21 thoughts on “Bluebonnets

  1. Precious picture! I must visit Texas in the spring time! Never been there other than cutting through on the Interstate after a visit out west.

    * * *
    Yes! Come in mid-late April and you will see our beautiful highways lined with Bluebonnets (thanks to Ladybird Johnson!) and brilliant orange Indian Paintbrush. If you come in August, they will be lined with burnt grass.

  2. I love the red and blue together; your sweet boy is SO handsome! Happy Mother’s day…you are an exceptional mom!

  3. I’ve never taken a picture of my kids in the bluebonnets and they always make such good pictures. I need to do that!

  4. Happy Mother’s Day, Tina.

    I sure don’t know where little ones get their imaginations from (just read your previous post about the kindergarten mat), but they really do come up with the most fun stuff, don’t they? Keeps a person young.

  5. Beautiful flowers and precious child, Happy Mothers Day.
    I lived in TX for two years and before moving there, I was excited about bluebonnets and tornadoes. I only saw the tornadoes, so thank you!

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