Just In Time For Valentines Day

So then, the other day I was chatting with the friendly folks at American Greetings PhotoWorks and I mentioned to them that you all like free stuff.

And they said, “Oh really?  Because sometimes we like to give away free stuff.”  And then I said, “Oh really?  Like how much?” And then they said, “Well, how about $50 of free stuff?” And then I said, “That would be great, because as it turns out, my readers like free $50 stuff.”  I drive a hard bargain.

I think most you are familiar with American Greetings – cards and stationary and thank you notes and that kind of stuff.  As some of you may know, I am a fanatic about thank you notes. I think the well written thank you note is what separates humans from the lesser species; the ones that cannot hold an ink pen or lick a stamp.  Which is to say, I love stationary, especially thank you notes and especially these.

If you would like to win $50 of spending money with PhotoWorks, leave a comment telling me the name of your first boyfriend/girlfriend and some fun factoid about that romance.

I’ll go first.

My first boyfriend was in kindergarten, back in 1965, and his name was Jeremiah (still is).  He was the 8th of nine children and his family lived around the corner from my parents (they still do).  Jeremiah and I went all the way through 13 years of school together, starting with kindergarten.  However, after kindergarten, we decided that we should see other people but have always remained friends. I can’t say that about one other boyfriend.

Jeremiah went on to become a scientist while I remain fascinated with shiny objects.  Jeremiah, somewhat of an antique daddy himself, lives in that really big city in the mid-west with his lovely wife and two boys and sometimes reads this blog (Hi Jer!)

As always, I’ll use to choose a winner later this week.

Your turn!


Y’all are so funny and fascinating!  I lovelovelove your stories! I can’t quit reading them, which is bad because I’m really supposed to be working on a pressing matter.

177 thoughts on “Just In Time For Valentines Day

  1. My first boyfriend was a guy named Jason. Our first date was January 14th, 2001 when we watched the MN Vikings lose a playoff game to the Giants, 41 – 0. My team may have lost that day but I was the big winner, as he is now my husband. (And his birthday is Valentine’s day.)

  2. Billy Cook. Second grade, Trumann Primary School. Alas, our romance was short lived. I found out we were second cousins and he already had a habit he wouldn’t quit even an intervention. He loved eating boogers more than he loved me.

  3. Ryan, probably sixth grade. He gave me a necklace that I hid under my shirt every time we went to the library. My mom worked in the library and for some unknown reason, I felt she could not find out about our romance … the ironic thing is that she would have been fine with it and probably knew anyway!

  4. Tim. All though High School. Late bloomer in the love department.
    Tall – handsome – buck teeth (I thought they were cute) – had a car with the big fins. Oh, it was such sweet love.
    Thanks goodness only kissed in that car with big fins and so I can still look back and think how ‘sweet’ it was.

  5. Jose- 4th grade. i don’t really remember ever talking to him. we just smiled at each other all the time (like the whole ride on the bus to our field trip …this is when the relationship was obviously very serious). it ended shortly after the field trip because it was summer vacation. since we never really talked, there was no breakup, just a lot less smiling.
    interestingly enough we were on homecoming court together in highschool. by then i wasn’t interested anymore

  6. Hmmm… first boyfriend, huh? I don’t really remember the kiddie boyfriends, but my first real boyfriend was named Brian. We mostly spent time together at youth group. In between those days we talked on the phone a lot and wrote each other notes every day. Then on Sunday or Wednesday, we would exchange our notes. We broke up after about 4 months. We’re still friends. But, I’m really glad that I found my hubby instead!

  7. Jason was my first “real” boyfriend. We went out for about 6 months in 9th grade. A week or so after we broke up over another girl of course. I decided to take out all of my penned up anger on him by beating him up side the head with my Spanish book. For the life of me I could not stop hitting him. I was like a demon possessed. I guess it didn’t hurt it him too bad…he lived to tell about it.
    We actually remained pretty good friends through the rest of high school and even tried to re kindle our relationship right after high school but it didn’t work out. Which was really a good thing in the long run.

