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Spring has sprung in these parts, so Sean and I were out and about today to see what we could see.  Within walking distance of our house we saw cows, chickens, horses, various and assorted dogs, turtles, ducks and all kinds of beautiful blooming things coming back to life.   I may post a photo diary of our little expedition later in the week.

This is your run of the mill dandelion. I photographed it at close range, cropped it even closer and then played with the liquify feature in Photoshop to mix and marbleize the background.   On top of that I used some free Photoshop brushes to add the little sparkles around the perimeter.

Super simple and tremendous fun.

23 thoughts on “Just Dandy

  1. Envy is rearing it’s ugly head! Here in Bend, OR, we have had blustery snow and hail today, and it’s supposed to be 14 degrees tonight, and not be above freezing till Tuesday, when it may hit 40 degrees. We are still a ways from spring, and I am SO READY for it! In spite of my envy, I am glad you got to enjoy a wonderful spring day with Sean!

    * * * *
    I will envy you in a few months when everything here is burnt to a crisp and we can’t go outside because it’s 102. Our daffodils are already spent – winter is short here but so is spring. I love Oregon.

  2. What a delightful post in the midst of such sobering times…especially in light of today’s ceremony by the Administration at 11 a.m. Thank you for a reason to smile. God’s love shows in His creation.

  3. I want Photoshop. Sigh.

    Love the dandelion – It makes me want to blow and watch the seeds float off. Though I guess I’d have to make a wish first.

    * * *
    I feel like I’m cheating on my blog with Photoshop because I love it so and I want to be with it more than the blog lately. ~AM

  4. That photo is magical. I love it!

    It’s getting harder for me to see a dandelion without thinking about what they’re doing to my front lawn, though.

    * * * *
    That’s how you know you’re getting old Tom – when you make a dandelion wish, it’s that they’d go away. ~AM

  5. That’s a beautiful picture, but I’m still gobsmacked that you have DANDELIONS. I have several feet of snow! Stupid confusing nature.

  6. Can’t wait to see the photos! The boys picked every dadelions in the yard this week end. I loved watching them blow on them and then watching them fly into the air. Their laugh was the best part!

  7. Spring has sprung in Illinois. We had tornadoic winds yesterday. I sent emails out last night to check on people and all were fine.
    Flowers are popping through the ground. Things are greening up.
    Nice dandaline!

  8. You are a total whiz with both your camera and photoshop! BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Can’t wait to see you in Dallas soon. I’ll be connecting with you via e-mail with our flight info and other details, shmetails.

  9. Now, that is gorgeous! Does Sean like puzzles? You can load this on and let him loose…of course, you might also have some fun with it 😉

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