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Warning: Pointless and unrelated drivel ensues.

It’s Friday, y’all. Good gravy, another week of life down the drain. How does that happen so quickly? I am positive that when I was in Sister Luke’s 5th grade class, that one day time actually stood still.  During long division class time did not advance one minute for three solid hours.  It’s documented somewhere in the annals of St. Cabrini history.

Speaking of St. Cabrini, I am reminded of this:  Back in the summer of 2004 (which seems like it should be last year), my 8th grade class got together for a class reunion and we toured the school, all eight rooms. Sadly that school closed recently (moment of silence).

Anyway, still hanging in the hallway since 1966 when I was in 1st grade, was a big picture of Jesus (you know the one) with a portrait of John F. Kennedy to the left and a portrait of The Pope on the right.   Just as it will be in heaven.  I don’t know why I bring this up, but it made me laugh then as it does now just thinking of it.  The message in that arrangement is not very subtle, even for a 1st grader.

Moving on…

There was mostly good stuff this week.

We had several spring-like days this week. It was in the 80s here, so that was lovely and a very nice reprieve from our so-called winter.  Sean and I got out and went “scootering” as he calls it. It is entirely too much fun to jog  behind him as he hot rods around the neighborhood on that little red Radio Flyer scooter. At five, he’s so happy and delighted with every aspect of life and unburdened with woes of any kind.  To witness that kind of unfiltered joy kind of makes up for the fact that my den looks like the Lego factory exploded in it.

Which brings me to pointless point number two, or is it three? I’ve lost track:

Old Coffee Table:  Time, Newsweek, Architectural Digest, Art in America, Venetian blown glass object d’arte, cocktails and appetizers.

New Coffee Table:  Ranger Rick, Highlights, Lego sculpture, 2-day-old sippy cup of milk, half eaten Ritz cracker and a small pair of dirty socks.

Wednesday I was honored to speak to an amazing group of young moms and chat with them about seeking joy on this astonishingly beautiful, difficult, precious, absurd journey that is motherhood.  I went to offer encouragement but I believe that I left with more than I brought.  I get to speak to another group of moms this coming week on the same topic and I’m very much looking forward to it.

Monday, I’ve got a super awesome give away from the people, some spending money with them, just in time for Valentine’s Day.  So you might want to go there and snoop around and see what you might like to have.  Check back in on Monday to see what hoops I’m going to make you jump through for that.  I love it when in the interest of winning something, y’all reveal something of yourselves to me because you guys are fascinating and always make me laugh.

And finally, I will leave you with this story, a rare golden moment in parenting when I think I got it right. And all because I kept my mouth shut.

Yesterday, my friend Shelly invited Sean over after school to play with her little boy Max.  When I picked Sean up, he and Max were having a great time playing outside with the garden hose and he had obviously had a very good time.

On the way home, he mentioned that Max has all kinds of cool stuff.

“He’s got a really big play room with lots and lots of really big toys,” he said with a tinge of envy in his voice, “And he also has a big swing set with a fort. And a swimming pool. Max has everything.”

Sidebar: Yet, they were outside playing with the garden hose and some plastic cups.

I had my speech all ready to go, you know the one:  There will always be people who have more than you, but there will always be a lot more people who have a whole lot less than you. I would remind him of how blessed he is and of how much he has for which to be thankful. I might even go so far as to tell him that some children don’t even have enough to eat.  Although the last time I used that line, he said they should just get their mom to go to the store.

But I didn’t. I didn’t say those things. I just kept my mouth shut and waited and watched his face in the rear view mirror.

“But, you know what?” he finally said, “I’ve got a lot of toys too. I’m lucky.”

Sometimes the truth is taught and other times it is discovered.

When we got to a stop light, I turned around and told him that he was an awesome little boy and I was so glad that I got to be his mom.

And if that was the only good thing that had happened all week, it would have been enough.

Have a great weekend y’all.

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  1. Awww…don’t you love it when they really get it?