  8. His name was David. He is 6 days older than I am and put sand in my hair when we were toddlers. We moved and I haven’t heard from him in years. Been married someone else for 43 years. Do wonder what happened to him though.

  9. AM, I love your blog and your comments on the comments!

    My first boyfriend was Mike. I’m not sure how that happened, really, as he, ultimately, liked my best friend, and his best friend liked me. Since we were in the 5th grade and “going together” meant ignoring each other at all times, I never asked him. One day after we turned in our crossing guard signs, I told him that I’d heard that he didn’t want to go with me anymore because I had glasses, so I had to break up with him. A sad loss….

    I don’t actually know what happened to him; only that he was a really good guy (and didn’t end up with my best friend either).

    I’d love to win, but I wonder if your first comment doesn’t need it more! Good thing you don’t have to choose!

  10. He was Bas, and we got together because we shared a birthday. What a feeble reason (he was very good looking, and fun, too).

    We recently got in touch via our college which was chasing up “lost” alumni. I told him that I’d thought of him on my 40th birthday, he replied “ditto” (very Patrick Swayze).

  11. His name was Peter, it was fourth grade,the year was 1964, he had red hair and glasses and for some reason i was head over heels for him.He looked just like a red headed version of the kid from A Christmas Story.

  12. Thomas. We were in gradeschool for years until he moved in 4th grade. When I found out he was moving, I got over my secret crush and decided to tell him I loved him and not to go with his family, but somehow I got all turned around and ended biting him on his butt.

    I don’t know to this day how that happened.

    Yeah, I can’t even imagine how that happened either but I would have liked to have seen it. ~ AM

  13. Ohmygoodness! My first official boyfriend was a guy named Mike Ringler. He was a senior and I was a freshman, but he was UGLY. A seriously butt-ugly redhead with bad skin. And he was in the 4H program at school – a farmer! Not great in the personality department either, but he was a senior and he was a great kisser!

    Gosh, now I want to go look him up over at Classmates and see if his looks have improved any.

  14. Mine was David…I was 4 or 5. One time his family got a new appliance that came in a huge box and we made a fort out of it in his garage. I was crushed when my parents wouldn’t allow me to spend the night in the box with him!

  15. i didn’t have an official boyfriend until my husband (though i dated other guys), but since that’s boring, i’ll tell you about one of my first major crushes.

    matt and i were the sixth grade “flag people.” every day, we got to raise and lower the school flag together — and who can’t build a relationship on that?! as it turned out, i started a fad in our small sixth grade class: every girl had a crush on matt at some point that year, so i was the envy of all of them. we built a lot of memories (like the time we put the american flag on upside down) and raced through the rain many afternoons to keep our beloved flag from getting wet. we even had our picture taken together for the school yearbook.

  16. I hope to post my story later… but I want to share now on friends with any past boyfriends. My high school boyfriend is still one of my best friends, and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. I love his wife to death, too. 🙂

  17. Oh, this is too much fun.

    My first boyfriend was in the 7th grade, and I can see his face, but for the life of me I can’t remember his name. I think it was Christian. He was tall and blond and I thought very handsome.

    One day he brought me a beautiful pair of emerald-cut diamond earrings, which I accepted, thinking they were cubic zirconium or rhinestones. Turns out he’d “borrowed” his mother’s 1-carat diamond studs and made a gift of them to me.

    Luckily, my mom saw the earrings and insisted I give them back. I would never have accepted them if I had known. Our relationship ended soon after my gift return.

  18. I think my first boyfriend was in 7th grade. It was a deep relationship that consisted mostly of phone calls and notes passed in class.

    I think we broke up before he was ever obliged to give me any gifts. His family was from Rochester, NY, and I cannot think of Rochester without thinking of him, even though I never met them nor ever have been there.

  19. My first boyfriend was Greg. He was a Mormon… I was not. Needless to say it didn’t last long at all.

  20. My first boyfriend was Trevor, my senior year of high school. I figured that since he was a nice christian boy and I’m a Lutheran, things would work out. Not so much – he wanted sex, I didn’t (I don’t like being touched and, y’know, am Lutheran), and when I refused he dumped me because I was ‘pulling him away from God’.
    Then he went and told all of our friends that I’d been dumped because I was clingy (see the ‘don’t like being touched’). It was not a very pleasant experience and I was quite glad to go to college in the fall and leave him behind.

