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Does My Neck Look A Little Pink To You?

Yesterday, I was multitasking, which is always a dangerous proposition for a blonde type person like me.

I was sitting on the sofa doing some computer work while taking turns with Sean shooting a Nerf gun at some targets he had set up in the window across the room.

“Mom!” he said, demanding my attention. “Mom, it’s your turn!”

He offers me the gun and the spongy bullets, but I’ve got my hands full of laptop.

“Reload the gun for your mama, will you please,” I said.

If you’ve ever uttered those words to your five-year-old…you might just be a redneck.

39 thoughts on “Does My Neck Look A Little Pink To You?

  1. As a born and bred Alabamian, yes, you might be. As a mother, you probably thought you would never so those particular words to your child.

  2. Born and raised in S. Louisiana and living in Arkansas, I’d say, yup, sounds like it ta me. And I second Margaret’s remark about saying that to your child. Too funny.

  3. Ha! This made me laugh out loud. šŸ™‚ My husband is a homebuilder in our small, rural, VERY southern town, and spends quite a bit of time wandering the sides of mountains, scouting out potential homesites with his clients… many of whom have rifle racks attached to the backs of their pickup trucks – men and women alike. I would imagine he’s met a few mama’s that have made that very request to their children. Hunting is big around here… BIG.

    Only nerf guns for me though. šŸ˜‰

  4. Hee! Hmm.. this morning, I caught a tiny little mouse that the dog somehow let in. And I put it in a bug box and gave it to my son as a gift, because he’s always wanted a baby mouse. It’s now at school; they’re reading “The Cricket in Times Square” and it looks like Tucker. I’m trying to imagine my life before my son, and I cannot even remember it now.

    The big question is: who won? You or Sean?

    * * *
    Not me. I couldn’t hit the side of a barn. Sean, on the other hand, has a remarkable steady center and an amazing sense of balance. And I swear he can read the numbers off a jet plane that is flying over the house.

  5. Just a little pink neck. Nothing serious.
    Sounds like rednecks are not limited to a particular state… we have our share in N. Florida too. In fact, my husband’s neck is a little pink too. LOL.

  6. My son actually checked his neck to see if it was red because he believed he was a “red neck”. He always had the red neck attitude.

  7. I am totally guilty of some red-neck type behavior since I have had kids too. Last summer after a rain storm my kids had a great time splashing and “swimming” in the drainage ditch in front of our house… by the road.. that cars drive by… with drivers who saw kids in soaking wet cut off shorts.

    * * *
    We did that growing up, stomping in the ditch after the rain. Barefoot. It’s amazing that we made it into adulthood. ~AM

  8. I’m from rural NW Georgia and I used to be a competitive target shooter. I learned when I was 6. My uncle set up an outdoor target for us on shared family property and I once heard this gem from my elderly great-aunt: “That’s real pretty shooting, y’all, but don’t be getting no casings in my tomatoes.”

    * * *
    Ha! Sounds like something Granny Clampett would say. I love it!

  9. If you hit the target five out of five times and sent your hound dog Luke to retrieve, THEN there is a strong possibility that you might be a redneck.

  10. Love it! My mom helped us build rubber band guns with clothes pins, declared the cat out of season (we poached a bit), and turned her head when we stalked houseflies. When the supply of insects ran low, we let some in, naturally. When found out, we learned the value of a sponge, and that hunting has a messy side. We also endured a captive lecture on the value of and respect for all living things; even rednecks. šŸ˜‰

  11. You’d think I’d be in touch with my redneck side, living where I do. But I thought this was going to be a sunburn you got from wearing your hair up while playing outside with Sean.

  12. This is uncanny…I actually had to tell my daughter last night to quit shooting cans with her b.b. gun out the back door and go do her homework…and she’s 16! This is from an upstate N.Y. redneck:-)

  13. For Beverlydru: You have your share of rednecks in N. Florida? Hello! North Florida IS redneck country. At least in the Panhandle. lol After living in it for almost six years, it won a permanent, and precious, place in my heart.

    AM: I think we all have a little redneck in us, but boys definitely bring it out. Thank goodness for Nerf.

  14. You say you might be a bit redneck like it’s a bad thing! (Big grin – just yanking’ your chain here.) Perhaps you’re just a bit NRA.

  15. You didn’t call him Darlin’ and you said please……I don’t think you’re redneck…a nice rose maybe. Redneck is a frame of mind. I was the only girl on our block with a Barbie with inverted nipples thanks to my older brother, his b.b. gun and a mother who thought/thinks her boys could do no wrong. I yell at him yet whenever he mentions it. I say he owes me one mint condition 1966 Barbie.

  16. How about this, which I have threatened more than once: You have to finish your hot dog or you don’t get dessert!
    If you had told me ten years ago that I’d be using hot dogs as bargaining chips….

  17. LOLOL yeah my redneck side has come out more since having redneck lil monsters…ummmm boys….and btw our older 5 y/o can by far outshoot me…w/ a .22 last fall, he got 8 of 10 targets, i only hit 4-5

  18. Sounds like a momma to me!! Multi-tasking while trying to do her ‘thang’ and the little person’s ‘thang’….It’s the way of the momma!

  19. Yeah, sounds like the activities in our house when my boys were small. Then they grew up…and one day in his college dormroom my rednecked eldest, with his laptop in his lap, casually wondered if his nerf gun would successfully shoot a pen cap.

    It did.

    And forever after he had a nice black dolphin-shaped spot embedded on his laptop screen to prove it.

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