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This guy was either really afraid of me or really turned on by me. Or like AD, both.

24 thoughts on “Lizzie

  1. Or like AD, both.

    Hahahaha! That got quite the chuckle out of me. I think my husband feels the same sometimes. 🙂

    Cheers, thanks for the early morning laugh. Oh, and fab photo!


  2. I have to go with the comment from Firstborn at 40. Very witty. Very funny. Very fun.

    And your’s, AM. Pretty funny stuff. Crisp photo, too!

  3. Yep, I was just going to say what an appropriate picture for your previous post, but I got beat to the punch(line)! And, due to the proclivities of my son, I’ve read a lot about green anoles. Not sure what perfume you’re wearing, but I think he’s in love. He’s actually kind of cute… in a weird, lizardy sort of way.

  4. We used to have three anoles (Petunia, Lily, and Vernon, if anyone cares!) and it was a hoot to watch the male bob his head at the females. And then they would have a catfight over him. Good times. May they all rest in peace in the bushes in front of our old apartment.

  5. Okay, since my daughter is nicknamed Lizzie (she’s an Elizabeth)…it took seeing the picture to see what you were talking about! Ha!

    That might be one reason I resisted nicknaming her for so long (SHE chose the nickname between Kindergarten and 1st)

    * * *
    I think it’s great to have a name that can be “nicked”. That way you have options! I only have four letters in my name and you can do nothing with that, not even add a cute little “y” at the end. I love the name Elizabeth and all its various forms. ~AM

  6. Hee hee! My grandmother used to have one of these lizzies (or a close relative) who would arrive on the veranda at EXACTLY four o’clock every afternoon for tea and cake. I kid you not. Definitely more of an “Elizabeth” than “Lizzie”!

  7. My husband feels the same way about me. He said he loves me and likes me all of the time. Even when I’m being (finger twirling around temple). Then he just tries to stay out of my way!

  8. Ahhh…lizards make great pets. We have a leopard gecko that is just the coolest thing. He’s my favorite pet. Mainly b/c we can leave him home alone when we go on vacation and he always behaves.

  9. Amazing photo! I had a little green lizard looking over my shoulder as I read on my deck yesterday. But taking a picture of him amidst the spider webs under the railing wouldn’t have been nearly as artistic as what you captured! (sigh)

  10. Too funny. I think my hubs feels a little bit the same about me:)
    After all, he has seen ALL sides of me. I’m lucky he still loves me:)

    I love the lizard guy! Is he in your neighborhood? Can he get you a good deal on car insurance??

  11. Oooh, my favorite lizard, the green anole (or greenie, as we used to call them). My brother and I would catch them and keep them in a jar, and did you know if you turn him on his back and stroke his belly – he’ll go into a trance? Or, um – you can pass that on for Sean to try.

    I don’t see them all that much anymore, the brown lizards have outnumbered them here in SoFla, but I just discovered one on my neighbor’s gumbo limbo tree and he makes me happy every time I get a glimpse of him.

    Thanks for the laugh, AM. (Can I just make that a postscript for my every comment to you?!)

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