  21. My first boyfriend’s name was Brian. He was also my first kiss. And the first time he kissed me, I was chewing not one but TWO pieces of Super Bubble green apple bubble gum. I didn’t know what to do, so I swallowed it.

    My second boyfriend was named Tony, and I married him.

  22. Well, I met a boy at church who also happened to go to my HS. He was a senior. I was a little freshman. I told my parents that he had asked me out on a date. I never thought they would let me go when I said “I have a date with a senior…who can drive.” It turned out that they knew his parents! So they said, “Oh we know his parents and they are way more strict than us! You can go.” I almost fell over! We went on 3 dates. He was my first kiss, but I wasn’t ready to date. Nothing big, except for the fact that 15 years later we met again in NYC and I married him a year later!

  23. My first boyfriend’s name was Randy. We were in 3rd grade, and I knew that I had the best boyfriend because he pushed me in the swing every single recess! He pushed me very high, and then would run underneath to prove how daring he was! He was just the coolest! 🙂

    Love it! The imagery in that sweet little word sketch makes me smile. ~ AM

  24. My first boyfriend was Jimmy Darling – I wore his I.D. bracelet in 5th grade. He lived next door to my best friend. In sixth grade we kissed at the movies.

  25. First grade.
    Keith Otness. (Why do still call them by first AND last names after all these years?)
    Valentine’s Day classroom party.
    He gave me the Ballerina card. And Kathy R. the Spaceman card.
    I still have it.
    Bet Kathy R. didn’t save the Spaceman.

  26. My first boyfriend is my husband. A fun fact about us is that we were set up on a blind date by a mutual acquaintance because I had a date with another guy the next night. We went out, had a great time, and then I went out with another guy the next night. Thank goodness the second date was a complete and miserable failure!! It wasn’t hard to choose!

  27. Fifth grade…His name was Tim and he bought me a bag of chips everyday, for the week we were a couple. That’s about all I remember. Kinda sad.

  28. My first boyfriend was Clay. He was one of those guys that parents of daughters pray for. His only flaw was that he was too uptight. I was more of a free spirit. We parted ways after about 6 months.

  29. My first boyfriend was Gary. We went to a small country church, and were “married”
    in a mock ceremony at the age of 4 as part of the program at a mother-daughter tea. My first kiss from Gary was behind the church outhouse-romantic, huh?

    We went steady again in 6th grade, and briefly in high school, but could never re-capture our first love.

  30. I’ve had plenty of boyfriends. The first one that was actually aware that he was part of my life was Dave. (Everyone needs a dave.)
    Dave was 6 ft 4. I’m not quite 5 ft 2. We were nicknamed the long and short of it and I pretty much need a stool to kiss him. If we had stayed together we would have kept a chiropractor in business working out all our kinks from trying to make eye contact.

  31. My first boyfriend was Kent. Our parents were missionaries together in Brazil and we were born 2 weeks apart, so we were destined. He asked me to marry him in 2nd grade, and sealed the deal with a pair of sunglasses. We couldn’t handle the long-distance, long-term commitment, so our relationship faded and now might not even recognize each other. All I know of him is what I read in my parents’ Christmas letters from his folks.

  32. My first boyfriend in high school was named Tom,and he planned to be a dentist. His brilliant idea was to charge for dentistry using a sliding scale…the more offensive the patient’s breath, the higher he would charge for the office call.

    I don’t know what became of him.

  33. I don’t care if I win or not because I’ve already had so many laughs reading all of these comments! Between the green apple superbubble gum and the monchichi and the butt-biting, for pete’s sake! I am just SO glad I clicked on AM’s blog tonight 🙂

    Mine was Richard Rosengren in kindergarten, and since his initials were RR and mine were SS it was destined, you see? However my best friend Robin decided that since her first initial was R, Richard had to be HER boyfriend too. It was as sordid a love triangle as you’ve ever seen, with fighting in the sandbox and such… this went on for a year.

