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Every drop as ancient as the earth itself.  Having possessed every form from ice to vapor, every drop has been swirling around and around the earth since before the moon was born.  It is the most corrosive element on the earth.  It will continue to carve and sculpt the rocks and rivers of the world until He sweeps it all away.  It cleanses us, it baptizes us, it is in every cell of our body.  It is our tears and it is the private ocean of the womb where life begins.


Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. ~ Genesis

16 thoughts on “Water

  1. Beautiful picture but here in Illinois just for a couple of weeks — Please turn it off!!!!! The farmers have said that corn not in by 6/8 won’t be planted! It has been good weather for ducks this week and I’m beginning to get webbed feet!!!!!
    Forcast 2 days to dry and then 2 days of RAIN!!!

  2. It’s been cool and rainy since the last day of school. The flowers are beautiful and the neighborhood looks so green and lush, but come on God, I’m tired of wiping the dogs muddy paws and we want to play outside!

    I know I will probably be praying for rain/water in August…

  3. Beautiful image but even more beautiful are the words you used to describe it. Wonder what HE was thinking as HE hovered over those waters?


  4. Beautiful! We’ve been having a lot of discussions about how powerful water is – I always appreciate your eloquence 🙂 We’re waiting for the promised rain to start this morning, and I must say I’m ready…even more when I think of the puddle fun to be had tomorrow! Happy Thursday 🙂

  5. Water. Very timely for me. It never rains in Southern California except for today, and man did we need it. You just inspired me to go outside and stand in it. Thanks.

  6. And without a nearby clean source of it, villages are reduced to poverty, illness, and despair. Their entire waking time is spent in search of it, and after spending most of their daylight hours walking to and from a distant, parasite-infested waterhole, they have no energy left to invest in any other pursuit. When Jesus proclaimed that He brought “living water”, it meant a lot more to those who had to depend on a village well than to those of us who get up and simply turn a knob. More precious than gold….. and yet we take it for granted. LOVE your post and picture…

  7. How thought-provoking and inspirational. I always read your blog because it is inspirational– plus you are a great writer. Keep it flowing. Such a neat pic, too.

  8. I agree wholeheartedly with Sue above, that your writing and photos praise God, each one. God is delighted. I know.

    This post just makes me shiver. It is a little gift, unexpected and lovely.

  9. Absolutely lovely. The photo was brillian and the writing fabulous as always. I am just learning how to “say more with less” — something you often do well and seemingly without effort.

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