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Bows and Bovines

After I posted the picture of the Doublemint Bovines which I cleverly titled “Two Cows”, my mother and my friend Ruthie pointed out that they are not cows. They are bulls. I told them that I’m a city girl. In my world, if it goes “moo” it is a cow.

Then, the other day Sean told me that he had discovered what made girls different from boys.


“Oh really? What?” I asked nonchalantly.

“Bows,” he said. “Girls wear bows.”

I confirmed that this was true. Girls wear bows and cows moo.


26 thoughts on “Bows and Bovines

  1. Out of the mouths of babes, lol. You have just earned yourself a reprieve until he finds out the real difference: girls like to go shopping.

    Joking aside, having that first dreaded “facts of life” conversation always reminds me of the joke about the little boy who asked his mother where he came from. After a lengthy biological explanation of how it all happens, the kid just stares at her and says, “I thought I came from Troy, New York.”

  2. Heeeee! That was hilarious… here’s to hoping that bows define the difference for Sean for at least a few more years! The picture is great; it could be a poster! (I’m thinking that Pioneer Woman would get a kick out of it, too….)

  3. Hey….I was raised on a farm in my younger years and I still have to ‘look’ to find the bull in a cow. Usually it’s very obvious but sometimes….a second look is required. Funny post though. I love the picture!

  4. When my son was Sean’s age, his life long friend who was a girl discovered bows. His words were, “Mom! She’s going over to the other side. She wears bows and her hands are soft.” Somehow, now that he is 22, I think that is a plus.

  5. Ha! Miss Pink used to think girls had long hair and boys didn’t. We saw a gigantic Hell’s Angel in the grocery store one day with hair past his shoulders and she said loudly, “Mommy, why does that boy have long hair?”

  6. Last week, my 6 yr old daughter had to sing in a concert at her school. I said Honey, don’t you think you need to wear a dress? She replied But Mommy, they’ll all think I’m a girl!!!

  7. I’ll just be keeping this information to myself. If Michael found out that all he needs is to wear a bow, his problems would be solved. Right now his ambition is to be a ballerina, but his being a boy is getting in the way.

  8. Early on I tried to explain to my two daughters how boys and girls had different anatomy. My younger daughter was in kindergarten and her best friend had a little brother. She came home from visiting one day and told me how she watched her friend’s mother change his diaper. I said, “well did you finally get a chance to see how God made little boys?” She said, “yup, he didn’t have one.” Her exact words. It was time to check the little book that explains things out from the library.

  9. See I grew up around cows, and when we said, “We need to feed the cows,” that meant bulls, calves, steers, heifers, AND calves. As far as I’m concerned, the only change you should have made was “Two calves”–then no one could laugh at you.

    But I was perfectly fine with “Two cows.”

    And WHO KNEW that bovines could accessorize.

  10. Be very thankful it is bows.
    My boys do know what differentiates the sexes (my husband filled them in, he’s sweet that way) and comment on it EVERY SINGLE TIME we are in a public restroom. They only have one volume setting. LOUD.
    I wish for bows.

  11. We have never tried to shield the boys from the differences. My neice is the same age and they have in the past bathed together etc…
    when they were all about three, the boys made lucy cry because they told her she couldnt play with them anymore they were afraid she would make them break theirs off.

    I believe it was the same visit where they told her that she was going to the bathroom wrong and she needed to stand to potty. I am not sure my mother has forgiven me yet for that misadventure. She went home from my house standing on the top of the potty to pee pee….

    And I second the only volume is loud…

  12. I could tell they were “boy cows”, but I thought they were all cows. Kind of like how both hens and roosters are chickens.

    Maybe they’re cattle, but I don’t know what you’d call it when there’s just one, then!

  13. My little guy says that girls are “soft” and “they don’t like to fight”…that’s how he identifies the difference between boys and girls. True and good enough for me!!

  14. How cute.
    Maybe it’s a little like the feeling I got when my Kindergartener told me that someone on the bus said the “S” word.
    I squinted my eyes and said, “Now, remind me what the “S” word is.” She quietly whispered “stupid”.
    I was glad… least for now. 🙂

  15. I might have shared this before… once when Ilsa was about two, I overheard her saying, “Daddy Elliot Abel happiness! Happiness!” How sweet, I thought, then…why only the boys? Yep. She was saying “have p*nis.” Sigh. With a twin brother and another only 20 months older, bathtimes were shared and anatomical matters just couldn’t be kept secret. 😉

    * * *
    THAT is hysterical! Won’t be able to use the word happiness in the same way ever again. ~AM

  16. I did notice that they were bulls instead of cows, but I didn’t want to point that out. Guess someone else did anyway!

    * * *
    On the internet and in life there is always someone standing nearby who can’t wait to point out mistakes. And since I make so many, I’m used to it! : -)

  17. I’m a country girl, farm-born and bred, and *I* didn’t even spot the difference.

    Love the photoshop treatment.

    Hey, excuse me while I stick my nose in your business (love the internet!), but if you’re looking for good reproductive education books, I know of some great ones (click my name to get to the direct link). You’ve probably already covered that topic, but if not–I’m a firm believer that parents start this education YOUNG and AT HOME. It’s pretty shocking what kids hear from the peers at a young age, and honestly–after having been through foster care training–I know now that “knowledge is power.” (and not the end of innocence)

    End of sermon. You know, the one you didn’t ask for. 🙂

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