    However, in 1st grade when our class did a play about “all the children of the world” and he dressed in a toga (my mom forever described him as looking like a big roll of toilet paper!!!) – that was it for me. I let Robin have him.

    And now please excuse me while I go chat with Robin on facebook and ask if she knows what ever happened to our poor Mr. Charmin…

  34. My first real boyfriend was Art. We met on New Years Eve when I was 17 years old. He worked at a ski resort and I got stranded there on New Years Eve when my train was frozen over in another state. I did a lot of skiing that year. We broke up a year and 1/2 later and eventually I married my 2nd boyfriend. We’ve been married for almost 33 years now.

  35. Wow! Lots of great early romances documented here. What a great idea!

    My first boyfriend was David. I was in preschool and I liked to brag to people that he drooled all the way down to his toes. Yes, I was odd then and now. He invited me to his birthday party and I ended up being the only girl there. As a result, my party favor was an orange My Little Pony that I cherished for years to come. Until my mom got rid of it.

  36. My first boyfriend was Timmy. He sat ahead of my in 4th grade. I told someone I like him and they told him and he quit liking me. Sigh.


  37. Colby – in kindergarten. He was not very tall for his age but he was sooo cute. And he had those silver braces – also cute! I have no idea what ever happened to him – hope he is doing well.

  38. oh the first one i remember that the feelings were returned would be Brian H. We were in seventh grade and he lived down the street from my grandma. i spent spring break at her house and met him at the bus every single day….i think we kissed a whole twice, but we did write each other letters and i saved my dimes to call him from the pizza place on sunday nights after church….(i think a three minute long distance call was like 2.75 at the time)

  39. I was in 6th grade. My friends told me Steve L liked me and wanted to “go together”. First of all, I had no idea what “go together” meant and I had no idea who Steve L was. (We where in different classes). During lunch that day, all my fiends and I stood on one side of the cafeteria pointing and giggling in his direction, while he and all his friends stood on the other side of the cafeteria pointing and giggling at us. He was a cute little redhead, but I was so shy, I knew I would never get up the nerve to talk to him, so I was sure it would never work out.
    A couple of my friends said “Oh… he’s so cute! If you don’t want to go with him, I will.” Well, gosh darn! He must be some catch if my friends want to “go with” him, so I decided right then and there that I had better “go with” him, since I was the one he wanted. So now I had a boyfriend. I was soooo cool.

    Apparently, “going together” when you live in a Small Town, OR consists of standing on one side of the cafeteria or recess area with your group of friends giggling and pointing at the group of boys on the other side of the cafeteria or recess area, but never actually speaking to each other.

    Our entire relationship lasted a couple of weeks (it may have been shorter or it may have been longer… time is really irrelevant when your in 6th grade and in love.) He finally broke my heart when I found out he wanted to “go with” someone else, and the giggling and pointing started up with another group of girls.

    We actually met each other and spoke for the first time in 8th grade and became very good friends in high school. I will always remember him as my first true love. 😉

  40. My first boyfriend was Brian Robert Becker. We dated for three month in our junior year of high school. Dating Brian began the trend of always dating a boy with Robert somewhere in his name, i.e. Robertson.

    My most wonderful husband is not a Robert of any kind so I guess I figured out why all those relationships didn’t work out.:)

  41. I don’t think I’ve commented here before.

    My first boyfriends name was Jacob (like yours, still is lol). We were 1 (him) and 2 (me) when we “dated” (play dates). We were friends for years since he lived next door and we spent countless summers together.

    Once, My grandma who was supposed to be watching us ran across the street to the store, and being so young (maybe 5 and 6) and curious, we showed each other our “pee pee’s.” The funny thing is is I can still remember that as if it were yesterday. The whole “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” and the disapointment that it wasn’t I don’t know, cooler like I’d anticipated.

    First of a long line of disapointing pee pees.

