Outsmarted, Snips And Snails

Pluto Is On The Outs

Before Sean could even talk, he became interested in the solar system. I have an old book on the solar system that I picked up at a garage sale or somewhere and we have leafed through it many times over. A week or so ago, he came home from school with a Weekly Reader and he was very excited to show it to me because it was on the solar system.  He held it up to his chest and pointed to each planet and gave me a little lecture on the properties of each planet.  Verily…

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Antique Childhood

Impulse Does Not Come With Reverse

And now, time for a pointless story. Oh wait. They are all pretty much pointless.  Very well then. So then, the other day Sean dropped a gummy bear on the floor. He picked it up and started to put it in his mouth.  In keeping with Section 2, Article 4, Paragraph 3.5 of the Mothering Handbook, I instructed him not to eat it and to put it in the trash instead.  I’m not one to freak out about that kind of thing too much. I’ve been known to eat a potato chip or two off the…

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Always Real, Modern Medicine

Excellence In Nursing

When I was little, I was in and out of the hospital a lot.  My kidneys never seemed to work right until I was about nine or ten. I remember one time when I was about five, I was there by myself, sitting in the hallway in a wheelchair and my neighbor who was a young nurse in her 20s at the time, sought me out and sat beside me. She patted my arm and looked me in the eye and made me feel safe. I remember sitting in that wheel chair, feeling the warmth of…

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Always Real

That Face

“Mom, why are you making that face?” he asked. I detected a note of worry in his voice.  I was yanked up out of my dark thoughts and into the bright light of the moment. I stopped what I was doing and looked up. My five-year-old was sitting at the breakfast bar eating a piece of toast. A circle of crumbs and jelly outlined his mouth.  I wanted to lean across the counter and kiss away the crumbs.  He was watching me wipe down the kitchen counter and load the dishwasher and attend to 99 other…

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Antique Junk Drawer, Hallmark Holidays, Sometimes Tart

I Digress And Call It A Post

So then, yesterday was Mother’s Day. Or Sunday. Whatever. To me, Mother’s Day ranks right up there with Boxing Day. I can take it or leave it.  I know. In your head right now, you are saying, “What kind of mother doesn’t like Mother’s Day!” Did you think I couldn’t hear that? Regardless of whatever personal issues I have with the highest of the Hallmark holy days, I am still obligated to participate.  I crumble easily under the weight of societal expectations to buy flowers and cards and to festively order others to “Have a happy…

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Makes Me Sigh, Snips And Snails

The Kindergarten Mat

When Sean was about two, I bought him one of those kindergarten mats at Walmart.  I’m sure you know the kind I’m talking about:  plastic, red on one side and blue on the other, folds into fours.  If you are like me, you probably had one yourself when you were in kindergarten. And that is exactly the reason I bought it — because I had one. Nostalgia, pure and simple. That and impulse. Be that as it may, we have had that mat for three years now and so far it has not once been used…

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Photography & Photoshop, Snips And Snails

Chocolate Strawberries

I love to cook.  To me, cooking is not just a life skill but a creative outlet and my way of lovin’ on people.  And Sean seems to be cut from the same cloth. He has been standing at my knee in the kitchen since,  well, since he could stand. I won’t tell you all the things he can already do in the kitchen because I don’t want you to send blazing emails about how he should be wearing a helmet when standing in front of a hot stove with a sharp knife and what kind…

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Antique Crazy, Silliness

Mourning The Mourning Dove

As quickly as she came into my life, she was gone. Yesterday morning, I checked on my sweet little dove.  She was sitting quietly in her nest in the Carolina jasmine, just the same as ever. Although she did not seem thrilled to see me, she did not glare at me either.  I suspect that is only because the dove lacks the ability to glare or cast disparaging looks. With no eyebrows, the dove is stuck with an all purpose blank expression, a lot like Jessica Simpson.  Otherwise, upon the sight of me, she probably would…

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