15 thoughts on “Placid

  1. That is beautiful…but I’ll admit that when I saw the title of this post I immediately put a mental “Lake” in front of it, which then led to images of massive crocodiles leaping from under that seductive water lily to chomp unsuspecting nature-lovers.

    I really need to stop watching those kinds of movies.

  2. Such a beautiful photo. Relaxing, calming, perfect for the end of a work week. Blessings flow.

  3. That is beautiful. I just wanted to say thank you for blogging. I enjoy your perspective and your words, not to mention your photos. Often you help me stay the course of striving one more day in Mommyhood. Thank you.

  4. I like the way each lotus leaf curls up at its perimeter, like a serving dish. So if a frog climbs aboard and falls asleep in the dreamy sun, it won’t fall back into the pond.

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