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On Friday, I picked Sean up from school, and as usual, I was sly and wily in trying to extract information from him.  Sometimes I have to resort to waterboarding to get anything out of him, but that day he was in a particularly forthcoming mood.

“Who did you play with on the playground?” I asked.

“I played with everyone.”

“That’s good,” I said, “I like to hear that.”

“I played with Hinsley,” he added.  I looked in the rear view mirror to see him beaming. His face was aglow.

“Do you think Hinsley is a boy or a girl?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” I said, “I can’t really tell from the name.”

“Hinsley is a girl!” he said, “And the girl I’m going to marry!”

“Oh really?” I asked, “What is it about Hinsley that you like so much?”

“Well!” he said with breathy gusto, “She looks good!”

I tried my best not to laugh. He hates it when I laugh at something he said.   It embarrasses him.  He clams up and that puts the kibosh on my fact-finding.

“What does she look like?” I asked.

“Well she always wears a dress,” he said. “She has a dress with butterflies on it and I really like it,” he added.  He went on to tell me she has blue eyes, long brown hair and how she always wears it on the side with a bow.

And then he sighed a long and dreamy sigh at just the thought of her.

I told AD about the conversation when I got home and he suggested that we invite Hinsley over for a playdate so she can see the room she’ll be sleeping in when she marries Sean.

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  1. How sweet. When our son was 2, he very excitedly invited his also-2-year-old friend Julia upstairs to see his room. As they ran off hand-in-hand, all smiles, we four parents commented that we might have to step in and say no if he asks her that again when she’s 13 or so….

    * * *
    I’ve pre-emptively instituted a no-closed-doors policy at our house.

  2. Are we sure her name is Hinsley? I’ve never heard that before. Could it be Ainsley or something similar?

    Just wondering…

    * * *
    Yes, we are sure.

  3. Her name is Hinsley. And she is just a lovely little girl. Always has a smile as big as her hair bow. Sean has good taste.

  4. See…I always told people that I knew from a very early age that my boys were heterosexual. They noticed girls/women when they were just toddlers.

    Once, in the grocery store, a very well endowed woman walked past us, and Diminutive One who couldn’t have been more than 2, almost fell out of the grocery cart craning his neck to watch her.

    Sexuality is obviously innate. I don’t understand people who think a person can “turn” gay or choose to be heterosexual.

    Sorry. I didn’t mean to make a debate out of your very sweet post. Little boys in love are about the most adorable thing there is.

  5. I love conversations like that with our boys as well. Recently though my friends little girl who is between the boys in age informed her mama that she is going to marry both of my boys so she can move in with us.

  6. Aren’t you just a little sad that he’s grown out of thinking he’s going to marry you? (or didn’t he go through that stage?)

  7. I sighed and then, as you often do, you cracked me up. I actually laugh out loud, my dear friend, not merely LOL.

    Ah, yes, and any time you’d like to visit me in about 10 years my son will be inhabiting the house to the west of mine, and my daughter will be in the one to the east. Y’know, there’s a time that’s exactly what they said they wanted.


  8. ooohh can I do the cookies for the wedding?? maybe some pirates and some butterflies.

    Hinsley is on to something… I married a Sean too and hes a great guy.

  9. How very sweet. My 5 yo used to tell me he was going to marry me. I mentioned it recently and he laughed and said that he couldn’t marry me, because I’m already married to daddy. So sad. He then went on to say he was going to marry Francesca (his little sister). So there’s that. 🙂

  10. Oh dear. Let the games begin! My little man picked out a girlfriend when he was 3 1/2; her name was Mary Grace. He thought she was the most beautiful thing alive. When I met her, I nearly fell over; both of her top front teeth had been knocked out in an accident, and she seemed a bit, well, homely. I have to say that my son’s vision was much better than mine; she turned out to be an absolutely delightful little girl with a precious mom and dad. And she finally gained her permanent teeth and is every bit as beautiful on the outside now as on the inside. I’m so glad that you listen to Sean and don’t laugh at him; at this stage in his life, this love is as real to him as when he finally says “I do”.

  11. The punch line totally got me. We have never teased our kids about “boyfriend/girlfriend” stuff. Seeing that at school leads me to believe it makes them MORE antagonistic towards and aware of their differences. . .HOWEVER, our son has several little misses who are lined up to catch his eye. He is leaning towards a brunette currently.

    * * *
    Oh I wasn’t teasing him, but sometimes he comes out with the funniest lines and it’s hard not to crack up.

  12. your last line made me literally laugh out loud!

    btw… love that name Hinsely…. I may have to steal it if I ever have a girl! (mother of 3 boys!)

  13. And is that the same room that Sean will be sleeping in when she marries Sean? 😉

    * * *

    Yes, exactly. AD and I will buy them bunk beds for their wedding present. Sean has been wanting a bunk bed since he was three.

  14. Too cute! Mine still dithers between wanting to invite little Jomar (a boy) over, and saying she doesn’t want to play with boys.

    Of course, we have an awful lot of slightly older boys in the neighborhood – I’m worried about a few years from now!

