Photography & Photoshop

The Goose

This is one of the geese that lives across the street from my house.  He’s a stately fellow and doesn’t mind having his picture taken.  This picture is “right out of the box” as they say, which is to say I haven’t gone all artsy fartsy with it yet. But as you know by now, I”m an artsy fartsy gal and can’t stop myself from screwing around with my pictures.  This is the same photo as the first one,  but using Picasa I cropped it, took the color up a notch and applied the soft focus…

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Faith, Thinkin' Out Loud

The Mourning Dove

Early one morning last week, I glanced out my kitchen window and noticed a mourning dove perched upon the fence.  He paused to look around, as if making sure no one was looking.  He hopped sideways down the fence a few quick steps and then disappeared into an effusion of jasmine. Dainty yellow buds shivered and fell away to the ground as he rustled around in the thicket. A few seconds later, he popped back up onto the fence, tried to look nonchalant, spread his graceful wings and flew away. A minute later he was back…

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Thinkin' Out Loud

As It Relates To Swine Flu

So what are you telling your children about the Swine Flu?  Are you talking to them about it, and if so, to what degree?  How would you rate your level of concern?   Are you planning to change anything, travel plans or whatever, because of it?

Photography & Photoshop, Silliness


You know, the thing about having a camera is that sometimes the people you hang out with get tired of you pointing it at them.  It’s true. I was in Tuna this past weekend and the only one who wouldn’t run away from me was Margie.  So now, Margie is my muse. I present to you, the lovely and mesmerizing – Margie! Pensive Margie Come Hither Margie Contemplative Margie Serene  Margie Meditative Margie.  Or, Margie Nods Off.  Shortly thereafter, Margie got up and wandered off. Oh hey! My old muse! Yo! Dude! Muse! Come back! Where…

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Always Real, Silliness, Snips And Snails

Does My Neck Look A Little Pink To You?

Yesterday, I was multitasking, which is always a dangerous proposition for a blonde type person like me. I was sitting on the sofa doing some computer work while taking turns with Sean shooting a Nerf gun at some targets he had set up in the window across the room. “Mom!” he said, demanding my attention. “Mom, it’s your turn!” He offers me the gun and the spongy bullets, but I’ve got my hands full of laptop. “Reload the gun for your mama, will you please,” I said. If you’ve ever uttered those words to your five-year-old…you…

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Snips And Snails

Crocodile Tears

I was in the kitchen when I heard the sound of crying coming from the backyard.  The wailing was muffled by the windows but I could tell that he had hurt himself.  And because I am his mother, I could also tell it was an injury that could be fixed with a band-aid and a kiss, or at worst, a popsicle.  So I finished what I was doing before making my way to the scene of the accident. When I got outside, he was in his father’s arms. Big juicy crocodile tears were spilling down his…

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Photography & Photoshop, Silliness

Bows and Bovines

After I posted the picture of the Doublemint Bovines which I cleverly titled “Two Cows”, my mother and my friend Ruthie pointed out that they are not cows. They are bulls. I told them that I’m a city girl. In my world, if it goes “moo” it is a cow. Then, the other day Sean told me that he had discovered what made girls different from boys. GULP! “Oh really? What?” I asked nonchalantly. “Bows,” he said. “Girls wear bows.” I confirmed that this was true. Girls wear bows and cows moo.

Always Real

Ode To Susan Boyle

Have you watched the YouTube video of Susan Boyle, the 47-year-old British Idol contestant? If you haven’t, you should. Susan is kind of a frumpy middle-aged gal with bushy eye brows and not much style, but with a bright and charming personality. When she takes the stage to audition, she tells the judges that she wants to be a professional singer.  The judges raise their eye brows and make faces and steal not-so-secret glances at one another that all but say, “You? What a joke!” The camera pans the audience and catches a young gal who…

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