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This is a photo I took last spring that I messed around with in Photoshop this morning. I added the raindrops and then blurred the edges a little bit for a dreamy effect. I also did the little butterfly in the upper left sidebar in Photoshop. I am designating that space as my own little art gallery which I will change out periodically as I am inspired to do.

16 thoughts on “Rain

  1. People like you amaze me… you scare me a bit too, but that’s an entirely different comment. :o)

    I love that you continue to find ways to manipulate your creative nature that God laced though your soul. You use it well.

  2. Love the photo – and I was admiring the butterfly earlier…cool to know it was you that did it! Wish I was so talented…

  3. I just told my hubby I wanted PhotoShop for my birthday. Is it terribly complicated? you think I can use it???? You know I am just a simple girl! šŸ™‚


  4. Absolutely perfect! I love it. It is a picture to be treasured. I noticed the sidebar was changed yesterday and I love it. It has a very lacey effect or is it affect?

    What Joy the picture has and personifies in Sean.

  5. Every time I visit here and see one of these pictures, I want to go buy Photoshop. Maybe you can convince Michael’s Mommy that we really neeeeeeed it.

  6. That is a beautiful picture. I finally got Photoshop and only hope to have a fraction of the talent people like you have. Thanks for sharing with us. šŸ™‚

  7. Dear AM…

    Will you be my family’s personal photographer? Oh my – you are so very talented!!!

    How funny, the rain stirred something artistic in both of us today. I wrote my post for tomorrow on rain as well.

    Can’t wait to see you this weekend!!!

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