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Photo Walk

Sean and I set off for a walk the other day, and this is a photo diary of what we saw along the way.


Just beyond our back yard is a walking path and a parcel of undeveloped property where a few of the trees are beginning to bloom.


Little boyfriend races big boyfriend to the cow pasture that lies just beyond the neighborhood.


Cows in the distance.


Cow up close.


The biggest dog on the block.   This picture was taken through a crack in the fence.


This is what we saw through a bigger crack in the fence.  Biggie gets a workout on the trampoline.


The prissiest dog on the block.


The friendliest dog on the block.


On to see the chickens!


Oh hey, a cricket. How rare and unusual.


No one here but us chickens.


The prettiest chicken on the block.


A tiny troll under the bridge.


More rare and unusual wild life.  Ducks




Some dirt that needs pokin’


On the way home.


A good day for a walk.

39 thoughts on “Photo Walk

  1. I love that Sean is wearing a hat. My 7 year old took to wearing a hat when he was about 4 and can usually be found with one on his head. He has quite the collection now. He wears it slightly crooked on his head, it’s like his trademark or something!

  2. I’m feeling jealous of the weather where you live. Today it was -19 C. here in Fernie, British Columbia. I’m wishing I was there and able to go on spring walks to view flowers in bloom.

  3. A great “field trip”……and has certainly been the weather for it this week.
    Hold on to your jackets, it’s fixing to change here in Texas.

  4. Oh, how wonderful! Our snow has melted and spring is just around the corner here, so now I’m inspired, too! Sean looks so grown up :sigh: My guys are also hat fiends, and there’s just something so ‘boy’ about it :wub: Happy Spring! Thanx for sharing the great photos!

  5. Impressive series of piX, AM! What a delight to join your family for a walk ~ thanX. Looks to me like you’ve mastered your camera beautifully.

    It’s c-c-cooold here with snow flurries and icey wind. The piXies and I are anXious for spring weather to arrive (and stick around).

  6. My favorite caption:
    “Some dirt that needs pokin’.”

    Ain’t that the way with little boys! 🙂 I love them!

    It looks like y’all had a fantastic walk. *happy sigh* WELCOME Spring!

  7. I love the pictures. It looks like you had a wonderful time together.

    I think that I should bring my camera along next time the boy and I go for a stroll.

  8. How totally fun. We’ve done a few of those walks in our old neighborhood. Hoping this one will be good when things start blooming or growing or something. No livestock living around here, though. Just dogs and cats and things like that.

  9. I can just feel the we’ll get there when we get there pace of the walk. Great shots. Even of the rare and unusual cricket and the dirt which needed pokin.

  10. Wow! Beautiful weather you’re having! We are supposed to get 4″ of snow tomorrow. I’m trying to look on the bright side–Anja loves it when I scoop a bunch of clean snow onto a tray and bring it in for her to play with.

  11. And such lovely sidewalks to walk with a young child on! Around here are a bunch of twisty narrow roads, no sidewalks, that drivers feel compelled to go at least 50 mph on. If I want any nice walks with my kid, I have to drive to some forest. Where it’s muddy or snowy right now, but she doesn’t mind. She finds lots of gooshy stuff “that needs stompin’ ” 😉

  12. wow! a teeshirt? shorts?

    we’re still in winter boots and longjohns here. In fact, the weather man is calling for a winter snow storm to start after lunch….

    shorts….must be nice


  13. Oh, it was a very nice weekend here too. Granddaughter and I were outside almost all day Saturday and Sunday. But as one of the other commenters said, hold on to your coats, it is going to be in the 30’s later this week. Grrrr.

  14. I cannot thank you enough AM for those wonderful Spring pics. Up here in Northern Ontario, Canada we are preparing for yet another winter storm. Those wonderful images will help me get through the rest of this horrible winter.

    Take care and enjoy the weather.


  15. I loved the walk. I want to live in your neighborhood. Or just be you.
    I absolutely adore the dog-through-crack-in-fence shot. The ears kill me!

  16. Ok, we all were wearing shorts and playing golf yesterday in the 70 degree weather. Today, overcast and there is sleet hitting my windows! Only in Arkansas!

  17. OH my gosh, you take such good pictures AND looks like you live in a really beautiful area.
    I really need a better camera and my 40th birthday is coming up. 🙂 Do you mind me asking what you use?

  18. What an adorable little boy Sean is. It is nice to see it is Spring somewhere out there. Today at the school bus stop it was minus 4 degrees with a 20 below wind chill. Sigh. My little guy (age 6) wants to roller blade!!!

  19. I love the ‘Dirt that needs pokin’ I miss my little nephews. The youngest is turning 13 this year. No more babies. No more snips and snails and puppy dog tails. Thanks for share Sean’s boyhood.

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