Reruns and Leftovers

Boundary Issues

Antique Daddy was out of town one day last week. He works from home, so the three of us are together a lot. A lot. Of togetherness. All  together. At one time. In one place. Often. So, on those rare occasions when he’s out of town, I miss him and all that, yada yada yada, but it’s also kind of nice for Sean and I to do our own free-form, free-spirited thing as that’s the kind of people Sean and I are – two zany Bohemians. Anyway, back to the subject at hand (which I haven’t…

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Parenting Gone Awry

And Then I Bought Myself A Rubber Snake

Before I could put the car in park, he was unbuckling his seat belt. We were at Sonic where he is allowed to climb into the front seat with me and eat his burger.   If it’s nice, I open the sunroof and it’s our own version of a picnic.  We’ve been picnicking at Sonic since he was two and it’s kind of our thing that we do together, a time when we talk. Going to Sonic with Sean is special for me because I went there every Tuesday for lunch when I was pregnant.  I hosted…

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Always Real, Photography & Photoshop

The Artist’s Way

The other day I needed Sean to be occupied in such a way that did not involve me pretending to be on a boat using Hot Wheels tracks to row said boat, so I gave him one of my old digital cameras and sent him off on a photo safari. In keeping with the true nature of any artist, the first thing he did was turn the camera on himself. After he masters the art of self fascination using a camera, I shall get him his own blog.

Photography & Photoshop

Hug Someone Real Tight Today

Here’s another picture I found in my mother-in-law’s box of old family photos.  According to the back, it was taken in May of 1944. Everything about this picture — the black and white composition, the shady, tree-lined street, the little girl cradling her big cat — speaks to a long gone innocence that is appealing to me. What the picture doesn’t reveal is that just across the ocean, World War II was excellerating and Europe was going up in flames.

Antique Junk Drawer

Unfinished Business

In 1982, a woman I worked with named Jackie introduced me to art of cross stitching.  I watched her work on her cross stitch projects during our lunch hour,  how her fingers tenderly and precisely poked the needle through the fabric and how she gently teased the thread through to the other side and then started again. It was rhythmic the way she worked that needle and almost hypnotizing to watch.  She said she found it relaxing and it was easy to see why.  She inspired me to want to make beautiful cross stitched things too.…

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Money, Thinkin' Out Loud

Let Goliath Fall

I was listening to a popular financial radio show the other day and a caller asked the question that people like me have been thinking:  Why do we “have” to bail out the automakers?  Why couldn’t we just let GM fail?  Two of the reasons the talk show host cited was because it would damage the US economy too much and because no parts could be made for existing cars. First of all. What?  The economy is already a gaping bleeding wound, so what’s the point of putting a zillion dollar band-aid on it only to…

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Family Stories, Memaw

The Tupperware Lady

I sat at my mother-in-law’s dining room table and looked through a box of her old photographs. Each picture, a tiny serving of frozen time.  Smiling faces peer out of a black and white world,  telling stories of the past and explaining something of the present. At the bottom of the box I find a large brown envelope. Inside is a photograph of my mother-in-law. She is young, tall and thin, pretty. She is standing on a stage with her husband and two other official looking people in some sort of ceremony. In a manner slightly…

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Photography & Photoshop

Family Photos

Every once in a while I’ll get an email asking me why I never post a picture of AD. Well here ya’ go.  He’s the one in the center with the sour look on his face. The past few days I have been in Tuna celebrating Aunt Jean’s birthday and hanging out with AD’s people. While I was there I took about 800 pictures.  I love living in the age of digital photography and having the freedom to take as many pictures as I want. About 500 of the pictures I took were actually pictures of…

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Aunt Jean

Awesome Dudette and Birthday Girl

Today is my Aunt Jean’s birthday. She is 91. This is a picture of her that I stole off my mother-in-law’s desk.  Actually I didn’t steal it. I asked her if I could have it as I was putting it my purse. Along with some stamps and a brand new tube of lip gloss.  She sighed and said something like, “I suppose” which I took to mean “Yes, please, I want you to have those things.” This is a government worker ID mug shot of some sort which I think was taken  around 1937.   It had…

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