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Gray Day


This is a Christmas ornament that for some reason is hanging in my dining room window.  Other than cropping, this photo is right out of the box – it’s been just that still and colorless around here the past few days.


And now, thanks to Picasa, it’s an icy day!


And now? It’s a sunny day! Much better. Improve your attitude with Picasa.

15 thoughts on “Gray Day

  1. I use Picasa mostly for storing and organizing pictures and love it, but I don’t play around with the special features of it for changing pictures. What did you do to these pictures? The lighting or something else? They’re great!

    * * *

    I used the graduated tint feature. Lots of fun to play with. On a gray day. ~ AM

  2. It has beautiful colors embedded in it.

    Went to bed in an ice storm and lucky me I woke up to 53 degree weather. Just no tornadoes please! Son is further North by 100 miles and have no power and ice over 1/4 inch. We can’t grip.

  3. Either your not completely well yet or I’m ill. I get first an new post then an old post then the new post.

    Check out Et TU’s 12 days of Christmas! It is fabulous! You don’t want to miss this!

  4. Hubs always tweaks his photos to the point where I say to him, “That doesn’t look like the original.” And he replies, “That’s not the point. I’m CREATING ART, not just posting pictures.”

    Hmph. He’s like that.

  5. I like the original picture best. I love the way it’s all gray, with jut a touch of color in the bottom of the prism.

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