  42. Andy. I was friends with his sister and in 7th grade he decided I was cute. I really didn’t like him but the peer pressure said I had to have a boyfriend. It lasted a week. A week of pure hell for me. He would call, my brother and his friends would tease me to death. I finally broke it off after a night of listening to “Teri has a boyfriend! Do you kiss him? Do you want to marry him?” from my brother.
    I have a boyfriend now, other than my hubby. He’s 7 months old and gives the best drippy kisses down my cheek. He just makes my heart go thumpity-thump with every toothless smile. I don’t want to marry him but I sure do like being his mama.

  43. My first boyfriend was Christopher Smith. We were in Kindergarten together and his big sister Shauna was my babysitter. We lived within walking distance, and when we had a playdate (though they were not called that back in those days), we always played house and he was the Dad and I was the Mom and he came home from work, kissed me on the cheek and said, “Honey, I’m home!”. We then pretended to eat, and then laid side by side on his twin bed, not touching, and went to “sleep”. He had big glasses and a chili-bowl haircut.

  44. I was way too enamored of myself to have a boyfriend as early as kindergarten. I believe it was around 5th grade I became aware of Joey. I can remember trying to get to the playground early to see if he was there. We were such innocents… he would pull my hair and chase me.
    I think 5th graders today are so mcuh more sophisticated. Too bad for them!
    Childhood is wonderful. Enter me in the give-away please!

  45. I am an extreme introvert. My first boyfriend was when I was in college. He was Chinese and his name was Danny. My siblings liked him, but my grandmother, racist that she was, would not acknowledge him. He was a great guy.

  46. My first boyfriend was named Mike Johnson. He asked me to “go with” him in the seventh grade. I said yes. We held hands at football games and sat together on the bus. One day he wrote me a note to ask if he could kiss me on the bus on the way home from school. I didn’t answer him because I thought it was very unromantic to ask me first. I just wanted him to do it. We were both really nervous on the bus that afternoon. AS we jostled about, he commented, “These roads, they ain’t too good.” His kissed me right before my busstop and I held my mouth closed until I got off the bus. Then I promptly spit. I did not like my first kiss. I broke up with Mike the next day.

    Such drama.

    When my husband (who has heard this story numerous times) wants to tease me, he just says, “These roads, they ain’t too good.”


  47. When I was three, Benji and I said we were going to get married. Our parents often traded babysitting, and my mom still has a picture of us kissing (um, trying to kiss. We were 3!). When we were four and playing together at church, he said that he didn’t want to marry me any more. I was crushed for a few minutes, but then decided I still wanted to play with him.

    The first guy I called a “boyfriend” was Jim. We had met in university, but now I was in Africa on a two-year term and he was getting his M.A. in California. I cringed every time I said the word “boyfriend” because I thought it sounded flippant. He flew out to Africa to propose… I was so happy when I could say “fiance” (and then “husband”) instead! Three years later, we are still enjoying the fact that we get to see each other face to face. 🙂

  48. My first “boyfriend” was in 3rd grade. His name was Bret. We played on the playground at recess and bought each other “gifts” in our class store. For whatever reason, this got us in trouble with the teacher.

  49. My first boyfriend lived nextdoor. We were four when we met. Endless hours of play led to romance, my mother tells me we would hide under For a while he was my best friend and my boyfriend. We promised to marry each other when we were ‘grown up’, marrying your best friend is always a good choice. When I was about seven he and his family moved away. Our families stayed in touch and had occasional visits, but we never married. He died of accidental drowning in his late teens.
    I still smile when I think of him. I would’ve married Danny Ross.

  50. For Halloween the whole class was invited to another classmates home. There was a boy I played with often, blond hair, blue eyes and dimples *SWOON* I can’t, for the life of me remember what I was dressed as, but I certainly remember him. He was Raggedy Andy, painted red cheeks and all. I was completely smitten. That week as we struggled to build the highest wooden block edifice in history I leaned in and kissed him right on the lips! That was the extent of our torrid affair, but I remember it like it was yesterday!

  51. My first boyfriend’s name was Dave. To be honest, I can’t for the life of me, remember his last name. It was a short lived, uneventful relationship which I have almost completely forgotten. Isn’t that bad? I think it’s because it ended and I immediately started dating someone who I then dated for 5 years, from the age of 14 to 19. Now that relationship I remember. But it all worked out in the end when after both of those, I met my darling hubby.

