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I Digress And Call It A Post

So then, yesterday was Mother’s Day. Or Sunday. Whatever. To me, Mother’s Day ranks right up there with Boxing Day. I can take it or leave it.  I know. In your head right now, you are saying, “What kind of mother doesn’t like Mother’s Day!” Did you think I couldn’t hear that?

Regardless of whatever personal issues I have with the highest of the Hallmark holy days, I am still obligated to participate.  I crumble easily under the weight of societal expectations to buy flowers and cards and to festively order others to “Have a happy (insert occasion) day!” I just go along. I grumble, but I go along.

Texas has been gray and wet for what seems like two years now, but according to the newspapers it has actually only been two weeks.  And yesterday, Mother’s Day, was no different.  So we drove up to Tuna under a gray cloud of drizzly rain to have lunch with Memaw to celebrate Mother’s Day.

When we arrived, we exclaimed “Happy Mother’s Day” in a festive tone and then we sat down to eat too much.  Papa George had fixed us a yummy meal and it was swell all the way around even though I had to do the dishes.

When we got home late in the afternoon, we noticed an odd bright orb in the sky, so we Googled “bright orb in the sky” and we were delightfully surprised to find out that it was the sun. A few little sunbeams and my girlish giddy and glee returned to wash away all my sour feelings surrounding having a national day set aside to honor the fact that I managed to procreate.

A few sunbeams were all it took for Sean too.  He raced into the house and put on his swimming suit.  And when a 38-pound boy wearing a swimming suit, snorkel and mask is standing in your den, the cuteness will short circuit your brain and you will be rendered powerless to do anything other than say “Okay!”  And that’s how we ended up at the swimming pool late in the afternoon on Mother’s Day.

In my opinion, the water in the swimming pool was fuh-reee-zzzzing!  But according to Sean, the water was “refreshant!” Although my research is not scientific, I believe that human children learn to discern uncomfortably cold swimming pool water around the same time they develop sense enough to come in out of the rain. Unlike chickens however, human children will not drown if they look up when it’s raining. This fact, I have proven scientifically. I’m not sure how that relates to anything heretofore.

So, I sat a safe distance from the edge of the pool and its uncomfortably cold water to watch my scrawny little boyfriend jump in and out of the pool about 658 times;  each time crafting a unique approach and/or creative pose for the amusement of his mother.

“Mom!” he shouted as zipped past in a blur, “Memaw’s AND swimming, all in the SAME day! This is the best day EVER!” And then he disappeared into a big splash of chilly water.  My heart was drenched in joy.

So yeah, Mother’s Day was the best day ever.  And so was every day of the last five and a half years.

31 thoughts on “I Digress And Call It A Post

  1. Fantastic post. I think the best days in life often don’t, at the outset, seem very promising.

    I really like it when life surprises the crap out of me. (good surprise)

  2. Girl, I’m so with you on the ‘celebrating Mother’s Day attitude’. Everyday is mother’s day when you’re enjoying your children.

  3. Don’t you just love it when you’re going about what seems a very ordinary day, and then your child comes along and does something that fills your heart to overflowing…and then that very ordinary day really is the best day ever?

  4. I don’t care for Mother’s Day because it is too painful a holiday for too many women. I love the way you celebrate it… we do the same.

    * * *
    I’ll tell you what kind of holiday we need – National Curmudgeon Day. I could get behind that. It would have to fall on a Monday in the dead of winter. I’ll be working on an appropriately grumpy slogan. 🙂

  5. I don’t care for any holiday (or birthday) that requires me to send cards or in any other way be forced in an ill-fitting box where society thinks I should fit. I’ve never fit into the boxes, which is why I ignore them, for the most part.

  6. I agree with you…when it comes to celebrating the fact I managed to give birth.

    But this mothers day did mean the world to me because my mom is undergoing chemo for lymphoma. When you realize you may not have your mother here for the next mothers day- then celebrating the holiday does take on a different context. (not trying to be a downer here, just offering my perspective)

    I haven’t been able to see my mom for the last two weeks because her white blood count has been too low (too high a risk of infection- a simple cold could be deadly) so it was truly a celebration to be able to see her, be able to sweep her floor for her, and celebrate my daughters birthday with her (she won’t be able to come to her birthday party)

  7. Well, I love Mother’s Day. I never thought I could experience it. Hubby got me a real rose! Son called me on the telephone and then Daughter (his wife) called me so I got 2 calls! I also got cards! Sadly, I miss my mother and grandmothers but I said a small prayer and I’m sure they were watching.
    For excitement, hubby and I hung tomatoes upsidedown! We are trying them this year!

  8. My church has an interesting approach–they celebrate all women. The pastor had a vase with three roses, and he explained that the red rose was for mothers still living, the white rose was for mothers “passed over”, and the pink rose was for all women who are not/may never be mothers but who still enrich our lives with their love. Kind of cool.

  9. I’ve never understood Mother’s Day. I sometimes with that woman who decided to honor her mother by making it a national thing would have minded her own business. I think she ended up being sorry she did it too. It’s a total guilt day! I’d rather have everybody be happy for mothers.

