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Magic Sauce

Yesterday morning, I was car pool mom.  I called to Sean to head to the car, that it was time to go.  When I got no response, I called out, “Sean? Where are you? It’s time to go!”

A small muffed voice cried out, “Mom! I’m in the bathroom.  Do NOT come in here!”

So I stood outside the bathroom door dying to go in.

When he opened the door, he was standing there smiling shyly with his hands behind his back.

“Notice anything different about me?” he asked.


“Smell me!” he ordered.

I bent down and sure enough he was pungently aromatic.

From behind his back, he whipped out a tiny bottle of aftershave.

“I used this!” he announced proudly.

“Oh. Wow. You sure did,” I did not exclaim.

“It’s my magic sauce. Miss Vicky is going to like this,” he whispered. And then he gave me a thumbs up.


Magic Sauce – a must for every ladies man.

47 thoughts on “Magic Sauce

  1. Oh my! The only words I can think of come from the great Andy Griffith… Shoooo-WEE!

    If he were a cartoon, he’d have those little squiggly lines coming up from his pic, wouldn’t he!? LOL

  2. A favorite uncle gave my boy three bottles of a spray-on cologne (something similar to Axe Body Spray). He loves it! I frequently get headaches because his aroma is so strong.

    I have yet to figure out how to teach the boy the concept of “less is more.”

  3. How cute! My husband is a teacher and it always seems to get cologne for teacher gifts. One year he received the collection called BOD. Three different colors with three different scents. My 8yr. old thinks they belong to him and picks one out every Sunday to wear to church.

  4. Hi, I found you from Scribbit’s interview. I had my first child at 41, and another at 43. I’ll be 47 tomorrow. Sean was in the top 10 list of boy names for us. Yours sounds like a winner, magic sauce or not!

  5. That is so funny! My 5yo DD has a bottle of some sort of body spray that my sister gave her for her birthday. She loves spraying it all over herself, others, and objects! I’m figuring the faster she uses it, the faster it’s gone! 🙂

  6. HAH! Where did he hear that? Lord have mercy, once he hits his teens, you may never have a free phone line again! That is priceless; aren’t you glad you have a blog so you can write it down?

    * * *
    If I didn’t have a blog, I would have already forgotten a million little moments.

  7. That is adorable. I am wondering if Miss Vicky was really just a cover-up for wanting to impress Hinsley. From the sounds of it, Sean probably doesn’t need any “magic sauce”.

  8. Oh. Magic sauce is so cute. I’m sure it’s for Hinsley too.

    Before blogging I went to a book signing for a woman who wrote a book about journalling for your kids. She had a separate journal for each of her kids which she started writing when she was pregnant.

    She had all kinds of stories in there. I thought it was a great idea. Now we have blogs and that’s an even better idea

  9. I was remembering that, when in first grade, I was desperately in love with an older man in sixth grade. Had I some magic sauce I would have bathed in it. My longing to be noticed by this boy was real, poignant, sincere, and obviously not well-thought-out. His name was Charles. I loved Charles, who did not know I existed.

    Sean loves Miss Vicky and Hinsley and probably some older girls too. In retrospect, this is how we learn to love–by loving those who don’t love us back.

    Your little tale is bittersweet and real and true. Some of Sean now belongs to that big outside world.

  10. I’m just disappointed I didn’t take a whiff of him yesterday.
    Where do they get this stuff? Magic Sauce? Too cute.

    * * *
    If you had been car pool mom yesterday, your car would STILL smell like magic sauce! ~AM

  11. Wow, Hinsley has really captured his heart, hasn’t she?

    Whenever (if ever, more like) I go out in the evening, I tell my daughter that it’s just to a “boring meeting” (much simpler than explaining it’s the movie theater, but no, she can’t come too). So now if I ever put on perfume, she says I smell of meetings.

  12. My boys call it “love potion” and run a mile screaming at the very thought!! 😉 Your time of “girls are icky” will come.

  13. Oh dear. I love this so very much. That is truly the most adorable thing ever! Once, my little brother said to my Mom…

    “Hmmm… mommy! You smell just like ketchup!”

    Who needs perfume or aftershave? Just use condiments!!

  14. I just have this picture of the little boy in “Home Alone” patting his cheeks, his eyes bugging out, and screaming like crazy. That is just the cutest story! You’ll be so glad you wrote that one down.

  15. I think your Sean and my youngest brother-in-law need to get together; they obviously share the same philosophy of magic sauce application.

  16. Magic sauce! It’s after eleven, I’ve got a houseful in bed and cannot help laughing out loud. Your Sean is a riot. I’ll have to share his magic sauce secret with my fourteen year old who has an aversion to deoderant.


  17. It’s only going to get worse / weirder. My 7YO will shut himself in the bathroom and dance in front of the mirror, pausing every once in a while to fix his hair into a fauxhawk or something. I declare…just when I was starting to like the kid he went and got all weird on me. 🙂

  18. Your post made me laugh AND cry. Now my 15-year-old goes out the door in the morning trailing yummy cologne smell in his wake. Where have the years gone? Now that Magic Sauce may attract real luv!


  19. I just adore kids…they are absolutely so amazing and entertaining 🙂 This story made me laugh, and brings back a few fond memories from my daughter’s younger years. You will be so glad you have this record of these little things he did – I wish I had that!

  20. You’re so lucky your son wants to smell good! My 11-year-old is perfectly content to smell like a locker room!!

  21. Ditto to all of the above comments! So cute.

    My daughter (who’s 3) always climbs up on the toilet in our bathroom to reach the cabinets above – and I catch her dousing herself. In her FATHER’S cologne. She always says the same thing: “I wanna smell wike Daddy!” What am I? Chopped liver?

  22. You just have a great boy. My niece has a 5-year old son – they live too far away… I’m sure she gets things like this all the time.

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