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We All Have Our Own Gifts

I have the most awesome husband on the planet. He amazes me with the things he knows how to do, that I don’t know how to do. Like make money.  Money making is not my gift. Spending it is.

Dude has a computer in his head where he can take any situation and put it on a mental spread sheet and calculate detailed plans with predictive outcomes along with mapping algorithms, sequencing strategies and data convergence points.  I don’t know what that means.  Sometimes I hear him say those words on the phone, so I just made up a nonsensical sentence. Another gift of mine. That doesn’t make money.

Sometimes I look at him with awe and I say to him, “Dude, you impress me. I could never do what you do.”

But I comfort myself with the fact that at least I can mentally calculate that I will need a towel when I get out of the shower.

We all have our own gifts.

30 thoughts on “We All Have Our Own Gifts

  1. Touche, AM. Methinks you’re on to something. My husband also has a computer in his head. He can build things with no blue prints. . .he builds them in his head, then takes them apart in his head to see where any problems are, then adjusts and puts them back together in his head all before he puts anything on paper.

    But I can come up with several solutions for any situation at a moment’s notice. Or I used to be able to do that until we moved. I seem to have left my brain at the old house.

  2. As an engineer I know my husband can be detail orientated… but some times being that focused can get in the way of seeing the whole picture.

    He’s been traveling a lot recently and just yesterday when I asked him about something – he said that I was his brain at home and I could figure it out… LOL.

    I do appreciate the fact that he works hard enough to allow me to stay home now and not have to also work to make ends meet. Makes me be a bit more frugal just to make sure this continues.

  3. Just wait until Sean comes home from school and he and his AD talk about such things that are way over your head…..and you’ll want to ask him how’s he’s eating, who his friends are, does he like his dorm room/apt…etc. I remember my son coming home and hearing talk of differential equations, egads……so, son, how’s your friend Sam? 😉

  4. Don’t you love how God puts us together with the one whose gifts complement ours? My B and I are crazy opposites, but without his giftings I think our home would implode.

  5. Yes – taking a towel into the bathroom for your shower is a valuable life skill, as is placing the new toilet paper roll on the spindle and remembering which day you are supposed to get the recycling out. In fact, I deserve a graduate degree in life skills, if I could just find someplace that was handing those out.

  6. Ah, you are obviously married to an engineer. We have this dynamic in my house too. Dude can build complicated electronic machines that perform functions I can’t even begin to comprehend, yet when our Peanut was littler he used to routinely put her shoes on the wrong feet.

  7. He sounds a lot like my husband. What I love most about him is that he is everything I am not!!!! He is good at so many things that I just have no clue how to do. One example is school projects that require building something. He has always helped the kids with those things, because I can’t make anything that is even slightly recognizable.

  8. My husband is a smarty pants like this, too. He can read a file (with interruptions) and remember all dates and occurrences, situate them in his head and go to trial in a snap. A task that would take me weeks to prepare for, he does on the fly.
    Yet, he tells me “that’s why I married you” when I tell him where he laid his keys and wallet. I know I’m needed most when he begins a sentence with “Have you seen my…..?”.
    What would they do without us?

  9. Yep, if there is no towel does the clothing go on wet? My husband is an Engineer, (modifications of nuclear power plants.) Life is interesting around here! My title Domestic Engineer.

  10. I can totally relate. I thought I was pretty smart until I met my husband. He is hands down the smartest person I know. About the only time I can speak more knowledgeably than him on anything is when we have a discussion on American History (my major). Or sewing. Otherwise I am constantly in awe of the depth and breadth of his brain.

    But I too, am the only person in our house who find things right in front my face!

  11. This is why God gave us marriage. The two of us become greater than the sum of either of us individually. I tell my wife all the time how amazing she is, with her organizational skills, planning ability and ease at seeing right through the plots and schemes of teenagers. Me, I can fix stuff and am not afraid of spiders. Much.

  12. I think you may be on to something with that comment you left…

    I have a calendar in my head. My husband… can’t remember to tell me what he’s doing that afternoon! Ay!

    But he can cook with no recipes and I’m dead without specific instructions!

  13. I know a guy who flies 737s for a living, but still forgets to get a towel before getting in the shower. Scary, huh?

  14. So I’m just reading along thinking you’re going to say something wonderful about your husband when *bam* he suddenly becomes just like every other husband. Too funny! Thanks for the laugh,

  15. HAHAHAHA! So true. I mentioned this to a friend of mine yesterday…this strange disease our husbands have…that it can take them 5 minutes to find a pair of slippers sitting on the floor right in front of them, that no matter how many times we’ve shown them where that pan or that pitcher go, they can’t remember. But the very next morning they go off to work and program complex software. Weirdos.

  16. My brother and I are very alike, and our spouses are the brains in the family – especially with technical issues. We also have a nonsensical explanation we use whenever one of them is doing something complicated with a computer. It goes something like “(S)he’s defragging the mega-gig mainframe on the hard drive”… Makes sense to us 🙂

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