14 thoughts on “Two Cows

  1. What a great photo! I love farm animals and this is one of the coolest pictures I’ve seen.

    Thank you for sharing. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Did you take that close to our neighborhood? I noticed there were some calves over there the other day. So cute. The girls love them.

    * * *
    No, these are Tuna cows. We saw the babies over there too the other day and me without my camera! So cute indeed! ~AM

  3. My mother emails me this:

    “Being a former farm girl….I have to ask if these two calves might be bulls instead of cows?”

    I told her that being a city girl, I have no idea. In my world, if they moo, they are cows. 🙂

  4. I love this pic; I meant to comment when I first saw it but got all caught up in Susan Boyle and forgot. Moo and mini Moo, indeed! I’m finding myself growing a strange obsession for calves (the mooing kind, not the lower part of the leg kind–now THAT would be weird!). I also love the strawberry post, and the way the words seem to flow with the bright cheerfulness of the water over the rocks in my creek. Your writing is just so lovely!

  5. check the definition of cows on google. A cow is female, grown. It appears these two calves are males, therefore, not cows. They are heifers.

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