    You got spring like weather (as did my husband, who has been in Texas all week) while I got seven inches of snow. And a driveway to shovel because it doesn’t get full sun. Where’s spring when you need/want it?

  2. isn’t it nice to know they are listening sometimes?

    we have the big playroom (cause we don’t need a living room at this point in our lives) and lots of toys (quite a few of which are hand-me-downs) and I’ve noticed too that the toys that are played w/most always seem to be my tupperware cups. Go figure.

  3. Mine is almost there. I was in my favorite store, sighing about wishing I could just buy everything in the store, when she threw my own words back at me “Well, you know, you can’t just buy everything you see!”

  4. I am hoping to meet you on Wed. at your speaking engagement. I was upstairs last Wed. doing Bible study with the group (the leaders – not the whole group) that will be with you this coming week. And trust me, I really wanted to ditch these women that I dearly love to go hear what you had to say! Fortunately this week (when I have the group you spoke to last week), I have a special guest who has already been informed that I WILL be leaving the group for a bit to hear the speaker.

    I heard so many wonderful comments about your talk. I even had a woman come up to me at lunch at Jason’s Deli to tell me how much she enjoyed my talk that day. I had to explain to her that I was not you, nor could I ever be – though I’d like to have your gift of writing. Apparently, I was dressed in similar attire. But trust me, she was very excited about what you said!

    Of course, now when you see me, you’ll gasp and say, “OMGosh – I totally don’t look like that woman! Puhleese!”

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Can’t wait for Monday! I got a new camera! Nothing fancy.

    You made me feel OLD! In 1966, I graduated from High School! At the ripe old age of 17!

    Rewards from our children are wondrful!

  6. Not pointless, not drivel, though I’ll take unrelated. My favorite part: new coffee table. Oddly enough, we have that same coffee table in our house, except we call it the dining room table. I’m going to remember the part about keeping the mouth shut and try to do that a little more often. As always, thanks for your wisdom and your wit.

  7. Yes, Ma’am, I think you got it right! There’s another moment of joy to pack away!

    PS Would you please send some of that warm air to Ohio?? We finally got to 45 degrees today, for the first time in over two weeks!

    Well, I would have to send you our fire ants too — an unpleasant bi-product of having very few hard freezes. I know what you mean though, I grew up in the midwest and the long gray winters did a number on my mental health. ~AM.

  8. Re: the photos of the “holy” men…

    We recently went to IA to visit my relatives, and stayed, as we always do with my Aunt and Uncle in their modern pop-up 1.5 story home. A picture of Jesus (one that their minister gave to them over 50 years ago on their wedding day) is hanging in “our room”.

    This last visit, my 10 y.o. dtr wondered who was in that picture.

    I thought my hubby and I would die giggling.

    The beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed man in the gown–well DUH. Jesus right?

    Except in our church, there aren’t pictures of Him.

    Funny what our iconic images are…

  9. What a blessing!!!

    I am sure that your heart did a dance and that you must still be beaming. Keep up the great job that you do!

  10. Just a thought that you might take a photo of your coffee table on a typical day now. It will change over the years.

  11. You know, I know I’m supposed to leave with the takeaway about how Sean is awesome, wise and your dream come true, but all I can say is “80s! You’re in the 80’s? I need to move to Texas…”

    (Okay, I’m remembering that “here will always be people who have better weather than you, but there will always be a lot more people who have it much colder than you. “

  12. I am so glad I am not the only one with 2 day old sippy cups and half eaten crackers…thank you for posting that…it makes me feel slightly less inept.

  13. Thank you for all that misc 😉 My Jack says Jesus, Santa and Daddy live inside his heart, which doesn’t make me laugh quite as hard as those pix, but it makes my heart happier! Great job with the lessons, btw, those are the golden moments of momming for me, too. Happy week!

  14. There are not many blogs that I read on a regular basis just because I enjoy them (and not because I know the blogger). Yours is one of those blogs that I keep going back to. I love the way you write, your thoughts, and your humor.
    Just wanted you to know:)

    Thank you so much for those kind words Maria. You have made my day. ~ AM

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