  15. Awwwww, young love! Sam’s girlfriend was similar when he was 3. “She has long, long, long hair in a plait and *sigh*, twinkly earrings!” Sean and Sam are definitely into pretty girls. My other boys like outdoorsy science-whiz types. I wonder how they will all get along in later years!

  16. Isn’t love grand! Good luck on that is the room she is sleeping in. However, we did move and son stayed home!

    My brother fell in love with Dorthy’s a boy. The teacher said so. Dorthy Savoy!

    Kids are grand.

  17. Aww… and I think Hinsley is a beautiful name. If it’s real.
    Maybe you could hope that Hinsley is his dream girl and doesn’t exist. Delusion can sometimes buy one a bit more time.

  18. I think Sean has had his eye on her for awhile. Didn’t he recently tell you that hair bows are how you tell the difference between boys and girls??? I think the hair bow had previously caught his attention. When my son was 5 he was in love with Julia. She lived down the street and was in his kindergarten class. When I asked why he liked her, he said because she was a “fancy” girl. I asked him what made her fancy. He said because she wore dresses to school every day. Her father was from Sweden and her mother was from Brazil. She was a gorgeous creature!!! My the middle of first grade, she ditched the dresses and was the school yard bully. He spent all of elementary school and middle school despising her. Now that they are 19….he won’t even acknowledge her existence!!!

  19. Ah, love must be in the air. My 1st grader just declared his love for Hailey, the 6th grader who lives down the street. (who is taller than I am btw) Hailey is moving to Georgia and he is heartbroken, saying he will love her forever.

    Yes, the urge to laugh is hard, but I want to hear all of his problems in the future, so this is serious business to us both. 😉

    Must. Remember. Bunkbeds.

  20. I’ve got to get myself a dress with butterflies on it if that’s all it takes to get a good guy!!

    What a lovely name. Fingers crossed she’s into the bunk beds idea!

  21. A few years ago, when my daughter was 5, she told me she knew who she was going to marry. I waited, holding my breath, and she said: Warren and Joseph (the two brothers in her Sunday School class). I wanted to laugh, but held it together…until I shared the news with her AD (my AH — antique hubby). Love the bunk bed idea! We’ll keep it in mind….

  22. LOL – good one, AD! He sounds as observant as Harry – I always tell him girls really appreciate that 😉 It’s so sweet when they do that dreamy sigh, isn’t it? :wub: Happy week!

  23. Spoken like a true Mom. I loved the bunkbeds too. Just wait, my son just turned 13 and the hormones are running wild. Girls suddenly don’t have the cooties and are now cool to hang out with.

  24. Love it! My 6yr old recently came home with a huge cocktail ring on her finger. I asked her who gave it to her and when she told me his name, I said And why did he give it to you? She said “Mom,’cause I’m hot!”

  25. That Hinsley would be a lucky girl to get a guy like Sean who has noticed every detail about her! When my son was that age he was still calling most of the girls in his room “That Girl”. Like all 10 girls in his classroom were interchangeable.

  26. My boys are both very sensitive like that too. Esp the one who is just like me (the oldest, the 7YO) and who rarely shows his emotions or inner self. You are right, you really have to just Talk Facts and Keep A Straight Face while the other person reveals his/her deepest thoughts.

    When I was a teen, my mom accused me of being gay b/c I never talked about boys. Gee, maybe it was b/c I never felt emotionally safe enough to talk about boys? MAY. BE. 🙂

    Well, there’s my counseling session for the day. The end.

    * * *
    I don’t perceive Sean as being very sensitive. I perceive him as being a typical kid with developing self-awareness. Kids say funny stuff and sometimes they don’t mean to. Part of thoughtful parenting is learning how to stifle a laugh at something heartfelt their child has said.

  27. Well,my father-in-law first proposed to my mother-in-law in the first grade. They got married when they were both 16 and were married 50 years! Dad passed away a few years ago. I’m sure he’s just waiting for Mom to join him someday. You never know! Hinsley could be ‘the’ one!

  28. The punch line made me chuckle, but the bunk bed comment made me roar. I love your humor.

  29. Oooh, this one really made me miss my “little” boys who are now 14 and 11. I am thinking bunking beds would be a great wedding gift!


  30. That is soooooooo adorable! I have a sister who lives in Allen, TX who has a friend whose little girl is named Hensley. I am wondering if the world is really that small. Three degrees from Antique Mommy!

  31. Oh, AM! That is so sweet. If Hinsley knows what’s good for her, she’ll snag up Sean while she can!

  32. Hinsley? Not Lindsey? When Abel was 6, he was convinced his teacher’s name was Mme Dragon, but it turned out to be Lagond. Not nearly as fun. I always called her Mme Dragon myself.

    And Abel, at 6, was telling me about school one day and told me about gym class, where he played ball with, he told me, “someone who loves me.” Oh? I said. Turned out to be Mona, (say it Moona) a charming dark-haired French girl whose parents became our good friends and who was Abel’s “amoureuse” (girlfriend) all year.

  33. Does that mean that he is in the third grade??? and noticing girls? Is that possible? my oldest son is in the third grade and I thought i had time to enjoy him thinking i am the best “girl” he knows. Panic! no, really, your son seems really sweet. very cute and humorous story.

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