  10. So glad your day turned out well!

    I happen to really like Mother’s Day even tho’ I’ve lived through the nearly unbearable pain of being childless on MD in years past. But I still like it…I guess because I’m lazy or unthoughtful and I, for one, need to have a “marker” day that reminds me to tell my mother how much I love & appreciate her. In fact, it was during the painful childless years that I most needed outside encouragement to turn from my own grief & pain to care about showing gratitude to my mother.

    MD wasn’t about me; it was about my mom, (and also other moms who I knew didn’t get positive or encouraging feedback in their homes. It was a day I would/do take time to encourage and affirm them.)

    Sure, I could do it every other day of the year (& hopefully I do demonstrate it all year long in various ways), but the reality is I don’t often verbalize what my mom means to me. But I do on Mother’s Day & her birthday and it touches her deeply, especially now in her older years when she is tempted to question the quality of the job she did.

    The same goes for my grown boys. They could say encouraging things any day of the year, but they don’t. Without MD, I likely would’ve never heard some of the most amazing words from my sons – in writing!

    For you & others like you who make demonstrating & verbalizing appreciation of your mother a lifestyle – you have indeed chosen the best! For me, unfortunately I need Hallmark.

  11. It’s been gray and raining here for two weeks too, and I’m starting to feel a bit low from it all. I love your stories about your darling boy, as mine is now 14, and he no longer shows off for me only. 🙂 That’s o.k. It’s the way it’s supposed to be.~~Dee

  12. The best day ever. Just like all the ones before it. I had similar thoughts yesterday. It doesn’t mean it’s not hard at times, or that I’m not so tired I’d trade my right arm for a week of sleeping, but all in all? These children are the biggest blessings I’ve ever imagined.

    I don’t need a special day to celebrate that.

  13. You know, once you have children your heart is forever changed. It’s the best, isn’t it?

  14. So glad you had a wonderful Mother’s Day.
    I did, too. My 19-year-old daughter, who now attends college, works and lives in another city, and whom I hardly ever see anymore, came home for Mother’s Day. I am not much for forced holidays where card and gift-giving is an obigation. I was just happy to have my whole family together for a day, which happened to be Mother’s Day.

  15. {smiles} I was surprised with a trip to the carnival this weekend. I don’t do carnivals and this has been well established. I was kinda irked.
    Still, it was a gift. 🙂

    We crashed each other repeatedly on the bumper cars, over and over again and I actually had a wonderful time. When you see your child that’s growing up much too quickly, being a kid, it’s a good mom day.

  16. It is irritating to feel that celebrating a “Hallmark holy day” (I love that) is mandatory, isn’t it?

    But at least my husband didn’t forget, and the kids are old enough to make me adorable handmade cards (and young enough to want to).

  17. Loved Jennifer’s take on chapter 2 over at the Bible Study site.

    Now, about Shawn and his freezing swimming thing— I am so proud of you for sitting there and soaking in the moment- pun intended.

    Thanks for sharing- it reminds me to do a little more soaking myself.

  18. Here in the frozen tundra, once known as Illinois, we rejoice if the sun comes out for 15 minutes and the temperature breaks 65. We all run inside and get our shorts and sunscreen and head out to soak it up for 15 minutes before the clouds return. A swimming pool sounds unbelievable to me!!

    I actually LOVE Mother’s Day. It’s one of my favorite days of the year. I can’t believe how blessed I am to be a mother. It’s such a gift!

    Glad the day turned out better than expected!

  19. Every year my grown kids ask me what I want for MD and I always answer…peace&quiet. If they ever really gave that to me I’d be so disappointed. I know it’s hokey, but I’ll take a few hours of them treating me like I’m the greatest. 🙂

    Glad you and Sean had a good one too.

  20. I posted on M.D. and suggested re-naming it “Female Caretaker’s Day.” Because not all of us are mothers, but most of us do some sort of mothering. (Hmmmm…. must be why the English call it “Mothering Sunday.”)

    Regarding your day: It’s all in the MOMents, isn’t it? For everything else, there’s dirty dishes or MasterCard, lol.

  21. I, personally, don’t think Mother’s Day is a big deal, but it is to the sweet blue-eyed blondie girl of mine. She stayed up a bit late the night before, putting aside her newest favorite book she’s reading and cut and paste to her heart’s content making me a pretty card complete with flowers and sunshine. It’s for her I celebrate Mother’s Day. And I know my mom is somewhere in heaven enjoying it, too.

  22. I feel the same way about Mother’s Day and blogged about it on Saturday. I mean, now that my Mother is gone, I have to share the day with my MIL, who’s never done a nice thing for me! Like you, I prefer to celebrate the daily snippets of life that say motherhood, and I’ve had over 6000 days of them. Cherish it while you can.

  23. Happy Mothers Day – not sure why but Hallmark seems to have decreed that Mothers Day is in March here in UK – so even less likely to be sunny, and there is no way I would go near a swimming pool. I daresay my kids might not agree with me on this.

  24. Once again you make me smile with the joy you remind me to feel about this adventure we call motherhood.

    I especially like the ‘so we Googled “bright orb in the sky”’. We frequently (okay, it’s not frequent since we live in NW Washington) ask “what is that big bright orb?”

  25. I hate Hallmark holidays too. Oh, and probably the non-Hallmark ones as well.

    Not that that would surprise anyone.

    Oh, and don’t go stealing the “what’s that giant orb in the sky” joke. Oregonians are legally the only ones who can say that.

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