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The Goose


This is one of the geese that lives across the street from my house.  He’s a stately fellow and doesn’t mind having his picture taken.  This picture is “right out of the box” as they say, which is to say I haven’t gone all artsy fartsy with it yet.


But as you know by now, I”m an artsy fartsy gal and can’t stop myself from screwing around with my pictures.  This is the same photo as the first one,  but using Picasa I cropped it, took the color up a notch and applied the soft focus feature.  Took all of about 10 seconds. I love Picasa for quick edits and minor improvements.


Here, I achieved the painterly, sparkly, Monet effect in Photoshop using the Bokeh brush which is a free download from Obsidian Dawn.  Bokeh is the Japanese word for broken. Not really. I just made that up.

Anyway, I just downloaded the Bokeh brushes this morning and haven’t really figured out how to use them, but as you can see, with the right photo editing software, you can basically be clueless and still get some fun effects.

I don’t know if that should inspire you or frighten you. You decide.

12 thoughts on “The Goose

  1. If I send you a picture of myself, is there any way to make me look ten years younger and 20 pounds thinner? 🙂

    Enjoyed the pictures and the effects!

    * * *
    Photoshop – the cheapest face lift around. ~AM

  2. We take our Christmas pictures with a digital camera so hubby can Photoshop our picture before we send out copies in our cards!

    * * *
    Hubby? Why not you? ~AM

  3. Hey I just got Photoshop elements for my birthday, but haven’t begun to learn how to use it…is it difficult for an old girl to learn new tricks????? For ME, not you….i know you aren’t old, but I AM…..:)


    * * *
    Photoshop is not super intuitive, but you can learn a lot just by messing around with it. And there are tons of free tutorials on line and other freebies. Skip over to Obsidian Dawn‘s and see all of her Photoshop freebies.

  4. Duuude, I do not rock at photoshopping. I take the picture, crop, and make it less pixelly so it loads up faster. The I stick it on my blog.

    And then my son gets the picture and does lots of retouching and makes it look AWESOME! I think small boys are born with a tech gene.

  5. Love me some Photoshop! Such fun to play with and transform photos from something you wouldn’t include in a photo album to something you’d frame and hang in the entry for all to see.

    My dad took a picture of my nephew and two nieces sitting three across on the couch. However, the frame my mom wanted to use was actually square, and the image didn’t fit well in it. SOOOooooo… Dad Photoshopped one of the girls into a position “behind” her siblings. The finished product looks awesome and no one but us would know it had been altered. But we DO know it is altered and crack up every time we see it because Rachel is “floating” behind her siblings and would have to be as thin as a piece of paper to fit between them and the back of the couch!

  6. Love what you have done with Photoshop. Wish I had your artistic talent.

    About losing 20 punds, Lesa Snider King taught us about “The Five Per Cent Diet.”

    Apply the Free Transform tool to a photo. Then move the sides in horizontally until W = 95%. Works like a charm.

    Give the Moose a hug for us.

  7. Frightens me…I just had a nervous breakdown in the paint store about an hour ago…but that’s another day, another blog post.

  8. I love painterly and sparkly. I might need those brushes. Everything in my file might look like the fairy godmother visited with her wand.

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