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Easter Booty

We are not big on the commercial trappings of Easter. No one gets new Easter clothes and Sean doesn’t get a big Easter basket filled with candy and toys and a giant chocolate Easter bunny, but we do partake of the egg hunting tradition early and often, and with much enthusiasm.


Last week I managed to find the plastic eggs from Easter past.  I filled them with coins and then hid them all around the yard for Sean to find. With basket in hand, Sean hunted them down, cracked them open and like a little Warren Buffet, he calculated his earnings and considered his investment options. And then we did that again 2 or 27 times. At the end of the day, I refilled all 43 eggs with coins so we could do it all again another day.

Later that week, Sean had a little friend over. He asked if they could hide the Easter eggs and I wasn’t really listening, so I said “Sure!”

They took the eggs outside and hid them in the backyard and then because they are brilliant children, they found them. And then they cracked them open. In the sandbox.

If you are a pirate, we have about $15 in change buried in our sandbox. Come and get it.

28 thoughts on “Easter Booty

  1. Now he can enjoy finding money for a really long time. He can make a game of seeing how much he can find a day.

  2. Summer’s coming. Perfect time to get that little bucket of sand toys, including the sifter. It’ll be hours of playtime fun sifting through the sand looking for buried treasure.

  3. Easter was always a celebration in our house. I tried to find new clothes for the boys for church on the cheap (sometimes failing) but we always looked spiffy and shining for Easter Sunday. Lent was a sacrifice getting us ready for Easter. Then 4 days of church and we were always so glad when Sunday got here. I still feel the same way. The days leading to Easter are sad, it makes you think about what really took place. Then Easter – the celebration!!
    But we always did the Easter eggs and baskets also. I made 5 of them this year for the grandkids. Not too much candy tho :).
    Although my boys are grown up I believe they cherish the memories as do I.

    p.s. Did you know that in the 80’s and 90’s they didn’t make many nice clothes for boys? All for the girls 🙁 Shopping was torture.

  4. We had a wonderful time hiding and re-hiding eggs on a beautiful 73 degree spring day. Such a simple concept but still so fun for all involved! It was a golden day!

  5. Sweet! My boy loved the egg hunt in a BIG way for several years. We did the same thing; eggs with change, and the neighbor girls would join in the hunt. We STILL find the occasional egg hidden in the woods. But, at age 9, Star Wars LEGOS have replaced the desire to hunt eggs. The tooth that was lost while we were in Florida last week? He didn’t even ask about the tooth fairy; the tooth still sits in a baggie, and I’m fast losing hope that he’ll ask if she’s coming. The magic is nearly over; hold on to it for as long as you can.

  6. My 2 baby brothers (because I had lots of brothers) were before the plastic eggs and they would hide and rehide the easter eggs till the yellow was dust! No we didn’t eat them.

    My uncle had a dog who ate the eggs directly after he hide them and then we went to hunt and the only eggs we found were the shells in Jack’s house!

  7. Haha! I posted photos of Anja’s Spring Egg Hunts today, too. She really loved it (twice as well), which was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t think she would “get it” at her age, but I think we’ll have to play hide-and-seek with objects more often.

  8. As my husband and I were on our way out to breakfast alone we were remembering fondly the Easter’s past where we put silver dollars in plastic eggs and hid them for our girls and how much fun we all had with it. Now, oldest daughter is away at college and having dinner with boyfriend’s family and youngest was working all day…it’s fun to read how much you are appreciating your time with your precious boy.

  9. Digging for treasure will a whole new dimension now.

    We don’t have new clothes for Easter or the easter bunny. We roll hard boiled eggs down a hill – how is that for commercialism.

    Yesterday we took the kids to our first ever organised Easter Egg hunt. It was a great lesson in generousity as kids and parents who had found lots, kept dropping them for others who had yet to find any. A lovely side of humanity to see!

  10. Grands and little girl across the street hunted the plastic eggs we hid in the yard. There were three prize eggs and each got one with cute erasers. The girls gave the boy all the candy they didn’t like. I’m not sure if that’s generous or not. He was happy about it though.

  11. well i didnt worry about new clothes and i hid a few eggs we dyed about 4 dozen and they got “homemade” easter baskets.
    each got a t shirt that suited him,3 eggs with candy or tattoos, and a stuffed animal(very small here).
    the babe got a bunny and a small sippy cup

  12. We have cats (including ours) in our neighborhood, so I worry about other “treasures” in the sand box as well.

    My daughter scoped out where the empty plastic eggs were hidden months ago, and had us keep hiding them (empty) so she could find them since then. I don’t know if I’d ever seen someone so excited about Easter!

  13. After Easter dinner with family, we all took a walk around the block. We passed by another house where an Easter Egg Hunt was in full swing….only it wasn’t just kids hunting for eggs, it was adults too, and it looked as if everyone was having such a wonderful time together, young and old!!! I had never thought about having an egg hunt for the entire family before-maybe next year!!

  14. One of my favorite Easter Egg Hunt memories is of my son (now 14) when he was 2: We went to a civic hunt, held indoors due to rain, and the space was really small. As all the children swept the place clean of eggs in a matter of about 10 seconds, my little boy managed to capture one lone treat. As my heart started to break for him, he came running toward me with the broadest smile, exclaiming, “Mommy! Look what I GOT!” Ah, sometimes I long for those innocent days of low expectations and being thrilled by very little.

    * * *
    Oh I love that story! That made my heart smile. In the famous words of Carters, “If only they’d stay little longer.”

  15. You are so good at this “blogger thing”…. I just want to say thank you for being Antique Mommy. (And I love your kid, too!)

  16. Isn’t that funny? We used to do that too. They’d have Easter Egg hunts every day if I’d let them. We even have a Christmas present hunt at Christmas time. I was too lazy to color eggs this year, so instead I hid miniature candy bars and then the boys had a “candy war” with them and Matt managed to split open Blake’s lip with one of the candy bars. Typical Easter!

  17. An organization I belong to recently had an egg hunt for the kids and grandkids. 50-60 kids scrambling all over creation snarfing up little plastic eggs. Afterward they all had a hot dog lunch with the Easter Bunny. Great Times.
    Always enjoyed the Easter Egg Hunt we’d do with Gus – but he’s 14 now so it’s somewhat less “cool” to look for eggs with money in them – he’d rather I just write him a check. They grow up too fast. Terrific Post!

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