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Back when Survivor was a new show, I remember they made a big deal out of the one luxury item each contestant chose to bring with them.

48 seasons later, they either gloss over it or have dispensed with it all together. I don’t really know, because I haven’t watched more than one episode of Survivor in several years.  AD’s luxury item would be Kleenex. He goes no where without a pocket full of Kleenex which are never used for their intended purposes but end up in the dryer all over only the black clothes, never the white.  If I were ever to leave my husband, which I wouldn’t because, let’s be honest, no one else would have me, it would be over his Kleenex abuse.

My one luxury item would be a tablet of paper and a pen.  I never go anywhere without paper and pen because I might need to write something, draw something or do some addition.

Sean is actually the only one of our tribe who stands a chance of winning Survivor.

So the other day when Sean and I were getting ready to leave the house to run errands, I was tickled when he chose to wear pants with pockets which he filled with Kleenex and a t-shirt with a pocket in which he had tucked a tiny notepad and a pen.

Unfortunately none of what you have read heretofore has anything to do with anything hereafter.

So then, as we were on our way to Half Price Books to buy the rest of the Little House series, Sean mentioned that the neighborhood we were driving through looked like Skip and Glenna’s. I said it was indeed their neighborhood and I wondered if they had gotten back from China yet. They are involved in a ministry called Let’s Start Talking where they travel to foreign countries to teach English using the Gospels.  Sean suggested that when they go to China that we should eat with chopsticks the entire time so we can remember they are gone.

I thought that was a terrific idea for a number of reasons. One, eating with such difficulty would help us remember not only the challenges and uncomfortable circumstances our missionaries face so far away from home, but also those for whom finding enough to eat every day is a challenge.  I want Sean to have an awareness that there really are people in this world who go hungry and don’t have enough to eat – something that neither of us know.

After our errands, Sean asked if we could have lunch at Sonic.  He had been an especially delightful errand buddy, so I said yes.

“Great!” he said, “Let’s get a meal with toy so that we can put it in the give away box,” he offered.

“Sean, dude, that is awesome,” I said.  I was proud that he had taken ownership of the concept of charity and thinking of others.

“Unless it’s something really cool, like a disk shooter,” he added.

Here on earth, it’s about progress, not perfection.

And now, here is a little something I made in Photoshop with one or two clicks using a free Photoshop action from PanosFX.


My little boyfriend and errand buddy.

21 thoughts on “Various, Sundry, Unrelated

  1. I have books and diet drinks but I think yours are more fun. He sounds like a delite to be around. Enjoy him.

  2. What a great boy you have and always so photogenic.

    I would take moisturizer to the island, until I got voted off for being a whimp.
    I’m at that age, a prune without it, ya know.

  3. Toliet Paper. Hubby has a fettish about Toliet Paper. He hoards and stocks up on it! In this grat depression (just kidding) he doesn’t ever want to be without it.

    I’m more pen and paper. Other than that not so much or like hubby.

    Progress. He thought of it. Thought of others. Sean is going to turn out ok. Just enjoy the young years. They go so fast. Seems like it was Puff the dragon and then Scouts and now well he is grown and on his own. It seems strange to know he is using the same physicology on me as I used on him. Tables turn.

  4. Have you read “Farmer Boy” yet? I think my boys liked it best. More boyish! We love to eat with chopsticks, the boys are getting really good at it. We have some hilarious accidents though! Food goes “pwing!” across the table…

  5. My husband’s never-go-anywhere-without-it item is Carmax lip balm, affectionately know as lip stuff. We have little pots of it in each car, every bathroom, on the night stand… and in my purse. After 13 years of marriage, it seems I too must must must have lip stuff around at all times.

    Thanks for the perfectly random post that made me think about the endearing qualities of my spouse.

  6. I’m impressed that you actually think to carry a pad and pencil. I’m constantly and continually writing on the backs of envelopes and grocery lists with a lip pencil. My purse is filled with random scraps of paper covered with smeary writing!

    And you just made me so homesick for Sonic tater tots! They don’t have Sonics here in Los Angeles.

  7. LOL – this whole post made me smile!

    I am the Kleenex person in our households. Poor hubs HATES doing laundry because I never take them out of the pockets. But he loves me and he still does it. 🙂

    My best friend dieted in high school with chopsticks. She thought eating slowly with such a foreign utensil would help her lose weight. The only thing it did was teach her how to use chopsticks.

    And I love his comment about the Sonic toy. They really do remember. And so many of us big folks underestimate the little people in our lives. He’s learning. But then aren’t we all? 🙂

    Happy Weekend AM. Hope it’s a good one!

  8. These are wonderful times, and I thank you for reminding me to look at the right things! My heart melted a little thinking of the two parts of AM & AD that he took with him :wub:

  9. Hmm! Kleenex is the little imperfection that irks you about your husband. Sadly, Honey has a few more irks on her list about me. One of them being I put everything away somewhere, anywhere, but always out of sight; and of course she can not find where I put the stuff.

    Marriage – it’s about the little irks, right?

    * * *

    Marriage is not about the irks, it is in spite of the irks. That’s what makes it so maddening and so marvelous all at the same time. ~AM

  10. Someday I’m going to be somewhere where I can eat at Sonic.

    * * *
    And oh what a glorious day it will be! ~AM

  11. My grandmother, God rest her, always had Kleenex stuffed in her sleeve. Her pants had no pockets, being stretchy-waisted polyester.

    Me, I’m both the notebook- and Kleenex-carrying kind.

    A friend of mine in college had a brilliant idea that he would bring a Snickers bar as his luxury item, save it in his pocket, and, as his torch was snuffed, tear into it and say, “At least I’ve still got my Snickers!” He may not have one the million, but his days in advertising would probably have been sealed. Too bad they did away with the luxuries. And…he’s never been on the show. 🙂

  12. My husband does the same thing, but with paper towels instead of kleenex. Apparently kleenex aren’t large enough. And they do get ALL OVER the dark clothes in the dryer. But, he gave me one of his kidneys last November, so I won’t be complaining any more!

    * * *
    I guess once someone gives you a kidney, kleenex in the laundry probably doesn’t seem very important! ~AM

  13. My daughter went to Japan with LST the summer between her senior year of high school and first year of college!That was in 1999. She went to Numazu Japan with two other girls! Quite an adventure!

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