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Crocodile Tears

I was in the kitchen when I heard the sound of crying coming from the backyard.  The wailing was muffled by the windows but I could tell that he had hurt himself.  And because I am his mother, I could also tell it was an injury that could be fixed with a band-aid and a kiss, or at worst, a popsicle.  So I finished what I was doing before making my way to the scene of the accident.

When I got outside, he was in his father’s arms. Big juicy crocodile tears were spilling down his cheeks.

“What’s going on here?” I asked, “Are you okay?”

“Noooo!” he howled as he reached both arms straight out for me, his face artificially twisted in anguish.

He sobbed into my neck as I carried him into the house.  I sat him down on the kitchen counter to inspect the injuries and he showed me the palms of his hands. They were slightly pink and smarting from where he had caught himself when he had fallen on the concrete. He showed me his knees.  Also slightly pink.  A thorough search was made, but not one drop of blood could be found.  I looked into his dirty little boy face. His tears had left a trail of clean. I tried not to smile given the gravity of the situation.

I told him how sorry I was that he had hurt himself and I wrapped my arms around him.  He clutched me tight around the neck and worked up a few more sobs which he bellowed into my ear to demonstrate the searing pain he was suffering.  “My sweet boy” I whispered over and over into his ear as I gently rocked him from side to side.

He continued to work it, the crying, for another half minute as I held him close.  Not because he was still hurt, but because….  Well, just because.

32 thoughts on “Crocodile Tears

  1. And you loved on him and rocked him and whispered to him because.. well, just because. So glad that it was something that kisses and hugs could heal. He IS a sweet boy.. and you’re a sweet mom. I think the two things may be related. :<)
    Sweet dreams to your whole sweet household…

  2. AAAhhh and those sweet moments seem to be slowly fading into the night as the “I can do it myself” moments take over. They too are sweet in their own right though.

  3. Don’t you just love it when the “just because” is just because they love mommy hugs? One of God’s best rewards for motherhood, I think!

  4. I love when my daughter (4) is willing to accept my comfort! Sometimes she gets angry when I ask if she’s OK. I don’t know where she gets it from, I never told her to suck it up or to stop being a crybaby!

    So enjoy it while Sean will still accept it. 🙂

  5. Just around the corner is the day he will fall and you will anticipate the offering of the healing hug; but he will jump up and exclaim, “I’m okay!” and run off. Just another bittersweet “letting go” moment. Indulge in every mommy moment you can for they do not last forever.

  6. Oh how I miss those just because moments! Sometimes – just sometimes- I get the feeling that my thirteen year old young man/little boy misses them as well. He would never admit it though.

  7. At 19 years old, my little boy still phones me from hundreds of miles away to tell me when he gets hurt!!! And now…with technology, he can ring me up on the webcam and show me his boo boo’s and I can send cyber kisses to make it all better. The only difference is there are no more crocodile tears “cleaning” his face!

  8. Oh… this is a beautiful post. I know that “just because” feeling oh-so-well. Thanks for this, you just made my Monday morning. And I’m off to hug my 4 little boys… just because. xo

  9. Lovely post. Lovely comments, too! Sean is blessed to have such a welcoming place of refuge. These moments now will serve him well throughout life.

  10. My 3 year old has learned how to dramatically cry and “make tears” to milk a situation for all it’s worth. I’m nominating her for a Golden Globe award this year.

  11. I suspect his feelings were hurt more than the hands and knees. But get those hugs however you can, while you can. I love the feel of those little arms around my neck.

  12. My one year old went to the nursery at church for the first time yesterday. He is such a little toot, VERY independent and “tough guy” but you better believe I got the sweetest hug when I went to pick him up! He got to thinking maybe mommy was pretty nice after all, and I loved it! Definitely relish those moments.

  13. Seriously…how many times do we do this with our Heavenly Father? Cry to him over this or that, that in the grand scheme of things is nothing to be remembered in even a few short weeks? And what does He do? The same thing you did.

    My son is 19 months and those crocodile tears hit us every now and then. Those times, nobody suffices except Momma and secretly I love it. 🙂

    When I was a child, my father was the type to be harsh and tell me to quit being a baby and to stop crying because there are bigger hurts in this world than my little boo-boo or grade school heartbreak. While his statement is true, it’s never something I’ll say to my child. All my father did is set an example of conditional love and harshness, which did nothing for our relationship. He was and is today the LAST person I go to when I have a problem that needs hearing out or advice. My son will learn of the world’s harshness and big hurts soon enough…I don’t plan on rushing him to it. So I do exactly what you do…love, nurture, and comfort…just because.

    * * *

    Well in the interest of full disclosure, I don’t always stop for the moment. One of the challenges of mothering, for me, is discernment – is this a moment where he needs me to go along with the drama and love on him or is this a moment when he needs me to encourage him to shake it off and stay in the game? I don’t always get that right. In this particular moment, it seemed that we both needed to play mommy and baby again if only for a few tender moments. ~ AM

  14. As “painful” as those moments are for the “injured,” I hereby confess that my mommy heart loves them. My kids are so big now that they rarely need me to “make it better” with a hug and kiss. But when they do, I let them fold up their arms and legs and I endure the gouging elbows and knees to hold them just one more time.

  15. It’s a mom thing, and it’s why God made mommies the way He did. Daddy’s job is to tell the little guy to man up; keeping discernment in mind as well.

  16. Isn’t it GREAT to have a good cry? This so reminded me of my youngest, the pro of sudden weepy snugglings. They are over in a few minutes, and give him the strength he needs to keep up with his brothers!

  17. Oh, love. Thank you reminding me of the balance – I was angrily considering changing my name to MommyCanYou yesterday, but today I have a happier outlook on it all 😉 Are you having a lot of discernment practice with other kiddies lately? We are! Ugh, hoping for some grace 🙂 Happy week ~

  18. I love those “Just Because” moments. What a special place little boys have in their mommy’s heart. I love nothing more that my little boy hugging my neck and needing me for basically nothing except a little comfort. What sweet gifts from God our children are. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Totally understand the ‘just because’. I take every opportunity to rock my active little 16-month-old son – when he’s super-tired, we rock as long as he wants. 🙂

  20. My boy of 8 still does this from time to time and I take full advantage of the situation because….how much longer will I have the chance?

    * * *
    Exactly. Exactly. ~AM

  21. I’m laughing out loud….how can they be sooooooo dramatic over a little scrape and then not even cry when they are REALLY hurt?? But it is nice to be needed so I’ll take these drama moments…I know someday soon he’ll no longer want my hugs and comfort!
    You want to get together same time/same place Friday?? It’s supposed to be a BEAUTIFUL DAY!

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