Christmas sweater either.

  70. I have to sing the 12 days of Christmas on the way home from the tree lot.

    I start decorating the day after Thanksgiving and love it all. On December 26 I cannot put it away fast enough.

    Best Christmas gift ever: My son born December 30.

  71. I love the big tree for sean. I have a little
    3 footer in each of the kids rooms.

    My little girl turned 2 on the 14th and my
    Son turns 5 Christmas eve.

    I have Christmas earrings and a Christmas
    Long sleeve tee.

    I have Christmas dishes that I will me pulling
    Out when I hit “send”.

    I love christmas carols and baking and all the

    I love how houses are all lit up, we
    Take the long way home at night to look
    At the decorations.

    I love the 5 o’clock family mass on Christmas
    Eve and this year my son and other pre-k
    Children will sing at the end of mass

    I feel extra blessed and thankful this time
    Of year.

    Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate christmas!

  72. I’m adding another comment. No doubt about it, next to the original Gift of Jesus, Sean is the absolutely best present you’ll ever get. He is adorable- both then and now.

  73. Our last baby, or should I say “most recent”? Oh, heck! Our #7 was due on Christmas Day. She was born on Pearl Harbor Day. Just turned one. Yes, a good and perfect gift!

  74. I am not a fan of the Christmas tree. Having a tree in my living room with a bunch of stuff hanging on it does not appeal to me at all. My husband puts it up and every year I let the kids decorate to their hearts’ content. I do not care at all how it looks This time of year tends to make me feel overwhelmed and depressed rather than peaceful and full of joy. I don’t know why. Wish I could snap out of it!

  75. I have posted not all, but nearly all my Christmas trivia on my blog this year. If you have any time, ha ha ha, ho ho ho, come by and sit a spell.

    I love your blogskin. Is it something you found or original to you and you alone? It’s a real beautiful and easy to read design.

    Love and Merry Christmas


  77. This year – rather than gift bags – $.99 reuseable grocery bags!! An extra little gift to the reciever and a great big one to the environment!

  78. I still can’t sleep on Christmas Eve. I love Christmas morning. My sister and I used to get up at 3:30 or 4 in the morning, and play games in her room until our parents FINALLY let us get up at 7 or so and go downstairs and see the presents.

    This year will be totally different- Christmas at the inlaws, after 21 Christmases with my parents. I think it will still be super fun.

  79. Just found your site today and have laughed and cried my way through-well if it wasn’t vacation, and if I wasn’t sick on the couch,-way too much Antique Mommyness for one day! I am cutting myself off for today but will return tomorrow! Thank you for sharing yourself!

  80. I used to have my own Christmas tree and I really enjoyed it. I don’t know why I’ve never thought to do that for my own children.

    Christmas factoid – my sister gets me soap, bubble bath, or lotion for EVERY holiday. It bugs me because that’s the kind of stuff I get people from work. Makes me think she’s try to tell me something…

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