  52. I think I’ll cheat & tell about my son’s first girlfriend instead since I walk in the ranks of low-lifes that seldom write anything thing on real paper. The story, while not prize-worthy, is entertaining, and I can’t resist.

    They both were 2 years old, both first- borns of intense stay-home mothers who engaged their children in every corner of life possible. They played together nearly every day and were best of friends. They talked, laughed, and enjoyed life together.

    He had a personality that begged for predictability in life. She had a personality that refused to conform to anything common or usual or expected.
    One day I overheard this conversation from the back seat of the car:

    “Catherine, will you be the mother of my children?”

    “No.” Very matter-of-fact.

    He was hurt, baffled, confused, and upset beyond words. His whole world and life plans had just been upended. He said nothing, even to me, and he talked to me about everything. But a full two weeks later, I overheard my 2 yr old son clearing the air:

    “Catherine, I’ve decided that if you won’t marry me, I’ll marry Emily!”
    And the matter was settled and never spoken of again.

    Our families moved far away from each other when they were 4 yrs old. But somehow they have remained friends to this day at age 22.

    He got married last summer…to a girl named Jenny. Catherine made the 2,000+ mile trip to be there.

    And he has learned life can’t alway be pre-planned, and that sometimes that’s a really great thing!

  53. My first boyfriend was Greg. He was our associate pastor’s son. We went to different schools, so the only time we saw each other was at church on Sunday’s. I met him through his sister. I can’t even remember her name, it’s been 35+ years ago. Truth be known, it was his older brother Mike that I really had the crush on. We were both in 4th grade and I think Mike was an older man (7th grader).

  54. Wow- I had a ‘boyfriend’ named Ian in 4th grade- we played on the playground together. But when we ‘broke up’, he poked holes in the eyes of the school picture I gave him, ending our relationship for good.

  55. I am not sure how old we were, I am guessing 5 or so. I don’t remember his name, but i remember his smile, skinny face, dark hair and freckles all over his face. I was camping with my family and he became enamored of me (what’s not to love). He would spend all day at our campsite wooing me. He gave me my first kiss, on the back of my hand in front of my parents. i was mortified!! we were both broken hearted when he had to leave to go home and i thought of him for years after…

    ps- love the blog!!

  56. Ahhh, I have to say that my earliest boyfriend was Scott and he was quite a 4th grade dream … and my earliest valentine’s memory is that he made me this WONDERFUL, elaborate homemade card (I still have it in a bin somewhere in the darkness of my attic) and all was going well until I accidentally dropped a note he wrote me on the schoolground. And, well, Chris V. found it … and, that embarrased Scott. And he decided he didn’t want to be my little 4th grade Valentine anymore. All because I dropped a note. Tragedy my friends! Tragedy.

  57. My first boyfriend was Bruce in the 3rd grade. Dark hair and dark eyes. He made all the girls swoon. He was obsessed with snowmobiles. One day he presented me with a perfect drawing of a snowmobile and signed it “Love, Bruce.” I graciously acknowledged the gift by punching him in the arm. I still have the drawing 40 years later!

    Thanks for the drawing!

  58. My first bf was far too young to be a boyfriend, as I was far too young to be a girlfriend at the time, too. I wish I had waited longer to go down that road. Thankfully after that ended, I acquired some sense, and my now-husband was the next and only interest I had after that point. 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  59. My first boyfriend was Cary Bohn. We got married every single day by the most popular minister on our block (aka my mom). My annoying big brother was always the not so impressed congregation. I walked down the aisle in a red suit my mom made me to the song, “Mirror, Mirror” by Evie. I still have my very first love note written on a kitten card (which I am sure is an American Greeting sort). Cary moved away and he wrote about how he had a dream about me.
    Never saw him again UNTIL after we moved to the DFW area and I was running the mile at a track meet (9th grade). And who did I see? Mr. Cary Bohn himself. How on earth we figured it out is beyond me.
    No, I have no idea where he is now!

