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Every once in a while I’ll get an email asking me why I never post a picture of AD. Well here ya’ go.  He’s the one in the center with the sour look on his face.

The past few days I have been in Tuna celebrating Aunt Jean’s birthday and hanging out with AD’s people.

While I was there I took about 800 pictures.  I love living in the age of digital photography and having the freedom to take as many pictures as I want.

About 500 of the pictures I took were actually pictures of pictures.  The other 300 were of Sean being cute and irresistible.

Like most people, my mother-in-law has boxes of old photographs that I would love to have, so I went through the box and took digital pictures of the pictures I wanted.  I know that sounds lame but it works – it’s cheap and easy and far less laborious than using a scanner, which I don’t have.

If you want to try this, here are some key things to keep in mind to get better results.

– Find some good light, bright but indirect sunlight is best.

– Turn off the flash to avoid a big white spot – you may need a tripod if your light isn’t great.

– Stand directly above the photograph when taking the picture to avoid skewing the perspective.

– Use a piece of white foamcore board (any craft store) and a few straight pins to anchor a photo that is curling on the edges.

– Keep a list of picture notes which correlate to the .jpg number. For example, number 2 on the list would relate to 002.jpg and you might have a note that says who is in the picture, when and where it was taken and anything that was written on the back.

Here’s another picture of AD that was taken that same day. The unexplained white gloved hand on the left and the inconsolable baby makes for a weird composition, so weird it makes me laugh.  I have entitled this picture “It’s Too Level”  — a story about AD that I will share with you maybe tomorrow.  Feel free to leave your own funny caption in comments.


Here’s a more recent picture of AD.


Back to spring break and editing photos!

27 thoughts on “Family Photos

  1. Great idea. I’ve got a ton of old family photos from waaaaay back that need to be captured digitally, and this sounds like a really good method for doing it. Much quicker and easier than scanning.

  2. I just wanted to say that I recently found your blog and I really enjoy reading it. I love the idea of taking pictures of old pictures. I never thought of that and I will try it.

  3. My mother looked at our old photos and said to think that back then we thought throwing a sheet over me would blank me out and show Jim! (Like the gloves. It dates the photo and that is great!)

    I’ll have to try the photo. The photos of me and my 3 brothers (The oldest of 3 age groups the family had). I love those photos of us at Grandma/Grandpas and with Dads sister and brothers. We were so young and the world hadn’t touched us yet.

  4. Pictures of pictures…yes, I was just trying that out recently. I have an 11×14 picture of me as a baby, and it won’t fit in my scanner. When I took a picture of it, I was surprised that it turned out. Thanks for the other tips, too.

    AD…what a cutie. I think crying pictures are priceless.

  5. Excellent idea! I need to do this with the boxes I have of my Grandma’s pix. I’m supposed to get them back to my mom anyway, so she can mail them to my uncle.

    Love the last pic of AD. Reminds me of a certain little man in your life. 😀

  6. Dear AM,

    Too cute, especially the third one. I’ll bet he still has that same little crooked grin, doesn’t he?

  7. Wow! Recently did that with my pix and daughter’s pix as well!
    It felt gr8 to post my daughter’s pix that I had in my picture album.
    It’s actually a gr8 idea to preserve old pix!

  8. Here’s my caption: “Mickey Mouse Assaults Baby. Story at 11.”

    Get it? Mickey wears white gloves? Okay, I never claimed it wasn’t lame.

    * * *
    It’s the side of Mickey they don’t want you to know about. ~AM

  9. AM you are so funny; I declare you no.1 hoot in my book ! Just want you to know that.
    Also, fastest camera in the West, and never miss a shot !!

  10. That last one really made me smile! My SIL came over the other day and gave me old photos of my husband; one looks JUST LIKE THAT, except with bigger ears. I think your last image there is evidence that our husbands are somehow distantly related.

  11. It’s too level! sounds like it may be a “home improvement” story. I remember that story about the gutters. That was you, right?

    BTW, I’m so glad I don’t have to put in a secret code to leave a comment anymore!!

  12. Great idea! I am working to get all my mom’s old photos in the computer – she has hundreds! I never thought about taking a picture of a picture, but it seems like you are getting great results. On my blog I show all these vintage photos and tell the stories that go with them. I’m having a ball!

  13. My mom does that when she visits older relatives in Canada. I don’t really have any family history beyond my grandparents, so I’m thrilled when she comes back with new ones.

    Love that Tintin-hair thing AD has going on there!

  14. I must be totally slow…I would NEVER have thought about taking pictures of old pictures. Great idea. I have a gazillion of them. Of course, some of them I have no idea who they are…hmmm….

  15. If I had a blog, I know that my husband would not want me posting pictures of him on it, either.

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