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You know, the thing about having a camera is that sometimes the people you hang out with get tired of you pointing it at them.  It’s true. I was in Tuna this past weekend and the only one who wouldn’t run away from me was Margie.  So now, Margie is my muse.

I present to you, the lovely and mesmerizing – Margie!


Pensive Margie


Come Hither Margie


Contemplative Margie


Serene  Margie


Meditative Margie.  Or, Margie Nods Off.  Shortly thereafter, Margie got up and wandered off.


Oh hey! My old muse! Yo! Dude!


Muse! Come back! Where ya’ goin??

24 thoughts on “Margie

  1. Contemplative and serene are absolutely spectacular; she looks like a real sweetheart! Of course, beagles are prone to wander, so you have to catch her while you can. Sort of like boys…

  2. So, so sweet. The “come hither Margie” made me laugh out loud!

    * * *
    Come hither indeed. From what I could tell, Margie gets around. I don’t judge her for that.

  3. You’re lucky to have such a cute alternate muse. I’m allergic to just about everything with fur (and yes, even those dogs with ‘Human hair’–they’re still DOGS, it’s still DOG hair!). I think sniffling and sneezing are incompatible with taking in-focus shots.

    I just got my new “real” camera a couple months ago and am only now dragging it around with me, but I can already see that effect “No pictures MOM!” If it isn’t a sneak attack, it’s not going to happen.

    * * *
    Love your pics! The sneak attack approach brings an interesting psychology to the composition, I think. I got a few of those of Sean this week running through a field of Bluebonnets that I may post later this week.

  4. We used to have an adopted two-year-old beagle who climbed through windows, ate books, tore up garbage, got into locked cupboards, disappeared for days, came back full of ticks and worse, climbed shelves, peed on everything and drove me to distraction! I gave him to a vet with a very secure yard. I do NOT miss that dog. Cute? HAH!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that last one of your son running, from the grin on his face to his cowlick blowing in the wind… Looks like you captured him perfectly!

  6. I was startled when I saw the caption to this post since my name is “Margie”. She’s cuter than me though and takes a whole lot better picture. 🙂

  7. contemplative Margie is my favorite. Really great colors. Looks like it’s painted. And…where did you get that long-legged little boy??

  8. Look into Margie’s eyes. She is tryig to tell you something. Maybe, she is simply putting up with you?

    *** As is everyone else on the planet. ~AM ***

    Nice dog. Great pictures!

  9. Margie has the most beautiful eyes. It looks as if she is wearing black eyeliner!

    Sean is just as handsome as ever.

  10. Just curious, are you going to have to rename him…..little doesn’t seem to apply so much anymore 😉 He’s so handsome and sweet to look at, thanx for sharing! Enjoy the Spring – can’t wait to see those bluebonnets…

  11. Your photographs are all beautiful. But I couldn’t help my first thought, “He is getting so big!” (Sean that is!)

  12. OMG! Who’s that giant child you’re taking pix of???? When did that happen? Damn kids w/their growing up!

    Marge is adorable. (But perhaps it’s the photographer as much as the muse.)

  13. LOL.

    My son hides from me when I take out my camera, especially when I have to use that solar flare of a flash.

    Love the photos. As always.

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