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The Artist’s Way

The other day I needed Sean to be occupied in such a way that did not involve me pretending to be on a boat using Hot Wheels tracks to row said boat, so I gave him one of my old digital cameras and sent him off on a photo safari.

In keeping with the true nature of any artist, the first thing he did was turn the camera on himself.


After he masters the art of self fascination using a camera, I shall get him his own blog.

17 thoughts on “The Artist’s Way

  1. Great job, Sean! Mine do the same thing…sometimes I have daymares about what sort of monsters I may be creating :blush: Hah, I second Veronica’s statement about the tables….

  2. Ah, I’m not the only one that knows this trick. I usually end up with at least 18 pictures of the dogs butt though. 🙂

    * * *

    What is it about a dog’s/cat’s butt, but that one (five-year-old) wants to photograph it? I suppose it is fascinating in its own unique way. ~AM

  3. I have at least 3,000 photos of my daughters face with the camera at the end of her arm:)

    I love it when they are still at the stage where they know they are the cutest thing on the planet – and that they rock your world!

  4. Do they ever grow out of the self-fascination thing? I should hand Michael a camera and see what he does. Good idea.

  5. Great photo, but what we all really would prefer to see is a picture of you in that imaginary boat with the hot wheels oars.

  6. I’m just thinking out loud…a photo safari. Wondering if you could really make like a weekly game out of this, with a list of things to photograph. Maybe as he gets better in his skills, tweaking the exercise to be more difficult? Not just as something to keep him busy, but as something to teach him to think outside the box and be creative? Although from what you’ve shared in the past, he might not need help in that area. LOL! But it would be fun to have a weekly post on the world through Sean’s eyes…

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