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Why I Could Never Be First Lady

As I was writing the post about America’s First Ladies, I thought a lot about the various tasks and duties associated with the position.  I tried to imagine what kind of First Lady I would be.

I think I would do well at being the White House hostess and entertaining foreign dignitaries. I know how to throw a party and make people feel welcome in my home. I would enjoy the public speaking part and traveling as a goodwill ambassador on behalf of my husband.  I could handle “other duties as assigned” and wouldn’t even mind doing it all as an unpaid volunteer.

But I could never be First Lady. And the reason is because I bite back.  When all the world is heaping criticism upon her spouse, the First Lady has to smile politely and say nothing.

The first time someone criticized my husband or God forbid my child, I would fire off a snotty response that would singe their eyebrows.

I would use up all my official First Lady stationary in the first month writing notes of apology.

Hostessing skills I have.  Self-restraint? Not so much.


22 thoughts on “Why I Could Never Be First Lady

  1. No wonder I’ll never be first lady either. Although I doubt I have your dazzling hostess and conversing skills either. So I’m pretty much sunk. But it’s all good. Hubby has no aspirations for the Oval Office. And that’s a very good thing.

  2. I got to meet First Lady Laura Bush and that was exactly what I thought. She is a woman who conducted herself with dignity and grace in the face of horrific treatment of her husband. (Not trying to be political–just realistic.) She is adored by her husband and for good reason. One of the things that impressed me most was when he said that the last 8 years has been a “joyous experience” for both of them, which he attributed to a work of God through the prayers of the righteous.

  3. Yeah, I wouldn’t be a very good First Lady either. In my case, people would probably assume me to be a Hilary with oval office aspirations of my own (even though I’m pretty good at letting DH lead the things he’s responsible for with just passing involvement from me). Your post reminded me though that in some churches the pastor’s wife is called “First Lady” and it’s a term of respect as much as it is a job designation. I first heard the term when DH was a seminary student and I almost puked to think that his career choice would come with an assigned role for me. I wouldn’t be good at that for some of the same reasons you mentioned. Thankfully life hasn’t gone quite that way.

    Best wishes to Michelle in her new job. She’s facing no competition from me! (Nor is our pastor’s wife for that matter!)

  4. It is fun to imagine what kinds of letters past First Ladies would have fired off if they could have gotten away with it!

  5. Neat picture.

    Photo from, text added at Photobucket, but you could add text with Picasa or Photoshop or any other photo editing software.

  6. I’ve always said that I would have to botox my entire face into a permanently pleasant expression if I had a spouse that went into politics. Otherwise I wouldn’t even need words to express my opinion.

    Ha ha! That imagery made me laugh! ~AM

  7. I know – I always wondered how Laura Bush stayed so nice the whole time her husband was president. My face would have been a permanent scowl.

  8. My husband is an elected official and yes, I smile outwardly at some of the things I hear and see. I can be a pit bull, though, and can be outspoken (privately, of course), and protective.

  9. I just want a wife! Someone to wait on me hand and foot. Not even when I had my hands done (carpal thingy) did I have someone wait on me. Oh well. I’m doing well just my guys are guys!

    Yes, 1st ladies must get ulcers! I do admire Laura Bush but Mischelle still has to prove herself. I just hope she doesn’t try to eminate Jackie. I’d rather she found and did her own thing even if I disliked it. It is America!

  10. Luckily, I never have to worry about being first lady. I’m pretty sure anybody who ever read my blog would vote against my husband purely because of me.

  11. I could never do it either. I have yet to figure out why anyone would want to be president or first lady. No matter what you do or who you are there will be a lot of criticism levied towards you and your family.

  12. It’s funny.
    I think Keri is right, in a small way a pastor’s wife has to do the same thing. The more public one’s husband’s position is, the more he is criticized and the less one is able to do anything about it.

    My hubby was a pastor for 8 years before the career change and I cleaned and weeded a lot. Not out of any domestic type need but to get some of my aggression out.
    If I did say what I was thinking I have a feeling it may have made things worse for him.

    Apparently pastor’s wives are not supposed to call people buttheads in public. Or so my husband kept reminding me.

    Now in his new job no one really cares what I say, but then, no one really criticizes him publicly either.

    On a side note, your post made me think of something I heard a comdian say one time.
    You never see t-shirts saying “future prime minister of Canada.” Quite frankly, we all hope for better for our kids.
    Too true.

  13. Nope. I couldn’t do it, either!
    Holding my toungue is not one of my strongest attributes.

    Side note: Isn’t the spelling of “toungue” strange? I notice words and the way they are spelled now, more than ever, since I see the way my 6, 7 and 8 year old kids spell things the way they sound. Sorry…I got off track. Another thing that probably isn’t allowed if you are First Lady.

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