  60. When I was in fourth grade I played football with the neighbor boy, Lonnie. For some crazy reason he gave me a ring and we said we were going steady. For a few days anyway. Then I saw him jumping rope with with a another girl and I got mad and threw his ring at him. The whole thing sure messed up playing football.

  61. I am told, that my first boyfriend, apparently as far as I was concerned, was a family friend and my father’s accountant named Harris Grey. I was two at the time. When he came by to visit I would get all my costume jewelry on and really try to impress him. Of course, I have never lived this down.

  62. OK. Technically, he was never my boyfriend, but I was desperately in love (if a 3rd grader can be that) because he was just SUCH A NICE GUY. (And we ‘got married’ on the bus once, although I can’t remember the details. I’m sure it was more my fantasy than his b/c now that I’m a mom of boys, I KNOW that 8-yr. old boys DO NOT fantasize about weddings in the same way that 8-yr. old girls do.) His name was Matthew. Oh, I loved that boy! Funny that he grew up and named his first daughter Emma. (What do we think about that, guys?)

  63. My first “real” boyfriend was named Chipper. And I’m not kidding. I’m from Texas. What can I say. Anyway, Chipper and I met in the third grade, and he sent decided that he liked me enough to send me the most gorgeous rainbow pin, necklace, earrings, and tiny box for Christmas.

  64. Johnny was my boyfriend in first grade. He was adorable and very very quiet. He grinned alot with freckled face. In fact, no matter where he was, there was a halo glowing around his head as the Texas sun hit the top of his red head.

    We had a perfect relationship.

    He became my boyfriend because he gave me a note that said: “I like you. Do you like me? Check yes or no”.

    I checked YES and wrote back: “I like you. Do you like me? Check yes or no.”

    He checked yes.

    He was too shy to talk to me. I was too shy to talk to him. A perfect relationship, don’t you think?

  65. My first boyfriend was Jesse… the relationship was cemented by his willingness to push me on the swings.

    When Valentine’s Day came around, he tried to give me a present and I kept running away. I’m still weird.

  66. My first boyfriend was Brian. We were in third grade. The relationship was without fault until he commited the cardinal sin of elementary school love. He wouldn’t let me be the goalie in our neighborhood game of soccer in my backyard. He said that boys are way better goalies than girls, and then he was toast.

  67. My first boyfriend was Ricky, in 6th grade. We had matching flannel shirts. Our biggest event was when he held my hand while we roller skated! On Valentine’s Day, he gave me a teddy bear (probably from last summer’s fair)in a lovely flowered box. I still have that box, and use it for keepsakes.

  68. I believe my first boyfriend was Ralph, in maybe 1st grade. He asked me to Dairy Queen for an ice cream. Being the liberated woman I am, even 35 years ago, I insisted on paying for my own.

    Not sure whatever happened to old Ralph. Probably he found a girl who would let him purchase things for her.

  69. My first “boyfriend” was in elementary school and was named David. He would break up with me every day in the lunch line and then ask me to be his girlfriend again at recess. LOL

  70. 7th grade… Greg… he was my first kiss and I thought it was so disgusting that I came home and brushed my teeth 4 times! I have no idea where he is today, not unlike all the rest of my boyfriends… except for the 1 I married!

  71. Well, I’m a REALLY late bloomer, because my first boyfriend wasn’t until summer after I graduated high school! I was 18, and he was 21 and a Marine. We were together maybe 10-12 months. He was deployed elsewhere, and we didn’t make an effort to keep in touch. Fast forward 7 years later, I was married with a baby, and he called me at work! He said he’d never had a girlfriend since me because he’d never found anyone as special…. and he just wanted me to know that. Isn’t that sweet?

  72. I don’t want to tell you about my first boyfriend but about my first “love.” Poor guy didn’t like me as more than a friend, but I thought he was perfect. This was 9th-10th grade. He was a missionary kid and moved to Ecuador, which completely devastated me for about a year.

    A couple of years later I was engaged to another guy, who broke it off halfway through our 3-year engagement. Then I met and married my wonderful husband. But I still wonder what might have been and even dream of C. sometimes…

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